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fallen angels: of sex tourism in ☹
Boomtarat03 Hong Kong May 18 May 18 00
I often think if God, angels, demons, etc. really did exist, the world would be more like Supernatural. It wouldn't be all "La-di-da, God loves me and angels are great and the devil is like super evil and stuff." It'd be like,"Okay, God did create ...
MusicMnstr99 IA Oct 19 Oct 19 11
Pentagon Officials Listen In Silence As Mike Pence Details Plans For Angel-Guided Defense Weapons System
ldheinz Aug 11 Aug 11 55
Was becoming atheist difficult?
Juggler67 NY Aug 10 Aug 10 6565
I think about how one time my ex boyfriend said his family had a picture of an angel. Me: stare of disbelief Him: "no really, it has the dress and wings and everything" Me: "really? Who made the dress?" Him: stare of confusion And I just ...
Kassandra TX June 21 Jun 21 88