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Mueller. Here we go. A witch hunt turned into a white wash. A few pawns sacrificed. A few scape goats for the masses. On we go. Republican blood is thicker than anything. I saw this coming. Hope I'm wrong. Haven't been yet.
David1955 Australia Mar 23 Mar 23 11
Mueller has turned over the report of his investigation, to the AG. Now, we wait, some more.
KKGator GA Mar 22 Mar 22 22
LINK Roger stone indicted/arrested!
genessa MN Jan 25 Jan 25 22
LINK Manafort plea deal may have started as a set up for Robert Mueller ... and ended as a trap for Trump
HippieChick58 NE Dec 2 Dec 2 11
LINK Recent Developments Suggest Mitch McConnell Is Under Investigation By Robert Mueller | Deep Left Field
HippieChick58 NE Nov 18 Nov 18 55
Hi Robert Mueller Here.....
sassygirl3869 NY Apr 29 Apr 29 66
Trump orders Expulsion of 60 Russians, 15 of which are Intelligence Officers, Over Poison Attack in Britain
AdorkableMe OR Mar 26 Mar 26 11