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Oldies but Goodies..
By AMGT 8 52 comments CA Feb 20, 2018
Body Image: fair warning this will most likely be a long post. Feel free to skip, skim, or read (I'll pay you later, lol). I saw this image on Facebook and it spoke to me. Firstly because I love the song and John Legend, especially those ...
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By Marcie1974 8 21 comments MN Mar 17
While the theme song to Barney and Friends played in the background...
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By Lostin15801 6 9 comments PA Aug 30, 2018
Came across a profile on another site: asexual, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, doesn’t do drugs... now I have that Adam Ant song, “Goody Two Shoes” stuck in my head...
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By Flexymorals 7 18 comments MI Dec 1, 2018
A song to end the day with Sail on into the Mystic everyone... Youtube
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By Stargazer13 7 14 comments NY Aug 3, 2018
Oopsie Daisy
By AMGT 8 27 comments CA Feb 25, 2018
Breaking news: DC court clears out entire floor for grand jury hearing in mysterious Mueller case source: [] so it may be appropriate to sing a song for the occasion: we wish you a Mueller christmas....
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By Lukian 8 4 comments Canada Dec 14, 2018
An anthem song, here's mine for the last few years. About covers it for me and reminds me how I got to where I am. Nothing like having this up way loud driving up the pass at 5am in Yellowstone. Youtube
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By Frankjd 7 8 comments WI Dec 10, 2018
Funny story. When I was five years old, my mother took me to Sunday School because my grandmother was visiting (who was Baptist) and we had to make a good impression. I had never been to Sunday School and when the teacher said "Now boys and girls, we...
By DarwinistOne 7 11 comments TX May 21, 2018
In honor of the weekend, I'm going to be brave and daring and post another picture of myself. Taken in 19i'llnevertell, just out of basic training with not a stripe to my name. Ended up making E-5 at just over the 2-year mark. By all means, ...
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By ProudMary 8 14 comments WV Nov 9, 2018
Forest Gump Goes to Heaven When Forest Gump died, he stood in front of St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter said, "Welcome, Forest. We've heard a lot about you." He continued, "Unfortunately, it's getting pretty crowded up here and we find ...
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By ATDayHiker 7 8 comments TN Mar 17
Song lyrics p 1....
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By EricTrommater 9 4 comments VA Mar 16
mondegreen /ˈmɒndɪɡriːn/ is a mishearing or misinterpretation of a phrase as a result of near-homophony, in a way that gives it a new meaning. Mondegreens are most often created by a person listening to a poem or a song; the listener, being ...
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By Tampabrew 7 10 comments FL Nov 24, 2018
It's Mueller Time. Good song and a feel-good video. I am not sure if I saw this from an agnostic post. If so, I apologize. Youtube
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By thislife 7 8 comments OR Jan 22
Song Dedication
By AMGT 8 8 comments CA May 14, 2018
If you were asked to submit a song for a porn soundtrack, what song would you add?
By silvereyes 8 70 comments OK Jan 30, 2018
Creation Science 101 Very funny, clever and telling song by Roy Zimmerman. Youtube
By DeeTee 7 7 comments Canada July 8, 2018
Youtube My sister once asked me why I don’t belive in Jesus, so I played her this song. One year later and she admits to me that she no longer believes in Jesus or God. Of coures it wasn’t just this song that changed her belives, but it ...
By RandyMoose 7 7 comments TX Apr 4, 2018
A song about the "man" we love to hate. Youtube
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By shockwaverider 8 8 comments WA Jan 3
I think a lot of us have gone through something that could provoke a song like this to be written. Youtube
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By hipchick57 7 13 comments FL Oct 26, 2018
I'm slowly beginning to learn the difference between solitude and loneliness. Being an extrovert, a lot of my life has been keyed to other people, and particularly when I was younger, being alone for any length of time was anathema. But I'm learning ...
By tnorman1236 8 20 comments WV Aug 26, 2018
Mueller's Indictment Song []
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By GinaKay 7 6 comments CA Dec 4, 2018
This is the most hauntingly beautiful song
By dziner05 3 24 comments OR Jan 21, 2018
What song would you want played for your funeral?
By HeyHiHullo 7 99 comments LA Jan 11, 2018
Have you ever stopped reading a book, listening to a song, or watching a show because it added religion into the mix?
By silvereyes 8 56 comments OK Feb 10, 2018
For fans of Frozen (and I hope that suck ass song gets stuck in your heads 😜)
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By Bierbasstard 8 7 comments MD Oct 13, 2018
Remember this song by Barry McGuire, my friends? Youtube
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By Ray13 7 12 comments OH Feb 16
What’s your “guilty pleasure” song?
By IndySent 7 89 comments Norway Jan 28, 2018
I am cooking eggplants and beef and all type of things and I wonder who is gonna eat all these afterall , and making some pasta too . And I even bought wine , man , I live dangerously tonight guys . Here is what it comes to mind , as I had a ...
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By Pralina1 8 7 comments VA Oct 17, 2018
What is your guilty pleasure song? I love this one. So much pop, but it's so good! Youtube
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By balou 8 27 comments TX Dec 12, 2018
My, non-evident God...If you don't love this song, then just Block me now. RADAR LOVE..... (1973) Youtube
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By GuyKeith 8 17 comments CO Dec 2, 2018
Three younger boys were busy arguing about which one of them had a smart father. The first boy said, "My father is smart. Just imagine he writes only a few words on the paper and calls it a song and he gets $500 for it." "That's not much," said...
By ElementX74 6 7 comments TX Dec 29, 2017
The past couple of years have been pretty tough for music fans. Tom Petty was a big loss for me. His music was a huge influence on me during the late 70's and early 80's. When he passed, I wanted to do something as a tribute. I recorded this in my ...
By Duke 8 14 comments CO Jan 29, 2018
Not new, and not exactly a pic, but a video. There is something just so sexy about this video. Many of you have probably watched it. Got loads of hits. I call bullshit on the song tho. She knows it... Youtube
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By TheGreatShadow 8 6 comments NE Jan 7
Mean Kitty Song appropriate here... Youtube
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By MoonTiger 7 5 comments OH Jan 27
So if she/he asked you to play one song to win their heart what would it be? Mine would be "Something" the version that Eric Clapton and Paul do on the Concert for George. George is the reason I started playing guitar but this live version is just ...
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By FrankD 6 35 comments WI Aug 7, 2018
Good morning all!! Its Tuesday again and I'm listening to this slow , smoky-like music on continuous loop... Youtube Posted in &musicfans by @livinlife Its a brisk 26 degrees in NYC... Had to wear my thermal sweat suit and earmuffs haha... ...
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By Cutiebeauty 9 10 comments NY Jan 15
Oh, my dirty mind I changed the words to a counting song. One two lost your shoe Three four slam the door Five six scramble the sheets Seven eight lay her/him straight Nine ten start all over again
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By azzow2 8 5 comments NM Sep 11, 2018
VOTING! - Randy Rainbow Song Parody Youtube
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By phxbillcee 9 4 comments AZ Nov 5, 2018
In My Life - The Beatles Beautiful song about reminiscing and nostalgia, but mainly about a new found love... Youtube
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By Merseyman1 7 4 comments FL Mar 24
For me the most romantic song ever💗 Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight (Official Live Video) Youtube
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By Agnieszka 7 8 comments Poland Feb 5
Apologies to all Canadians for this parody.... but it is fun! Monty Python. - The Lumberjack Song. Youtube
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By Marionville 9 7 comments UK Oct 11, 2018
Just heard Leonard Cohen's son interviewed by Terry Gross – he was promoting a new book of his dad's poetry. He faced the inevitable questions about Hallelujah. Cohen recorded it in 1984. The only reason most of us know it at all is for Jeff ...
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By Deiter 7 11 comments CA Oct 10, 2018
Good morning everyone! The weekend is over ... Time to go back to work !! Wakey wakey people... Get infused with coffee , get up and get the blood pumping... Here's a beautiful song to listen to while you do some jumping Jane's !! Youtube Posted...
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By Cutiebeauty 9 12 comments NY Jan 14
Driving up in a two-wheel drive low to the ground car had me gritting my teeth. It's not the correct thing to do, I was told. Shuteye Pass looks across to Mount Tom and the fire lookouts scan for fires. There was a slow man they'd helicopter in ...
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By schway 7 7 comments CA Aug 11, 2018
Depending on which side of the bed one rises on a given day, but who doesn't feel this way – sometimes? Anyone see that Nilsson doc of some years back? It digs into his troubled childhood and an early marriage that produced a son he neglected. ...
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By Deiter 7 5 comments CA Dec 10, 2018
Can a song get stuck in your head just by seeing a picture?
By Transprincess 5 28 comments GA June 30, 2018
new willy song
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By Sciops 6 7 comments MI Jan 14
If I ever wanted to karaoke, I'd chose this song too. Youtube
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By Xanadutoo 7 9 comments UK Feb 16
Baker Street Gerry Rafferty and the magic man on the saxophone, Raphael Ravencroft. I love thi song. Youtube
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By Spinliesel 8 5 comments NY Dec 18, 2018
This song brings me back to a time when a boyfriend sang this to me, out of the blue, while we sat in the dark in his living room. I fell for him, briefly, because of it...until the reality of our differences set it. The song still makes me swoon, ...
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By Indubitably 6 4 comments WI Mar 16
What song do ants sing?
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By Sheannutt 9 6 comments OR Aug 10, 2018
Youtube Janis Ian, 1976, At seventeen. Loved this song, love, love, love the singer.
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By HippieChick58 9 15 comments NE Sep 25, 2018
Youtube Good morning all! It's a wonderful day today... I just got home from picking up Suzy ... We had a nice cab ride around Central Park... She likes to ride in the cab quite a bit... I told the driver to take the long way home... Suzy...
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By Cutiebeauty 9 8 comments NY Feb 25
How does that song go? I'm 🎶🎵getting better all the time🎶 Flat fitted sheet folding time again!
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By SukiSue 8 11 comments MA Jan 4
HAVER. - Verb (Scottish) talk nonsense, gibberish; to speak rubbish. We would tell people to stop “ havering” when we disagreed with them. Best example is it’s use in the 1988 Proclaimers’ hit song I’m Gonna Be (500 miles) when they...
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By Marionville 9 8 comments UK Dec 13, 2018
Anything else dear...? Watch "The Husband Song" on YouTube Youtube
By BucketlistBob 8 5 comments LA May 19, 2018
A good song to retire with. Good night,all! John Lee Hooker Night time is the right Time Youtube
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By Spinliesel 8 4 comments NY Mar 23
Good Morning from the Hotel California bus lol. - Luved the Eagles. Luv the Song. Its cold and cloudy out today. Another snow event Sat and Sun. Stay warm and cozy. Made blueberry pancakes this am. Chicken parmigiana tonight. What are you cooking ...
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By sassygirl3869 9 7 comments NY Feb 21
Remember Rebecca from Cheers? Remember how "You've Lost that Loving Feeling" got her all hot and bothered, every time she heard it? What song does it for you? For me, It's Rebel Yell by Billy Idol.
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By FlippantLlama 8 30 comments KY July 22, 2018
LINK XTC - Dear God (1986) - YouTube
By Katt75 4 13 comments NC Apr 7, 2018
I felt this had to do with relationships, so I wanted to post it here. Idina Menzel was the original Elphaba (the wicked witch) when “Wicked” opened on Broadway. This is one of the songs she sung in the show, lamenting her love for someone who...
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By bleurowz 8 7 comments NJ Sep 20, 2018
B/c this song will always be a classic, as will Bonnie herself!-Bonnie Raitt-Nick OF Time Youtube
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By BookDeath 8 4 comments VA Mar 25
Love the groove of this song Youtube
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By Electro68 7 4 comments SC Aug 30, 2018
Another great Randy Rainbow song for Trump's favorite things. Youtube
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By shockwaverider 8 5 comments WA Dec 5, 2018
Music that feeds your “soul” Do you have any bands that feed your being? I’ve had a rough week and weekend. Stumbled upon Concert for George on PBS. I have adored the Beatles since I discovered them in high school (1990ish). They always make...
By Marcie1974 8 37 comments MN Mar 25, 2018
I've watched this at least 50 times by now. It never fails to lift me – maybe you too. (I'm also a sucka for the song.) Because of my teenage daughter I've had to watch a lot of dance lately. I don't know much about it. People tend to be ...
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By Deiter 7 12 comments CA Jan 29
It was a week before Christmas finals my freshman year when my Father suddenly died. I played this song for hours while I waited for the 4 hour ride home. This was one of my Dad's favorite songs. Youtube
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By Snickers77 8 4 comments CA July 20, 2018
"At 17" by Janis Ian -- this song came on the radio a little earlier and I started to cry. I can't help it, even though it was so long ago it still upsets me years later. I was one of those girls for a very long time. I also think about the girls who...
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By bleurowz 8 17 comments NJ Oct 23, 2018
Was just watching Antiques Roadshow. Somebody had a Howdy Doody poster. Anybody remember? Then this lady that had it started singing the Howdy Doody Song. And I started laughing cuz as kids we always made up our own words. IT'S HOWDY DOODY TIME COME ...
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By HardBlues69 7 12 comments IL Oct 1, 2018
Which would you rather have as your Vice President? Your favorite song by Eminem = Eminem Christian song = vote for Pence
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By UrsiMajor 8 9 comments MD Jan 24
I'm strictly anti-supernatural. What ever other worldly belief people fear just doesn't compute to me. Demons, spirits, ghosts, mediums, and what have you are part of human psychology. Chemicals, oxygen deprivation, misfired synapse, what can't be ...
By Virgoan 5 14 comments TX May 9, 2018
LINK Monty Python - Bruce's Philosophers Song (Bruce's Song) {Official Lyric Video] - YouTube
By poetdi56 7 8 comments FL July 27, 2018
What song makes you cry? Mine is "Love Me Tender" 😢
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By Sheannutt 9 52 comments OR Oct 17, 2018
Lots of subtext for Freddie Mercury in this song. For me, I just like women with hips. Youtube
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By kmdskit3 8 7 comments MN Dec 19, 2018
Pandora's Chillwave radio has changed my life. It lulls my mind to a state of calm. It allows my thoughts to gently state, in the nicest possible way, "Ahhhh, fuck these chicken shit break riders", and calmly provide them the space to struggle with ...
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By Stacey48 8 6 comments MD Dec 14, 2018
A great humanistic song by an artist who would have turned 79 today. What's Going On by Marvin Gay. Youtube
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By Rossy92 8 5 comments VA Apr 2, 2018
My kids wanted to know if yellow roses were real. I had told them that there is a song the yellow rose of Texas. So our Echo played it several times for us. Then my daughter wanted to know if there was a song about blue roses? We were not able to ...
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By azzow2 8 5 comments NM Jan 3
Ken got his lawn mowed, finally. So to him, I dedicate this song. Also, Donny Osmond slays in this video. "Weird Al" Yankovic - White & Nerdy (Take 1) Youtube
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By CaroleKay 8 4 comments CA Sep 3, 2018
POLL Do you listen to religious music?
By chlorine413 6 164 comments CA Nov 15, 2018
Do people on the road raise your blood pressure? Or, are you chill on the road?
By silvereyes 8 39 comments OK Feb 21, 2018
I just watched S&M Sally (which I recommend as a really good movie about BDSM and other kinks -- it's included free on Amazon Prime right now) but I especially liked this song, which was repeatedly used in it. Youtube
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By cmadler 7 6 comments OH Sep 23, 2018
Roxy Music - More Than This I truly LOVE this song! Youtube
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By SleeplessInTexas 8 9 comments TX Nov 28, 2018
I know this isn't a music group but this song sums up how I feel about the last guy I thought was the was only a week but it seemed perfect. at 60 to have that feeling felt like 16 again. So I guess I haven't learned a damn thing. 😔 ...
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By hipchick57 7 15 comments FL Aug 15, 2018
My favorite christmas song. The video is just a bonus. :) Youtube
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By KKGator 9 6 comments GA Dec 23, 2018
my song today Youtube
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By coralisthree 8 7 comments MN Jan 19
Share one song that you cannot help but sing along with when it comes on the radio. The one that makes you go into "super star" mode.
By Crimson67 8 47 comments KY Feb 14, 2018
AMERICAN PIE Don McLean Youtube Such a great song. I think it could apply to today's issues even though it was released in 1971. That is a little depressing in on of itself.
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By patchoullijulie 8 8 comments Australia Oct 21, 2018
For almost my entire college education, my girlfriend was a girl named Greta. I treated her poorly towards the end, but this song is proof I loved her, once. Pretending They Were You I spent last night, on top ...
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By Deveno 7 6 comments ND Dec 6, 2018
I've known a lot of people who just never understood what John Oates contributed to Hall & Oates. Here's a great example of this guy's ability. We all know Daryl Hall has some pipes but, not many know that John Oates can sing his ass off too. The ...
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By Duke 8 5 comments CO Aug 7, 2018
Joni Mitchell is one of my favorite song writers and performers. Her songs are timeless and unmistakingly Joni's . I love Coyote! Youtube
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By Spinliesel 8 5 comments NY Feb 10
This is most of why I'm not around the site much lately. CONTENT WARNING: dogs and sadness "The timing has worked out beautifully." [Excerpt from "Dogography" journal] I am both "okay" and "not okay." I have been doing a lot ...
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By stinkeye_a 8 5 comments MT Mar 11
Wel, folx, back in 1975 The Rocky Horror Picture Burst on the scene! It provided a safe harbor for queer kids (like yours truly) in many places.My friends and I were dancing to this song every weekend at midnight and would take turns dressing as ...
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By BookDeath 8 5 comments VA Aug 14, 2018
LINK David Gilmour Wish you were here live unplugged - YouTube
By DavidGreen1 5 6 comments UK Mar 1
des·cant noun. MUSIC noun: descant; plural noun: descants /ˈdeskant/Submit 1. an independent treble melody usually sung or played above a basic melody. ARCHAIC•LITERARY a melodious song. a discourse on a theme or subject. "his descant ...
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By t1nick 7 5 comments NM Jan 14
This song has been stuck in my head for the last three days. Figured it was time to share. Enjoy! The Cars- Dangerous Type Youtube
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By KKGator 9 4 comments GA Feb 8
How many remember this song? Youtube
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By Sheannutt 9 6 comments OR Aug 28, 2018
[] Could this be the explanation for trolls? I suspect it is... Whistles X-Files theme song...
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By RavenCT 9 4 comments CT Oct 1, 2018
I cannot find my last post so will do it again and hope it is not a duplicate... Marvin Gaye's WHAT'S GOING ON. Youtube Here was an amazingly talented human being who reached out to help change the world. He was stuck down in the prime of ...
By LetzGetReal 8 8 comments AZ Apr 16, 2018
Eva Cassidy: Autum Leaves Sweet Song Youtube
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By flow 6 7 comments TN Nov 8, 2018
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