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With all the sex scandals in recent months some friends have suggested it would be worth looking at Pizzagate again. The minute it's mentioned I think "that's crazy" but in reading the emails again I'm less sure. Has anyone here read the emails? What...
jniece OR Aug 26 Aug 26 88
The Boy Crisis::: Nearly all white mass shooters are from FATHERLESS homes:
Jacar MI Aug 7 Aug 7 1212
LINK CNN Caught Blocking Bernie Supporters From Camera w/Jordan Chariton - YouTube
WilliamCharles CA Aug 1 Aug 1 33
Epstein Child Sex Case Aaron Dietrich July 11 at 7:11 AM This whole Epstein case is so HUGE it's hard to fully comprehend. Most of us that have been following this from the beginning have understood how if/when this breaks it's going to spread ...
HippieChick58 NE July 21 Jul 21 66
LINK DNC Stoops To New Low In Fraud Lawsuit Filed By Bernie Backers | Law & Crime
THHA AZ July 1 Jul 1 44
The left is spreading fascism. The Chinese Style Social Credit Nightmare Is Already Here. San Fran recently banned the use of this tech. The UK has almost as many cameras as China. we need to be concerned for our children NBC: ...
Jacar MI May 20 May 20 66
What do Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump have in common?
commie1776 OR Jan 31 Jan 31 1111
It is not rocket science folks>>
Captain_Feelgood NC Nov 27 Nov 27 22
Do you know that vaccine makers can not be sued?
Ravenwolfcasey NJ Oct 11 Oct 11 2020
Alex Jones threatens Robert Mueller and accuses him of pedophilia. Facebook still hasn't kicked him off yet.
kmdskit3 MN July 30 Jul 30 22