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Site was down again?
hippydog Canada Oct 18 Oct 18 44
POLL Is this a dating site?
ghettophilosopher FL Aug 12 Aug 12 33
Thank you @Admin !!!!!! I love it!!!! (Please ignore my post work face lmao)
LadyAlyxandrea KS July 19 Jul 19 1212
Got my T-shirt. Now I can die a happy man.
SACatWalker CA July 7 Jul 7 1515
How well has this site worked for you? Have you met anyone, friends or otherwise? Yes, I'm being nosey!
UndeniablyMe OH June 8 Jun 8 1919
Why is the 2nd the brightest star in here?
PontifexMarximus Australia May 17 May 17 1717
Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt. And thanks @Admin!
Duke CO May 14 May 14 3737
Loving you guys here. As a greeter, and a scanner of profiles and comments, - and although I'm not doing a ton of posting - ... I wanted to offer this thought. I really like most of the people here, from what I can tell. The answers to posts ...
njoy_life_2 WV May 13 May 13 1414
Was just made level 4... Have mixed feeling, I am gregarious by nature. Don't need points, heheheh. But, it is kind of fun. It is good site. Nice to know people can engage in all kinds of topics to help learn about one another... I wish via the ...
LetzGetReal AZ Apr 6 Apr 6 77
100 posts I haven't been able to get to today, Tuesday March 27. Please forgive okay?
SACatWalker CA Mar 27 Mar 27 11
Daily points
ashortbeauty FL Mar 26 Mar 26 1212
I have my first, from here, date tonight. Any tips??
ashortbeauty FL Mar 25 Mar 25 2828
When you log into and no one has liked your posts or viewed your profile.
EricTrommater VA Feb 10 Feb 10 3232
Thanks to the Creators of l finally found like-minded people. Growing up in Virginia's Bible belt, and East Tennessee, was quite an eye-opener. I have yet to meet a Christian that actually follows the teachings of Jesus. But this did ...
PeaceContagion VA Feb 3 Feb 3 77
What are the best or most appropriate ways to get acquainted with someone you might like to date on Is it appropriate to simply send a message to someone you haven't yet met or conversed with?
AlasBabylon OH Dec 31 Dec 31 33
What should we do with people and governments that persecute (even murder) people like us?
AirForceRN1 CA Dec 30 Dec 30 1414
Why Our Children Will Be Atheists - The Last 100 Years of Religion, and the Dawn of a World without Gods, by Albert Williams. I am really enjoying this book! One of my top 3 all time books on atheism. I highly recommend this book to my friends on ...
MrLink CO Dec 30 Dec 30 44
How Did you Discover Agnostic.Com?
twshield TX Dec 28 Dec 28 4343
My high school guidance counselor used to have this sign on her door when I was in school. I think we've got some young members around here who should probably take note about it, because they think their scant 19 years and high school diploma make ...
MsOliver AR Dec 27 Dec 27 11
Hello! Name's Garren, but I'll respond to anything. I am a 19 year old bisexual, AFAB, agnostic atheist surviving the United States Bible Belt. I look forward to becoming more familiar with, as well as becoming familiar with all of you ...
GaRyyy NC Dec 24 Dec 24 00
Where have the nice Atheists & Agnostics gone during the Trump times?
AirForceRN1 CA Dec 23 Dec 23 1111
Hello, my fellow Americans & members! What is the most unusual things that you see people celebrating during X-Mas time period?
AirForceRN1 CA Dec 23 Dec 23 33
My Fakebook Post to the Link by "Danger" Dave deBard The battle rages on so if your up for debates and circular arguments go for it! I just wanted to toss in some not so apparently truths. Anyway, here t'is! We have ...
DangerDave NV Dec 23 Dec 23 22
You should see all the theists posting on the ad on Facebook. They seem to be attracted to atheist and science pages like moths to a flame. I make it a point to kick their asses, figuratively speaking. They always are made to look ...
TommyNIK OH Dec 22 Dec 22 1212