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Please do it here in Florida, no masks, no distancing. We need Darwin to cull the herd and in Florida the Governor is a Trump cocksucker, so be my guests muthafuckas!
Mofo1953 FL June 3 Jun 3 22
Lets call his bluff. Bye bye Pine Gap, base in Darwin, Drone field Xmas island, personnel in WA etc etc. It's why it will always crack me up when the Yanks wring their hands at perceived "foreign interference" in their domestic ...
powder Australia May 24 May 24 33
When Darwin moves the last piece and yells Check!!!
GipsyOfNewSpain NV May 19 May 19 22
FearlessFly MN May 8 May 8 11
Are you in favor of UBI ? Why/not ?
FearlessFly MN May 8 May 8 2525
How are we going to really get rid of the grip of this virus? How are we going to get well? How can we even survive?

Well the most important of all statements about survival came out when Darwin wrote the “ The Origin of Species ”. It ...
Mcflewster UK May 6 May 6 66
More Sexy Rock and Roll.
ToolGuy Canada May 5 May 5 00
LINK Evangelical fundamentalists who openly defied social distancing guidelines are dying of COVID-19 |
snytiger6 WA May 4 May 4 4444
LINK Ohio GOP Lawmaker Says He Won’t Wear A Face Mask Because God Doesn’t Wear One
snytiger6 WA May 4 May 4 00
LINK Evangelical fundamentalists who openly defied social distancing guidelines are dying of COVID-19 |
Blackatheist1985 NY May 4 May 4 44
Those in Louisiana and Florida understand this system of measure.
glennlab TX May 1 May 1 22
Thousands flock to California beaches. States are opening up all over. The elves are hard at work on double shifts manufacturing Darwin Awards in adequate numbers to accommodate the demand during this pandemic.
evidentialist NM Apr 28 Apr 28 22
Listen to darwin
bobwjr DE Apr 21 Apr 21 66
I am not sure if this is real or not, but it wouldn't surprise me. Perhaps the first responders should have just turned around and left when she explains what she did. That's just a mental case doing her best to win the Darwin Award this year. ...
Captain_Feelgood NC Apr 20 Apr 20 22
I took this story from the MSN news page. What caught my attention is not that there were 150 people at the funeral but that the 17 year old killed is a father of three. Surely that is a mistake. If not it is far too late for a Darwin ...
Moravian UK Apr 19 Apr 19 22
Just a little Darwin humour....
Freespirit64 MO Apr 18 Apr 18 44
Darwin vs Yahweh
Gatovicolo TX Apr 16 Apr 16 11
Darwin Awards- Conservative idiots protest Michigan stay-at-home order.
LiterateHiker WA Apr 16 Apr 16 1414
Hi there Americans Founding Fathers like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison are deists. They lived before Darwin. What do you think they would probably become an atheists if they lived after Darwin? This is a suspicion by Richard Dawkins in his ...
Albert_Camus Philippines Apr 4 Apr 4 44
And here we have a candidate for a darwin award.
Cyklone Australia Apr 1 Apr 1 22
LINK Police arrest Florida pastor for holding church services despite stay-at-home order - CNN
balou TX Apr 1 Apr 1 11
Daily Darwin Awards For The USA: My nomination for 2020-03-30 is Governor Doug Ducey and my state of Arizona 'It's like a sick experiment': Arizona lags behind as states urge residents to stay home Despite hundreds of Covid-19 cases, governor ...
kmaz AZ Mar 30 Mar 30 00
It's as though the entire US, and some of the states, including Arizona where I am, are going for a daily Darwin Award. It's as though they don't understand this painfully obvious point: "....Gregg Gonsalvez, a professor of epidemiology at the ...
kmaz AZ Mar 30 Mar 30 66
LINK Pastor Who Claimed Covid-19 ‘Hysteria’ Was Plot Against Trump Dies From Virus | Michael Stone
snytiger6 WA Mar 27 Mar 27 33
Who is in line for a Darwin Award?
glennlab TX Mar 25 Mar 25 11
We really need to flatten this curve y’all, because if it spikes, there won’t be enough Darwin Awards to cover all the innocent doorknob lickers, many of whom have pre-existing cognitive impairment already. I hear some previously issued Darwin ...
skado AL Mar 25 Mar 25 44
Donald Trump's culpable medical ignorance has resulted in a Darwin Award in Texas:
anglophone Australia Mar 24 Mar 24 33
While I was gimping around with a bum hip last summer, I didn't even notice where my little hummers had nested! This is a shrub that should leaf out again but I don't want to disturb it. Do they re-use nests??
tinkercreek OR Mar 23 Mar 23 66
A good portion of Trump's base is convinced that the Corvid-19 pandenic is a hoax. We may not need to worry in November, as his base will have stupidly removed themselves from the equation by exposing themselves to the virus. Believing the ...
t1nick NM Mar 20 Mar 20 99
Special Price !!! For those of you who have searched in vain for a wonderful surprise gift ....
AnonySchmoose HI Mar 20 Mar 20 44
I see this as knee jerk, up there with Nancy Regan's "Just say no". Australia is just saying "Just don't come" and burying our heads in the sand, hoping it will all go away. But what really pisses me off is that US troops in Darwin are about to be ...
powder Australia Mar 19 Mar 19 11
LINK Evolution - What Darwin Never Knew - NOVA Full Documentary HD - YouTube
levan Georgia Mar 16 Mar 16 00
Please say hello to @FSMLion who has joined the group. Perhaps you’d like to say what kind of reading you like to do.
Marionville UK Mar 11 Mar 11 11
Darwin, Australia
Jolanta Australia Mar 5 Mar 5 22
Darwin, Australia floral and fauna.
Jolanta Australia Mar 5 Mar 5 44
Darwin, Australia on way to Indonesia.
Jolanta Australia Mar 4 Mar 4 22
Darwin, Australia. We have been rerouted to Darwin instead of going to Japan and South Korea. Very hot and humid but beautiful.
Jolanta Australia Mar 4 Mar 4 11
Sylvius Leopold Weiss (1687–1750) was a contemporary of Bach, and one of the best-known and most technically accomplished lutenists of his day. The prime gem of this 5 min. video is the Allemande which begins at 1:40. Prelude & Allemande from ...
Rossy92 VA Mar 3 Mar 3 33
Michael McDonald - Find It In Your Heart feat. David Sanborn and Brian Owens
FearlessFly MN Mar 3 Mar 3 00
Our cruise has been changed. No longer PNG, South Korea or Japan. Off to Darwin, Bali and Indonesia.
Jolanta Australia Feb 29 Feb 29 44
LINK 'Mad' Mike Hughes dies after crash-landing homemade rocket - BBC News
anglophone Australia Feb 23 Feb 23 99
How's this for pure hell... an Atheist with Asperger's Syndrome! A person driven by analytical thought, that can only see black or white - no shades of grey at all. I perpetually try to find a life partner that will love me for my faults as well as ...
OgreBattle ND Feb 21 Feb 21 44
LINK Dancing grandma
bobwjr DE Feb 21 Feb 21 77
Happy Darwin Day!
BrianFinn MA Feb 12 Feb 12 22
🎉🎆🎉🎆Happy Darwin Day!!!🎆🎉🎆🎉 If you would like to, please share your favorite Darwin book, quote, experience, etc. Have a great day, and thanks!
godlessinal AL Feb 12 Feb 12 55
LINK About | International Darwin Day
WilliamCharles CA Feb 12 Feb 12 00
Someone I've not seen, that hope to.
Kymmacg MO Feb 4 Feb 4 11
Trump Tweets Schiff Has Not Yet Paid the Price for His Actions President Trump continued to ratchet up his rhetoric against Rep. Adam Schiff, tweeting out what appeared to be a threat against the House Impeachment Manager by claiming ...
johnnyrobish CA Jan 27 Jan 27 11
BBC Desert Island Discs - the history And the theme tune listened to by my family many hundreds of times:
FrayedBear Australia 00
These guys are coming to Darwin in just over a months time getting excited already. 10cc I wanna rule the world another one from today at work.
Budgie Australia Jan 22 Jan 22 11
I belong to a group of artists that exchange little cards called ATCs (artist trading cards). Thought you guys would get a kick out of the latest card I received from one of the group members for my "humorous politics" theme...she knows my politics ...
thinktwice NC Jan 1 Jan 1 55
He was hoping to win Darwin award..... Too bad he didn't make it 😂😂
IamNobody IN Dec 29 Dec 29 77
❤️❤️ December 27, 1831 ❤️❤️ HMS Beagle, with Charles Darwin on board, departs from Plymouth. It will eventually visit the Galapagos Islands where Darwin will form his theories on evolution.
altschmerz IL Dec 27 Dec 27 00
Its that time of year again and the Darwin Awards are out. For me this is too funny ..only gets an honourable mention as no death involved, but certainly removed himself from the gene pool.: Have a nice day safe in the knowledge these dickheads dont ...
ShadowAmicus UK Dec 19 Dec 19 88
14000 years old bison’s sculpture found in Le Tuc d’Audoubert cave. Ariege, France. Although I seldom open the archeology links I do find the topic interesting. A friend sent me this link and thought I would share.
JackPedigo WA Dec 14 Dec 14 55
Darwin did not explain this
St-Sinner TX Dec 11 Dec 11 00
I think not...
Tomfoolery33 WV Nov 28 Nov 28 22
Here is something I remembered after looking up car repair ideas. My favorite Darwin Award did not result in death, but, well, you can guess what some guy lost. Not sure what year this happened - I did not look it up today, but at last look it is ...
Beowulfsfriend PA Nov 25 Nov 25 11
November 24, 1859 Charles Darwin publishes The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life. The first printing of 1,250 copies sells out in a single day.
altschmerz IL Nov 24 Nov 24 44
Theft suspect punches store security officer, then drops her cell phone while escaping, police say
LiterateHiker WA Nov 21 Nov 21 55
Just shot myself in the foot! On the 5th I was bragging about how stable my desktop is. A few mins ago it went through a kernel panic! I have not seen one in a few years! All I had to do is restart, and go to a previous kernel. Not a big deal, but I ...
TheGreatShadow NE Nov 11 Nov 11 33
Today's humanism certainly has several roots, and the free thinkers of the Enlightenment are only one of them. What is often overlooked: the humanists of the early modern era were all faithful theists, and that which distinguished humans, the ...
Matias Germany Nov 11 Nov 11 2020
Charles Darwin may be wrong about where life started on Earth: study (Darwin 'wrong' is clickbait, evolution of species vs. abiogenisis)
FearlessFly MN Nov 10 Nov 10 44
Meet Mary Renault. My favorite book of hers is "The Persian Boy" about the life of Alexander the Great, as told through the eyes of a Persian slave. (Note: The modern name for Persia is Iran).
snytiger6 WA Nov 7 Nov 7 00
POLL Are atheist (etc) allowed to say OMG?
AttilaThePun OH Nov 3 Nov 3 1010
LINK The Darwinian ‘Struggle for Existence’ is Really About Balance – The Evolution Institute
Matias Germany Oct 31 Oct 31 11
I just finished Niles Eldridge's "Darwin- discovering the Tree of Life." It was the companion book to the celebration of Darwin's 150th birthday, at the Museum of Natural History, in NYC, in 2009. Eldridge gives substantial credit to Alfred Russel ...
BirdMan1 FL Oct 24 Oct 24 33
Depoliticization Is a Deadly Weapon of Neoliberal Fascism {Democratic public spheres such as the oppositional media, schools and other public institutions are disappearing under the toxic policies of austerity and privatization...
William_Mary OH Oct 16 Oct 16 11
I'm wondering about there is no one is here from india 🤣🤣
VISHNU_CHANDRA India Oct 16 Oct 16 00
The best book so far about the relationship of science and religion is Ian Barbour's "When Science Meets Religion: Enemies, Strangers, or Partners?" Concerning the "New atheists" who have pushed the conflict scenario (the other three being...
Matias Germany Oct 10 Oct 10 22
Ohhh I misunderstood
Rudy1962 WI Oct 7 Oct 7 00
Elegant woman
RobertNappi2 CO Oct 5 Oct 5 99
2nd October 1836...After five years at sea Charles Darwin returns to England aboard the HMS Beagle,
Marionville UK Oct 2 Oct 2 11
Seems happy clapper Morrison is being fetted in Washington by the Trump admin. I predict he goes down in history as an enabler of a fascist regime, worse than Chamberlain. Wtf are we doing joining UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UK and US in policing ...
powder Australia Sep 21 Sep 21 22
LINK The FDA Is Literally Warning People Not to Drink Bleach Now
jerry99 NM Aug 16 Aug 16 77
Yes, I swiped this from another group on here, but it was too good to pass up.
Tomfoolery33 WV Aug 12 Aug 12 11
Today was the August Moon festival in Chinatown. I just heard of it yesterday and went down to see some line dances, lots of vending swag, and a ton of interesting looking places to eat. I picked out a "food court" that turned out to be five little...
alliwant MA Aug 11 Aug 11 11
She got this shirt from the church, it's holey!!
Cutiebeauty NY Aug 7 Aug 7 1212
A lot of people here have arrived from religious backgrounds so I was wondering what your feelings are about abortion. If you had one would guilt follow you around for the rest of your life? What would it take for you to make that decision? I guess ...
K9Kohle789 TN Aug 7 Aug 7 7474
... NAILS.... With a little help from Max Cavalera...
Seriousreason New Zealand Aug 7 Aug 7 00
Runner up in the captain obvious prize and honorable mention in the Darwin awards
glennlab TX Aug 3 Aug 3 11
LINK Stochastic Terrorism
WilliamCharles CA Aug 3 Aug 3 33
I don't feel sorry though.
Tomfoolery33 WV Aug 3 Aug 3 44
Note to self You don't have to .....
Heidi68 NC Aug 3 Aug 3 33
"Giving Up Darwin" by David Gelernter
doug6352 NJ Aug 3 Aug 3 11
LINK I assure you, medieval people bathed. – Going Medieval
KevinSomething CA Aug 2 Aug 2 22
Can an atheist pray? What is your opinion about this article? An Atheist’s Prayer. Given my non-belief, prayer has never meant a lot to me. Can an atheist pray? Or perhaps more importantly, why would an atheist want to? I don’t know how you ...
Cecilia2018 FL Aug 1 Aug 1 1515
If tRump is still occupying the White House past January 20th, 2021 (notice, i did not say he won reelection), the American people MUST lay seige on the White House with torches and pitch forks, drag him out in chains, and parade him in the back of ...
Our_existence NY July 30 Jul 30 55
Anyone in upstate SC fell ilke a easy hike Saturday August 3rd? Let me know and we can meet up.
Incognitohippy SC July 29 Jul 29 00
So i posted about a casual relationship here and in another group on FB. I got a really ugly response in the closed FB group.... "You should get your head checked, starting out as f buddies to see if feelings develop that's not a healthy way to...
Cabsmom TX July 29 Jul 29 2828
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joins House Democrats in vote for Trump war budget {The 284–149 vote in the House of Representatives showed the Democratic Party acting as Trump’s political partner, establishing what amounts to a ...
William_Mary OH July 27 Jul 27 33
Life is good.
noworry28 FL July 27 Jul 27 33
MAGA/evangelical immigration policy explained
bookofmorons Canada July 22 Jul 22 22
LINK BJP MP Satyapal Singh Still Thinks Charles Darwin Got Evolution Wrong
William77 India July 21 Jul 21 1111
Tiffany Trump just got snubbed by her own father. Last time she appeared at an "event" she felt uncomfortable. Maybe she doesn't agree with her dad's politics?
sassygirl3869 NY July 17 Jul 17 66
Richard Dawkins called me today to congratulate me on becoming Level 6!!! He told me a few things like, "when you reach Level 7, you get a call from Christopher Hitchens!" "How is that even possible", I asked? "Trust me", he said! "This site ...
Coffeeman NC July 7 Jul 7 44
Nominations for the Darwin awards! Post 'em if ya got 'em! 😁
MojoDave FL July 5 Jul 5 88
If evolution were true..
FatherOfNyx VA July 1 Jul 1 1515
Ok,,, if I start an atheist "church",,, how many of you will join? No tithes, no ties, no Gods, and no spaghetti monsters 🍝... i do get to wear a robe and one of those awesome Pope hats! Darwin, Dawkins, and Hitchens are Saints!
Coffeeman NC June 21 Jun 21 4242
Jesus or t-rex?
Heather2367 Canada June 18 Jun 18 55