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George Godwyn For two days you people, you motherfuckers, including the president and vice president, have been explaining to me that the horrific conditions in the migrant concentration camps or the fault of congressional Democrats ...
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. June 25 Jun 25 1111
I still find this organisation of yours impenetrable, (perhaps organisation's not that an accurate description), so unless someone chooses to describe to me how to have a written version of a chat here, you can keep it!! Byie!!
iplova UK Jan 26 Jan 26 1212
BANNING OTHERS IS BAD FORM. Go back to face book if you are going to act like that. This is a great place. Where else do you get to spew your best without physical reprisal? Yet, there are those who refuse to engage. And therefore obviate ...
Jacar MI Dec 20 Dec 20 1717
Let's see what the Cry-Baby cries about this week.
GipsyOfNewSpain NV Dec 17 Dec 17 11
Oh boy. Where have all the clever, witty people gone from They've left. This site was so wonderful & thought-provoking when it first started, but now it has descended into dross like FB. Convince me to stay.
GoldenDoll UK Aug 17 Aug 17 4141
Trump the Jokester, The Daily Show...
phxbillcee AZ Feb 7 Feb 7 00
Am I too young? I keep finding the same thing when I put myself out there. "Vaccines cause autism you know" Or "If you're not a hard left liberal you're a Trump supporter and a racist" or just simply "idk all I pay attention to is facebook." ...
SocraticAddict TX Feb 1 Feb 1 1616
What are these tags? Someone tagged my comment, what the hell does that even mean? It's not a like, so I assume it's an F on my report card. I'm going to go earn tags across the site, then I'm going to systematically tag everyone, give the fucking...
splittingzero ID Jan 27 Jan 27 66
The admistration has twice denied a reply I made on the website. I refuse to take censor by some liberal idiots so therefore I’m not going to participate in the website any longer!!
Harleyman OK Jan 1 Jan 1 2121