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I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I'm on a date tonight, someone I'm meeting for the first time. And last night I spent the night with a guy that I've been seeing. That was the second time we've spent the night together. He's kind and ...
Wildflower FL Sep 21 Sep 21 77
10 reasons why older men date younger women
Boomtarat03 Hong Kong July 14 Jul 14 11
I have a date tonight! A first meet with a man in an open relationship. He's looking for a woman to enjoy his company in and out of the bedroom. I'm excited to meet him! I just hope he's not looking for a unicorn. Don't get me wrong.. . I'm rare, ...
Wildflower FL June 19 Jun 19 88
Met someone. From the fishing app. He had sent me a message but I originally deleted it. Then a couple of weeks later I was looking through profiles. I decided to send him a message and that's when I saw that he sent me a message (and I had deleted ...
Dancing MI May 25 May 25 1414
12 reason's to not date a Thai woman
Boomtarat03 Hong Kong May 24 May 24 11
According to statistics, the average person over 18 consumes 3 alcoholic drinks a week. Do drinking habits affect how you feel about your dates?
EyesThatSmile FL Apr 14 Apr 14 3333
POLL DATERS! Throughout time the first meeting between a man and a woman was called a date. The first meeting between a man and a woman who had never met was called a blind date. All of a sudden, how dare you call it a date, it's a "meet and greet." ...
lerlo AZ Feb 10 Feb 10 88
POLL Have you gone on a date with someone you met on this site?
BohoHeathen OH Feb 8 Feb 8 4747
As an atheist is it important to you that the person you date is also an atheist or are you able to date someone who believes in god?
WV-Mark WV Aug 9 Aug 9 33
LINK Nurse on a Date - YouTube
HippieChick58 NE July 27 Jul 27 44
POLL Ideal date setting
BallroomForLife VA June 24 Jun 24 1919
When Your Date's Apartment Sucks, College Humor
phxbillcee AZ June 15 Jun 15 22
Ruin a first date in 4 words
UndeniablyMe OH June 4 Jun 4 124124
How do you know if a potential date is a Vegan?
Censorshipsucks MT June 2 Jun 2 33
What do you do before a date ?
Wildgreens LA May 30 May 30 2929
POLL Have you met someone and been on a date with them from Agnostic dot com?
Malearky CA May 8 May 8 1313
Hello! My name is stupid and I thought I would share :) I thought she was absolutely beautiful when I saw her pictures online. She sounded absolutely amazing after I read her profile. Her words tugged on my strings. So I decided to say hi with no ...
Tutankhamun OH Apr 30 Apr 30 3232
What is the best date you’ve ever been on?
Leeshi MA Apr 28 Apr 28 1616
POLL I am on a dating site and I contacted a gentleman and we spoke on the phone last night. We have a few things in common but I fear not enough. On my profile I state I am not religious, I didn’t think to look about this on his profile, but he ...
MsHoliday Canada Apr 25 Apr 25 4343
Good afternoon: Would anybody care to make plans to see me this weekend? I am feeling lonely and could use the company of a mature intelligent woman.
MichaelSanchuk MD Mar 30 Mar 30 00
Too honest. I feel like I've been too honest on here, lol. Like if there was a guy in my area that was interested....after he read some of my posts he'd be like "hell no!" But at the same point, I kinda like being me. It's nice having a ...
Marcie1974 MN Mar 27 Mar 27 2626
I have my first, from here, date tonight. Any tips??
ashortbeauty FL Mar 25 Mar 25 2828
Should you ask a date for his/her credit score? Why/why Not?
JustinSane NV Mar 18 Mar 18 4545
Could you date someone who whole heartedly believed?
DarthKannabus SC Jan 1 Jan 1 1515
Crash Test Dummies - MMM MMM MMM MMM
DangerDave NV Jan 1 Jan 1 44
Has the metoo movement affected your dating life or the way you interact with people of the opposite sex?
IndySent Norway Jan 1 Jan 1 1919
POLL Do you believe in Astrology?
ripcurldane Australia Jan 1 Jan 1 2121
Are you bothered that we count time based on when Jesus was supposedly born?
RoboGraham MD Dec 31 Dec 31 1919
Frustrated conservative fundamentalists?
tioteo MI Dec 31 Dec 31 22
What are the best or most appropriate ways to get acquainted with someone you might like to date on Is it appropriate to simply send a message to someone you haven't yet met or conversed with?
AlasBabylon OH Dec 31 Dec 31 33
What do you think God is? I am defining it (god) as whatever impetus began the zillions of computations that make and are still making the vast universe and everything in it both material and conscious. I understand this by the illustration of The ...
LoreseV Australia Dec 31 Dec 31 11
Is there too successful when it comes to dating? I hear horror stories all the time and a lot funny ones also. The dating gurus say how easy the whole thing is but mine seems boring. It reads like a script and they act like its an employment ...
BradleyOgle NV Dec 30 Dec 30 11
I was forced into Christianity when I was growing up, I have since then left the religion and began practicing my own beliefs after I graduated high school. Because of this I feel left out and feel forced to date someone that believes in Jesus so my ...
anonymous Online Dec 30 Dec 30 00
What fictional characters do you wish you could date?
ScienceBiker CA Dec 30 Dec 30 44
After reading a profile here I hope that this site is not used as a support site. I have found, especially when dating, that some religious people need their partner to support them in their religious beliefs. I think this is because they are not ...
lerlo AZ Dec 29 Dec 29 00
monkey51167 NY Dec 29 Dec 29 00
How important is physical attraction when seeking a new relationship?
Moniquee43 CA Dec 29 Dec 29 77
Are the Abrahamic religions just a representation of the zodiac?
SteveB IA Dec 28 Dec 28 1212
So I'm a little curious. My reason for being here is dating purposes, although the entire community is pretty cool in general. My actual question is: How good is the dating portion of this site? Like any of y'all gone on a date?
onespicyboi OR Dec 27 Dec 27 22
How many agnostics, atheists are out there who actually want to date another agnostic/atheist?
JavierCdotNET FL Oct 14 Oct 14 5858