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Okay, kids. If you actually CARE about what's happening, now is the time to call your state's Senators and tell them. Most especially the republican senators. Let them know you want them to uphold their oaths. Let them know that if they do get ...
KKGator GA Jan 28 Jan 28 99
The American Founding Fathers knew very well we would have incompetent , corrupt presidents, which is why they gave us checks & balances & impeachment, but do you think they could have envisioned anyone as horrible as Trump??
Remiforce NY Nov 3 Nov 3 33
Socialism Throughout History ....
AnonySchmoose HI June 27 Jun 27 66
"...both men graduated from college in the 1960s. Despite having been educated at an elite private military academy, Donald Trump famously drew five draft deferments, including one for bone spurs in his feet." This is a brief bio ...
CallMeDave VA Feb 24 Feb 24 11
LINK Jonathan Haidt: Radicalization, Biased Media, Polarization - YouTube
Humanistheathen CA Jan 1 Jan 1 22
LINK Speed drawing Crystal Pepsi bottle | The come back of Crystal Pepsi - YouTube
Jones91 MA Dec 6 Dec 6 22
LetzGetReal AZ Oct 9 Oct 9 11
LINK Blink-182 - I Miss You - YouTube
ValJ UK Sep 10 Sep 10 11
Proud To Be American - Ashamed of My Government
sassygirl3869 NY July 8 Jul 8 44
What's Your American Heritage?
sassygirl3869 NY July 4 Jul 4 66
Hatred of The Other is Deeply Embedded in American Hisory
sassygirl3869 NY July 3 Jul 3 55
To The People of The World We Are Ashamed of the Bigoted Pathological Liar Now Occupying the White House
sassygirl3869 NY July 2 Jul 2 44
Canadiens Cancel American Vacations Boycott American Products
sassygirl3869 NY June 14 Jun 14 77
What do you think about the 5 young Americans that went to Ireland to try to stop people from voting Yes to abortion?
mauxjen Canada May 27 May 27 77
Hebrews and American Indians - Land Claims
sassygirl3869 NY May 17 May 17 1616
American Atheist Convention 2018
DeityfreeRo TX Mar 7 Mar 7 33
POLL What does American greatness mean to you?
kensmile4u FL Feb 6 Feb 6 1818
Another optimistic post, please share.
Druvius IA Feb 2 Feb 2 00
Have you read a book called "The Family--The secret Fundermentalism at the heart of Ameican Power" by Jeff Sharlet?
Humanlove OR Jan 28 Jan 28 33
‘Humanity Star’: NZ rocket’s secret payload was a shiny, disco ball satellite
FrayedBear Australia Jan 25 Jan 25 11
Saw a post on Facebook that Americans can't read. Is it true or just another secular media post?
Rammymartin10v3 UK Jan 23 Jan 23 2020
& if you'll notice, this is 119 in a series...
phxbillcee AZ Jan 19 Jan 19 11
Gerrymandering! How fucked-up is that shit?
atheist Canada Jan 13 Jan 13 1212
White Christianity is in big trouble. And it’s its own biggest threat. - The Washington Post
zblaze OR Jan 1 Jan 1 77
USA, endless wars, crusades
BobFenner CA Jan 1 Jan 1 11
Cremation? Burial?
EllenDale KY Dec 31 Dec 31 77
The Feminist Case For Single Payer
bryan1079 IA Dec 31 Dec 31 00
Evangelicals Are Losing the Battle for the Bible. And They’re Just Fine with That. - Los Angeles Review of Books
SteveB IA Dec 31 Dec 31 77
If you're an American (or otherwise) suffering the tRump administration and an alien asked you to take it to your leader...
DangerDave NV Dec 31 Dec 31 00
Free Science Stuff!! I got this from a friend of mine on Facebook who runs a page called "Insufferably Intolerant Science Nerd" It contains a treasure trove of free sciency goodness. Since I can't easily share the link to a FB page to this site,...
ScienceBiker CA Dec 29 Dec 29 22
Kyle Kuklinski of Secular Report on YouTube explains here why Ben Shapiro is dead wrong when he claims that America is 'founded on Judeo Christian values '. An excellent short speech to refute religious extremists who deny the fundamental ...
OutlawJosie UK Dec 29 Dec 29 44
What's your favourite animal, and why?
Kreig New Zealand Dec 29 Dec 29 55
POLL American Dark Age?
Benmonk TX Dec 28 Dec 28 1616
During the "Red Scare" (cold war between Russia and the United States during the 1940's and 1950's), congressional and state legislative panels questioned American citizens about their political and religious beliefs (McCarthyism). In 1954, former...
Sapio_Ink AZ Dec 28 Dec 28 11
We Are America ft. John Cena | Love Has No Labels | Ad Council Remember, this is a man who is held in high esteem by xians, and particularly the bigoted, hardcore, fanatical zealots who are clearly among its intended targets. So what if ...
DangerDave NV Dec 27 Dec 27 22