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Ive wanted to explore polyamory for a while. I haven't been in any type of relationship for 5 years. Im male to female transgender and don't know where to start. I don't know how to go about meeting others. I also don't know if transgender folx are ...
Snuzz PA May 29 May 29 11
Has anyone married their desired Myers Briggs scored mate ??
Larry68Feminist IA May 25 May 25 33
This is a star-shaped quartz cluster with brilliant augelite crystals distributed between the quartz.
Hathacat IL May 23 May 23 11
It Ain't Me, Babe · Johnny Cash · June Carter Cash
FearlessFly MN May 18 May 18 11
Polyamory... a complex world when you're new to it. I have a paramour, he has a primary who is my metamour. I am polyunsaturated. And my metamour sometimes has a wibble. Oh, the terms are all new to me. LOL
Wildflower FL May 16 May 16 44
Hey sluts! and I mean that in the most endearing way of course :) Has anyone been doing any fun Zoom chats or making other social distancing connections? I joined a (semi)local polyamory meetup group and they've been having their meetings with Zoom. ...
Wildflower FL May 6 May 6 66
Intellectual women who read.
St-Sinner TX Apr 30 Apr 30 00
POLL Polygamy versus polyamory?
Word LA Apr 29 Apr 29 2121
Good morning everyone. I do hope you're all healthy and hanging in there through this pandemic. We're all isolating to stay healthy, physically... but what about our mental health? Being a highly sensitive person, I struggle most days. Depression is ...
Wildflower FL Apr 26 Apr 26 11
See my new favorite white sweater that used to be my favorite blue sweater before my sanitizing efforts put white spots on it.
Lorajay OK Apr 23 Apr 23 33
LINK Small Chloroquine Study Halted Over Risk of Fatal Heart Complications
snytiger6 WA Apr 14 Apr 14 00
On aighter note, Randy Rainbowon the Corona virus and task force.
gigihein NJ Apr 9 Apr 9 33
LINK Trump’s Lost Months Are Killing Us. Here’s How to Make Them Politically Fatal for Him.
snytiger6 WA Apr 7 Apr 7 22
A case for polyamory Perks: No more pressure on One partner to Fulfill different types of Love needs Workaround for navigating pitfalls of jealousy: Choosing lovers who r self aware n emotionally matured Question: Is it possible to keep ...
Ann-1980 India Apr 6 Apr 6 33
LINK In coronavirus pandemic, Trump allies say they're ready to die for the economy
snytiger6 WA Mar 26 Mar 26 00
This was a yummy one
chiara23k HI Mar 18 Mar 18 11
Barack Obama is willing to serve as temporary President while Trump receives a psychiatric evaluation. LOL. Love that Borowitz.
sassygirl3869 NY Mar 17 Mar 17 55
Good morning and happy hump day!
Wildflower FL Mar 11 Mar 11 66
Polyamory is the practice of, or desire for, intimate relationships with more than one partner, with the informed consent of all partners involved. itd be too hard for me id think because of the fact that i always hated the thought of somebody ...
AkEyHeAdAkE Canada Mar 6 Mar 6 77
Another experience in my learning process of being an ethical slut! My third date with this ethically nonmonogamous man was amazing, something I've not experienced before. His name is Dan and 2 years ago his wife realized that he wasn't happy. It ...
Wildflower FL Jan 5 Jan 5 66
Poly visibility. I thought it might interest a few people to know this... I run a local polyamory group on Facebook (Oxford/Oxfordshire) and there's a poll I've been running for almost 3 years asking how "out" the members are. The percentage of poly...
Jalnor UK Dec 8 Dec 8 44
What do you think of this - There is a guy who loves his wife so much and cannot bear to lose her.. This guy is also polyamorous and loves other people...and his wife doesn't know of this. Guy is OK if his wife is polyamorous too but she is ...
EternalVagabond GA Dec 3 Dec 3 1717
Some costumes you just need to have a flamethrower on hand for. :D
Surfpirate Canada Oct 26 Oct 26 11
Canadian Suzie McNeil. Lonely. Are you coming home.
EyesThatSmile FL Oct 24 Oct 24 33
I'm a bit worried today. I met a lovely girl on this site several weeks ago and we met up about 3 weeks ago, all went great - she already knew about polyamory and we both felt a connection unlike any other... my existing girlfriends were all ...
Jalnor UK Oct 9 Oct 9 22
The script writers wrote another hilarious one for the entertainment of the gods (if there were gods).
callmedubious Canada Oct 4 Oct 4 11
Seth Andrews, Polyamory on The Thinking Atheist podcast
PolyComrade Canada Oct 3 Oct 3 00
I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I'm on a date tonight, someone I'm meeting for the first time. And last night I spent the night with a guy that I've been seeing. That was the second time we've spent the night together. He's kind and ...
Wildflower FL Sep 21 Sep 21 77
The difference in tomatoes from my garden (lower two) & our friend's truck farm operation (top two).
bigpawbullets OH Sep 10 Sep 10 99
So. My part of this is done. Until SHE wants it changed. 👌😎
bigpawbullets OH Aug 5 Aug 5 11
LINK Over one-third of Republican primary voters supported the racist chants at Trump's North Carolina rally
SeaGreenEyez IN Aug 4 Aug 4 11
Inquiring minds that inspired generations of self-exploration and acceptance.
Lorajay OK July 24 Jul 24 22
This article speaks volumes about the value, and patriotism, of immigrants. Omar did 'go back' -- to Minnesota to talk health care
MojoDave FL July 19 Jul 19 55
Introducing myself: The motorcycle part: Hmm, I own about ten bikes at the moment. Co-founded a motorcycle company. I'm one of those people wearing a full face helmet and space age gear. I'm an engineer and a licensed motorcycle mechanic. I'm ...
ErikK MI July 9 Jul 9 11
Anyone following the Tour de France or Giro Rosa this year?
Jnei UK July 7 Jul 7 11
We've got a couple new members! So great to see you @SnakeMaiden and @Prashant! Please feel free to post information, questions, and/or experiences about polyamory, open relationships, or just being ethically slutty!
Wildflower FL July 4 Jul 4 99
Last night I saw the movie Rocketman, the story of Elton John, with my new man. The movie is great! It's a musical with his songs played throughout the story. I'm so enjoying going on dates! I've never dated in the true sense. I've never been ...
Wildflower FL June 26 Jun 26 55
It seems that I am beginning a relationship adventure! An adventure because this type of relationship is new to me. As I get to know this new man in my life, I am learning how to navigate the boundaries of his open marriage. This is the type of ...
Wildflower FL June 23 Jun 23 1212
How to really surprise people who don't know about polyamory... "One of my girlfriends came to me for advice because her other boyfriend was upset about an argument he'd had with his other girlfriends." I feel a glow of pride that she knew she ...
Jalnor UK June 23 Jun 23 44
The Polyamory Society
soulless NY June 23 Jun 23 00
NASA Rover on Mars Detects Puff of Gas That Hints at Possibility of Life via @zodabcom
Charliesey FL June 22 Jun 22 11
I'm very excited to be having another date with my new ethically nonmonogamous friend! He is in an open marriage and is fully honest about his relationship. His profile on the dating site where I met him states exactly what he is looking for; "a ...
Wildflower FL June 22 Jun 22 1212
LINK Pushing back against hoaxers: Father of boy killed in Sandy Hook massacre wins defamation suit | National News |
HippieChick58 NE June 21 Jun 21 33
this pic a sweetie that calls herself wildone a polyamory site I joined. See below.
Mofo1953 FL June 1 Jun 1 99
Just another example of the reasons English is a difficult language. Stationary or move, or not to be moved.
LB67 CA May 21 May 21 11
Well done Bangladesh !
mufassil UK May 17 May 17 00
Is this true ?
Rudy1962 WI May 5 May 5 22
You are all real, sexy, beautiful people! I feel so much genuine respect from you all and it overwhelms me! I have not sensed a bit of judgment or misogyny from any group members and that pleases me. I hope you can appreciate that too, and you can ...
Wildflower FL 77
Over 20 years ago MTV did a special program about polyamory. I admit, I never saw it. Polyamory wasn't even on my radar until last year. There was a MFM triad on the show who were raising the female's little girl. She was taken away from her family ...
MB2000 TN Apr 27 Apr 27 44
Hello all you real beauties! I hope you are enjoying our group so far. We've got some real art and beauty posted and I appreciate the respect that is shown by everyone. For those of you who are not aware, there is another group that I moderate ...
Wildflower FL Apr 6 Apr 6 00
Is it just me or do you find the vast bulk of this community openly hostile to polyamory? Very odd to me that a group of people loosely united by a lack of belief (in religion) have a hard time dismissing another deeply held piece of cultural ...
Telegramsam70 IN Apr 6 Apr 6 2222
It's Not About You As I approach my fifth date, it’d be easy for me – for us – to take all of this seriously. Call me callous and cynical (maybe I am) but I think, given circumstances, and as great as I am – I give great text and am ...
Deiter CA Apr 5 Apr 5 1212
This is an interesting perspective on polyamory and its relationship to somewhat nontraditional privilege:
resserts NY Apr 4 Apr 4 66
12% of Canadians prefer open relationships, UBC study suggests Source: CTV News Vancouver UBC More than one in 10 Canadians are either in or would prefer to be in an open relationship, new research from the University of British ...
Science-guy Canada Apr 3 Apr 3 88
No worry of that
Rudy1962 WI Mar 26 Mar 26 11
22 days!!!!
KKGator GA Mar 23 Mar 23 22
POLY FOLKS: What are your fluid bonding policies/arrangements? Is it as soon as safety is established? Only certain or only one partner? Why?
brainyactress GA Mar 23 Mar 23 44
Pavlov jokes
Hathacat IL Mar 19 Mar 19 33
Only way to kill em.....
EricTrommater VA Mar 18 Mar 18 00
Elton John - The Greatest Discovery
AlasBabylon OH Mar 17 Mar 17 00
This article is a few years old but interesting. It talks about young people and polyamory, but I can certainly apply it to myself. I've met a few people on okc that are polyamorous. I've been learning from them.
Wildflower FL Mar 15 Mar 15 44
One way to avoid bad dates: get an agent On several occasions, I have, at their request, represented women on internet dating sites. I write the ad in my own name using whatever the woman choses to reveal, but not her name. I am upfront with the ...
Arouet Canada Mar 11 Mar 11 77
Bunch of whiney little snitches
Naejidlopalev NY Mar 10 Mar 10 66
@misterinvisible and I would like to share a new group with all you wonderful deviants. "Ethical Sluts Group" Please join us if you're interested in connecting with poly or non-monogamous others. It's a place to share experiences, information, and questions about ...
Wildflower FL Mar 9 Mar 9 33
Neighbor asked to borrow my phone to take a selfie...
Kattywampus69 NC Feb 27 Feb 27 77
LINK Procter & Gamble, maker of Pantene & Herbal Essences, joins fight to end animal testing for cosmetics
SkotlandSkye OK Feb 22 Feb 22 22
LINK Lots of Love: Exploring Polyamory in Portland -
zblaze OR Feb 20 Feb 20 00
Write a statement that cannot be refuted.
Tompain1 CA Feb 20 Feb 20 1414
Life on a Pedestal Leave a flower in a pot too small it will never reach its full potential... Put a woman on a pedestal incarcerated by your unrealistic expectations...
Dee138 TX Feb 14 Feb 14 22
LINK Navy SEALs no longer allowed to wear blackface
SkotlandSkye OK Feb 12 Feb 12 55
Not sure that's what she meant
Rudy1962 WI Feb 12 Feb 12 33
Does this count as Woo now? You know that feeling in the cranium when reality feels slightly altered while trying to piece together the illogical lunacy of it? I have that feeling now. Cheers! ?
F-IM-Forty MN Feb 11 Feb 11 22
A classic tune:
bigpawbullets OH Feb 11 Feb 11 55
Anybody on this site interested in ethical non-monogamy? I've been thinking a lot about it lately, after learning about it from a friend who is polyamorous.
DiceDiceBaby CA Feb 3 Feb 3 1717
Really, Ryan?
ninjarider1 FL Feb 1 Feb 1 11
?Happy Monday?
MoniB LA Jan 21 Jan 21 55
Greta Van Fleet, Safari song You gotta check these guys out if you haven’t heard of em and like classic rock! So damn good!
Wesley-C IN Jan 20 Jan 20 11
Best therapy out there.
mistymoon77 MN Jan 20 Jan 20 55
When I was 9 our cat Rusty had babies. I loved one of them so much I gave us a mock wedding. His name was Cutie. Then my parents gave him away to the school janitor. I must have annoyed him asking how he was every time I had the chance. The following...
soulless NY Jan 14 Jan 14 33
I'm asking for help: I live in Las Vegas where pot is legal. I have decided to use cannabis to help me sleep at night and need the correct type. I would prefer to smoke it, and I don't want to wake up with a hangover.
Outlier NV Jan 8 Jan 8 11
That's weird!
MojoDave FL Jan 5 Jan 5 22
Welcome to 2018 ?
48thRonin AZ Dec 27 Dec 27 00
LINK AP FACT CHECK: Trump confuses, misleads on border wall
HippieChick58 NE Dec 26 Dec 26 66
If you are interested in phylogeny or paleontology, this is an excellent introductory resource. Systematic Classification of Life:
timothymnel IA Dec 25 Dec 25 22
An interesting 20 Question BBC quiz - which tells me I am Korean. What are you? They claim there is science behind this. Do it 4 science! When it comes to your personality, your nation of birth may not be your true home. Where in the world ...
John_Tyrrell Canada Dec 22 Dec 22 2222
Tits or GTFO ?
mishw TX Dec 22 Dec 22 33
Our_existence NY Dec 18 Dec 18 22
Homeopathy, quackery and fraud | James Randi
magicwatch UK Dec 18 Dec 18 22
(L) The Babys Anytime: Hear a message on my radio I get home I got nowhere to go Think about ya day and night I'll be waiting so when it feels right Anytime you want at all Anytime Anytime you want just call Heartbeat faster ...
Qualia MI Dec 18 Dec 18 22
Blasphemy is the beauty of...
John_Tyrrell Canada Dec 9 Dec 9 33
I figure this would be the better place to post this since it does have to do with all of the hashtags of this group.
Looking4-Others TX Dec 8 Dec 8 66
Polyamory. Why is western society so against it? Many cultures have and still do practice it and the like of Mormons effectively do within their sub-sects. Another question, does it work? It can be seen in modern western cultures that it is hard for...
Sofabeast UK Dec 4 Dec 4 22
Fantastic Canadian band... Highly recommend listening @ about 120 db :)
lee_man Canada Nov 30 Nov 30 22
I feel that consent and acquaintanship is not enough for successful polyamory life. ...if nothing else time away in separate beds separate domiciles can lead to competition for affection, techniques and even pregnancy/parenthood. ....many ...
GreenAtheist IA Nov 26 Nov 26 66
Still like this one
Captnron59 CO Nov 26 Nov 26 55
I will be returning to a polyamory group soon. I had explored this about but found that I was neither ready or had the level of experience to.inform my awareness. I have been married and had relationships that were loving and wonderful, do I know I ...
Jamespuck OR Nov 26 Nov 26 99
Ya got to love yourself
Rudy1962 WI Nov 22 Nov 22 22
Views from my morning bike rides...
pmar044 New Zealand Nov 16 Nov 16 44