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Upon reading Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America's Leading Atheists, I came across Dan Barker's excellent job of considering what it means to be an atheist and an agnostic. Referencing that Thomas Huxley coined the word ...
Saltytoo WA May 17 May 17 11
This past week was an important one in American history - it marked the official end of the Trump Administration’s efforts to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic seriously. As Peter Barker in the New York Times noted today: “Confronted with ...
Philip21 IN May 9 May 9 22
"I will not die of stupid," Leonard Pitts wrote. Agreed.
LiterateHiker WA May 2 May 2 77
LINK Sean Lock on Margaret Thatcher & Racist Accents | BEST OF Purple Van Man | Universal Comedy - YouTube
Ian-Duggan Ireland Mar 8 Mar 8 00
LINK Enjoy the Freethinking American Songbook on “Freethought Matters” this Sunday - Freedom From Religion Foundation
bingst CA Feb 28 Feb 28 33
Please welcome @Lauren who has just joined the group. Feel free to post your choice of music.
Marionville UK Feb 2 Feb 2 33
Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa - I'll Take Care Of You
FearlessFly MN Jan 26 Jan 26 11
Counterbalance: There is bias and hypocrisy on BOTH sides...
JonQ CA Jan 25 Jan 25 11
I loved Flower Power English style. Carnaby Street. Flower covered clothes. I was called Blossom once. My now dead wife drove across Canada in a Westfalia van painted completely with flowers. Yes we were very much know as that old hippie couple. It ...
rogerbenham Canada Jan 14 Jan 14 11
Great dance tune for West Coast Swing ❤️ "BOOM" by X Ambassadors on Amazon Music.
KittensandSage CA Dec 23 Dec 23 33
You Don't Have To Go Down in My Basement, Dan Barker 2 minutes of awesome! Christers would have shit fits on this.
NoPlanetB OK Dec 9 Dec 9 22
How is intelligence measured? Do you think it can be subjective? Or is there a strong factual foundation on what makes someone 'intelligent?'
vjohnson51 WI Nov 17 Nov 17 1010
Why men sending dick pix get away with it: if they included their actual head, meaning they sent a full body shot, and so were identifiable, the "parts" would look their actual size....... Too bad, so sad.............
AnneWimsey CT Nov 5 Nov 5 88
Anyone ever notice that the crucified Jesus is shown in pictures as being both nailed and also tied to his cross? In the bible he is said to have "nail scarred hands" then apologists claim the actual nails were in the wrist because we all know nails ...
DenoPenno MO Oct 25 Oct 25 2929
From the Prince’s Trust Rock Gala In 1987...George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Jeff Lynne, Elton John, etc......what a lineup! While My Guitar Gently Weeps.
Marionville UK Oct 21 Oct 21 22
Jill Stein is baaaaack....2 years of drumpyland, not a peep out of her, no standing up to the current climate shitshow, zip, zilch, nada....but now it's time to "raise $$$$". For what, exactly? Do Not be taken in by this carnival barker!
AnneWimsey CT Oct 17 Oct 17 55
Susan Hayward 1918-1975 Born Edythe Marrener in Brooklyn, N.Y. She became a model whose photograph came to the attention of Hollywood Producers. She was nominated for Oscars five times: "Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman" 1947, "My Foolish Heart" ...
Ray13 OH Oct 13 Oct 13 11
Well, we are in serious trouble if this is the research out academic brethren are getting funded for, and even if they are not what a pile of nonsense When asked if I believe in god my response is I don’t care. When confronted with academia ...
Geoffrey51 Australia Oct 13 Oct 13 33
Just when I think I have heard it all, a co-worker at lunch told us about a coupon she found for couples to take a polygraph test offered by a relationship counselor. It’s $150.00 for couples to “come clean” before moving in together. She asked...
IrishTxJudy TX Sep 24 Sep 24 3333
OVERTURNED Hemp Advocates Win Court Victory Abdul Hakim-Shabazz — September 16, 2019 Last Friday the 13th was not a very lucky day for State of Indiana government, as hemp proponents scored a victory in federal court overturning a ...
OldGoat43 PA Sep 17 Sep 17 22
Just heard a great quote from Dan Barker, one that I wish I had thought of myself. I'm paraphrasing... "If the argument that the complexity of life and creation demands that there must be a creator, then who created God? Because if this world, ...
josh_is_exciting IL Sep 11 Sep 11 1717
Any Incense Users Out There?
Mark013 WI Aug 15 Aug 15 99
Pit Bulls are such babies! Bob Barker isn't feeling well, today. So, he has ATTACHED himself to me! One time, a couple years ago a nonvenomous chicken snake bit him on his paw. It didn't even break the skin, BUT it scared the BEJESUS out of ...
StrongBow TX Aug 8 Aug 8 1010
Right now, I am probably living the MOST satisfying stage of my life! I'm entering the 6th year of my retirement, and I've figured out that I only have to make ONE person happy......that would be me! I've never had children, so I don't have the ...
StrongBow TX Aug 2 Aug 2 66
Feast or famine. Today was a feast. No B&W's today. Eastern Market Saturday. It's like a street fair. Everyone is happy, smiling and wearing their Tiger's caps. The tomato lady is selling Brandywines and Cherokee Purples and the mini cukes are ...
Lincoln55 MI July 27 Jul 27 99
Just had a knock-down drag-out with Bob Barker!! Man!! It was epic!! He TRIED to run! I chased him down! Then, IT WAS ON!! I wrestled him with EVERY last bit of strength I had.....every last ounce of deceit and treachery I could muster! He was ...
StrongBow TX July 27 Jul 27 33
More into Democrat 2020 Tom Steyer officially announces presidential bid
St-Sinner TX July 9 Jul 9 66
How trump's big fourth was a fizzle? - How trump planned on miilitary parades in NY and DC before he was even elected. ...Carnival barker.
sassygirl3869 NY July 5 Jul 5 55
Ronnie Barker from the BBC series The Two Ronnies. - Thingummy...Memory Man sketch.....genius!
Marionville UK June 21 Jun 21 44
Trump refuses to apologize to Central Park Five after their criminal convictions were vacated
LiterateHiker WA June 18 Jun 18 1818
Missing My Baby By DHMcCarty I liked living in the country getting up early and working until  the sun went down. . Eating food that I  grew on   rich freshly tilled sandy loam that I held the mortgage on. . I liked feeding...
Lincoln55 MI June 4 Jun 4 22
Another one from The Two Ronnies, this time it’s just One Ronnie, Ronnie Barker. - Reading the News without Film!
Marionville UK May 27 May 27 22
One of the better flash mob performances
jerry99 NM May 11 May 11 55
I wanna grow old with you by westlife!
Boomtarat03 Hong Kong May 1 May 1 11
I got to meet Dan Barker from FFRF at the UNA Secular Student Alliance debate today! He debated a religion professor from the college and completely destroyed him in the sense of a debate that is. lol
snifflz CA Apr 11 Apr 11 66
Anybody from Alabama going to this? Dan Barker from FFRF is debating a religion professor at UNA.
snifflz CA Apr 10 Apr 10 33
“Nice dog. What’s its name?” I asked my friend’s 10-year-old son. “Bob,” he said. “And your cat?” “Bob.” “How do you keep them straight?” “Well one is Bob Cat and the other is Bob Barker,” the boy ...
Lilac-Jade Canada Mar 20 Mar 20 22
?Create a caption yourself....
Cutiebeauty NY Mar 13 Mar 13 2121
Bliss - Calling (feat Sophie Barker)
whispers TX Mar 5 Mar 5 00
The truth.....
Hathacat IL Mar 1 Mar 1 22
Please give a warm Scottish welcome to @MisterBart who has just joined us. He has already posted an introduction, and he sounds like the real “McCoy”....or Henderson in this case! ???????
Marionville UK Feb 25 Feb 25 11
Has anyone read any of Dan Barkers books? They are incredibly. A must read in my opinion. Godless is my favorite.
SkepticPower31 Canada Feb 23 Feb 23 55
Zero 7 "Destiny ft. Sia & Sophie Barker LIVE (2002)
DevilMayCare OH Feb 9 Feb 9 11
Good morning! Here's today's question: What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever worn?
germangirl90439 FL Feb 3 Feb 3 2121
Hope you're not an anti science anti vaxer.
glennlab TX Jan 30 Jan 30 33
Across 110th.Street Bobby Womack -
actofdog Canada Jan 24 Jan 24 00
Dan Barker is one of my favorites
EllieUnique FL Jan 22 Jan 22 88
Today I'm going to bake myself a cake. And Make Thor some big hamburgers. I have One month of not smoking and also Thor is 3 years old today!!!!! I got Thor when he 11 months old, I got him free from a family that said they couldn't take care of ...
kenriley KY Jan 20 Jan 20 1212
Poor Ireland...
phxbillcee AZ Jan 18 Jan 18 00
But the drug companies can't profit from this.....
ronin73 MO Jan 12 Jan 12 11
Wow. That's bad
Rudy1962 WI Dec 31 Dec 31 11
Positively Uplifting I want this group to find happy, kind, uplifting, inspirational events that made us feel good all over. We have a world with problems, but emphasizing the good will help spread joy and keep us active. This is a Human group. ...
AntaresRose PA Dec 31 Dec 31 44
LINK Can LGBTQ+ and Christians See Eye To Eye?
malayang-isipan Canada Dec 31 Dec 31 11
My main concern is with his bio. User is on the fence about the existence of a god.
Dave75 IN Dec 31 Dec 31 66
I am currently reading "Godless"" by Dan Barker. Yesterday I finished the Letter from God. Have you read this book? What are you thoughts on it?
tsallinia UK Dec 26 Dec 26 00
This piece was originally written in November, 1958. My stepfather (Bill Olofson) and I worked on it as a filler piece for Capitol Records Music Views magazine, a house organ of Capitol Records of Hollywood. It was later reworded slightly to ...
evidentialist NM Dec 21 Dec 21 33
So true...
Argonauta69 CT Dec 12 Dec 12 00
Detention Concentration Camps Are Still Growing - FBI Background Checks Waived on Employees in Camps- WTF!!!!! Fuhrer Trump!!!!
sassygirl3869 NY Nov 27 Nov 27 33
Okay, I know it's early, but I was arranging my files tonight and came across this so I thought I'd lay it on you while it was staring me in the face. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' This piece was originally written in November, ...
evidentialist NM Nov 17 Nov 17 33
Aquanauts Pool Party Freaking Travis Man... Yes..that IS Travis Barker on Drums
misterinvisible CA Nov 11 Nov 11 00
Some of the most sublime singing I have ever heard by Spanish soprano Nuria Rial and countertenor Philippe Jaroussky in Pur ti Miro by Claudio Monteverdi. I am a great lover of this baroque style of music.
Marionville UK Nov 3 Nov 3 33
Does telling lies really spice up relationships?
Macsphinx GA Oct 26 Oct 26 3939
Goodnight Kitty
RavenCT CT Oct 21 Oct 21 55
“Some theists, observing that all ‘effects’ need a cause, assert that God is a cause but not an effect. But no one has ever observed an uncaused cause, and simply inventing one merely assumes what the argument wishes to prove.” — Dan ...
gpspirit34009 IL Oct 21 Oct 21 22
The Two Ronnies. - Four Candles. For any of you who have not heard or seen this before it has become a Classic on BBC TV in the UK. Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett were an institution on Saturday or Sunday nights for decades with their ...
Marionville UK Oct 21 Oct 21 55
This just cracks me up everytime I watch it. Arj Barker-The Sickest Buddhist.
RhondaShotwell MT Oct 13 Oct 13 22
“Faith is a cop-out. If the only way you can accept an assertion is by faith, then you are conceding that it can't be taken on its own merits. It is intellectual bankruptcy.” — Dan Barker
gpspirit34009 IL Oct 6 Oct 6 22
“If God exists, why do we need books to explain it? The fact that he can’t do it himself is good evidence.” — Dan Barker
gpspirit34009 IL Oct 6 Oct 6 11
Judas Priest- The Sentinel
MichelleGar1 TX Sep 29 Sep 29 11
Courtesy "Passions Group" Mr Les Barker from Manchester England discusses his beliefs regarding deja vu ...women are advised to make sure that you are wearing your incontinence pants when watching - there was one in the front row had to be removed before she ...
FrayedBear Australia Sep 10 Sep 10 11
Crossover meme
DonThiebaut NC Sep 7 Sep 7 33
Oh I forgot this one also
Rudy1962 WI Sep 6 Sep 6 00
Not a song. "The McKenzie Tapes is a collection of live audio recordings from some of New York City-area most prominent music venues of the 1980s and 1990s." The quality of the recordings vary, but if you were into indie bands in the 80s and 90s, you...
Hermit TX Aug 19 Aug 19 11
Horton Barker-At The Foot of Yonders Mountain
BookDeath VA Aug 8 Aug 8 22
Horton Barker-At the Foot of Yonders Mountain
BookDeath VA July 27 Jul 27 00
Black Sabbath War Pigs ,
magicwatch UK July 11 Jul 11 11
Best of Dan Barker Amazing Arguments And Clever Comebacks Part 3
phxbillcee AZ July 8 Jul 8 11
Who likes lemon cake? I make it easy with yellow cake mix and one third cup of lemon juice and 2/3 cup water and the eggs. You can put it in any pan and use lemon meringue pie filling as a filling for a layer cake. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. You ...
DianaGuarino NJ June 29 Jun 29 66
Rue in the pollinator garden. The plant in the photograph is Common Rue (ruta graveolens), a perennial that is the host plant for the giant swallowtail. Both photographs are of plant beds near my garage. The one of the giant swallowtail was ...
MikeEC AR June 28 Jun 28 22
Noah-Permit Patty
BookDeath VA June 27 Jun 27 00
LINK Dan Barker Debates Richard Howe | Is There A God Who Speaks? - YouTube
Madmonkey68 NJ June 17 Jun 17 33
BookDeath VA June 14 Jun 14 55
Saturday Morning on the back porch.
Christiep77 VA June 9 Jun 9 00
Well...if it's good enough for the supreme court....
ksmartines AL June 6 Jun 6 11
Life in the slaw Lane
SonOfABeach NE June 6 Jun 6 11
LINK Creedence Clearwater Revival - Wrote A Song For Everyone - YouTube
McVinegar OR June 2 Jun 2 11
Voodoo, anyone?
kc_anthony MO June 2 Jun 2 77
7 Times Dan Barker Went Beast Mode
phxbillcee AZ June 2 Jun 2 11
“Scientists do not join hands every Sunday and sing "Yes gravity is real! I know gravity is real! I will have faith! I believe in my heart that what goes up, up, up must come down, down, down. Amen!" If they did, we would think they were pretty ...
moNOtheist CA June 1 Jun 1 1111
Zero 7 (featuring Sia and Sophie Barker): Destiny
Alvingo1 TX May 29 May 29 11
'Nuff Said
VictoriaNotes MS May 28 May 28 1212
of Fields' funniest and naughtiest shorts that the Hays Office missed.
fishline79 PA May 26 May 26 22
A simple little smiley tune by Greg Brown, Hey Baby Hey
AMGT CA May 23 May 23 11
Dan Barker is co-president of the Freedom From Religion foundation. He's a former evangelical minister. His book, "The Life-Driven Purpose" is one I highly recommend. This quote by Dan is one I use to counter the rather shitty argument that without ...
TommyNIK OH May 14 May 14 66
Goldfrapp- Strict Machine
Sadoi MI May 6 May 6 00
"Prostitution is a word and an act which is given by man dominant society"- Munshi Premchand According to him no woman wants to become a prostitute,there is always a man who encourages prostitution. Without the interference of man prostitution is ...
FAIZ India Apr 29 Apr 29 22
Swim Forrest swim!!!
mistymoon77 MN Apr 18 Apr 18 22
I just want to give it up one time for my boi, Diogenes! Sure, we'd have no society if we took him seriously... but you gotta respect the sovereign integrity he represented! I definitely have days where I wish I was just living naked in a barrel. ...
Anemynous CA Apr 13 Apr 13 11