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Oct 10, 2022Oct 2022

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Naledi Pandor elegantly outs world failures at the UN.
Progressives, Socialists, and Black Lives Matter
Sep 29, 2022Sep 2022

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WEBINAR: Oct 16th see link to register Reinventing an Old Technology to Deliver Communication Justice in Africa?
The Sound Of A Good Book
Mar 25, 2022Mar 2022

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A short audiobook. As Americans we often forget that Slavery is endemic to the human species, and has probably existed as long as our species. An often missed point that I often mention is that American Chattel Slavery could not have existed without ...
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May 5, 2021May 2021

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Africa’s Oldest Human Burial Site Uncovered: 78,000-Year-Old Remains Reveal How Stone Age Populations Interacted With the Dead
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P.A.T.C.H. People Against The Christian Hypocrites
Feb 23, 2020Feb 2020

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LINKColonial Christianity has made Africa(ns) stupid – Kendi Borona
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Uncommon words and their meanings.
Jan 26, 2020Jan 2020

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DRONGO. - Noun...1) a songbird with glossy black plumage and typically a long forked tail and a crest, found in Africa, Southern Asia and Australia. The word comes from Malagasy, the language spoken in Madagascar. 2) Australian and New Zealand ...
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Sep 14, 2018Sep 2018

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Countries I have visited: United Kingdom, Ireland China, Mongolia, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong,Thailand,Taiwan Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador Dominican Republic, Martinique, Curacao, Trinidad, Tobago, Haiti, Morocco France, Belgium, ...
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Jun 15, 2018Jun 2018

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Weezer does Toto Happy Friday!
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May 17, 2018May 2018

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7 Fun Facts About South Africa Did you know that: There are eleven official languages in South Africa? And that most South Africans speak more than one? Zulu is the most common language, followed by Xhosa. With Afrikaans and English being the third ...
Silly, Random & Fun
May 14, 2018May 2018

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So each year I try to do something fun for my birthday this year I have decided to do a Safari in Africa, I am curious if anyone else has done some and if they can recommend any must packs for my bags, or any helpful suggestions. The one I decided to...
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Apr 22, 2018Apr 2018

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LINKMusical World Map
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Religion & Spirituality
Apr 15, 2018Apr 2018

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The Pope Visits Africa
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Apr 9, 2018Apr 2018

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Anybody in NW PA?
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Apr 8, 2018Apr 2018

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Apr 5, 2018Apr 2018

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LINKAfrica splitting into two, experts say Suswa rift is evidence
Religion & Spirituality
Feb 28, 2018Feb 2018

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This is an interesting read: Rwanda closes ''700 unsafe, noisy churches'' According to a proposed new law, all preachers must have theological training before opening a church.