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Is there more than a 10% chance that the following are real or work?

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I think that our brains are capable of doing way more than we currently utilize them for. And I think it is totally possible that there are other cognizant beings that exist who knows where but not here. And I don't understand why chiropractic is on here. It's your bones, you put them in the right place and you feel better…

Bleusoleil Level 4 Nov 16, 2018

In re tarot cards: In no way d ok I think that they are able to divine the future; however, I have been using them for meditative practice following a Jungian approach in interpreting them.

mgnabors Level 2 Sep 6, 2018

10% is probably still to high for most of these.

DJacobson Level 2 Sep 3, 2018

So how is 'Multiverse' here different from 'Alternate Realities'?

SinnersPride Level 3 Apr 9, 2018

Multiverse is basically if we were able to zoom suuuper far out and see that our Big Bang isn't the only one and there are many universes out there. Alternate realities is seemingly more sci fi, the idea is like "copies" of our one universe that are overlapping but on a different plane or another dimension. .. so multiverse is just more universes (big bangs) but they are still in our same reality. (That's my basic understanding of it, I might be wrong)

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