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May the Fourth be with you! Happy Star Wars Day, to those who observe =) Over quarantine my 8-year old daughter and 5-year old son expressed interest in watching all the Star Wars movies, and we're currently set to watch Episode 8 next (yes, Solo...
maturin1919 PA May 4 May 4 22
Imperial Pikachu March
joeymf86 GA Mar 15 Mar 15 11
Star Wars TROS made over a billion dollars at the box office yet toxic fan boys (and fan girls) are still bitching and moaning WTF?????
PatrickKerr Canada Feb 4 Feb 4 11
Happy Life Day! Some good, and good-humored, backstory on the Star Wars Holiday Special from its director:
josh_karpf NY Dec 25 Dec 25 11
The Rise of Skywalker, spoiler: Makes as much sense as anything in this movie – or the whole trilogy, really. I mean, the Resistance supposedly won in Return of the Jedi, why were they back on square one in The Force Awakens? ...
altschmerz IL Dec 24 Dec 24 22
Star Trek vs Star Wars
altschmerz IL Nov 9 Nov 9 44
That explains everything!
EricTrommater VA May 6 May 6 11
One last round of May The 4th Memes....
EricTrommater VA May 4 May 4 22
Star Wars parents..
FatherOfNyx VA May 3 May 3 11
Saturday, May 4th, as most of you (who aren't puppy kicking abominations) know, is the most sacred of High Holy Days among Star Wars fans. As such "Memes R Us Group" will be celebrating the day with SW themed memes and other festivities (bring your own cake). I ...
EricTrommater VA May 2 May 2 88
A couple memes for the discerning minority of members who love good cinema and don't kick puppies...
EricTrommater VA Apr 16 Apr 16 44
Murder Bear.....
EricTrommater VA Apr 7 Apr 7 00
Star Wars on PornHub? Now this is a movie I'd watch!
EricTrommater VA Mar 25 Mar 25 11
Star Wars is just Dune for kids.
Kohelath New Zealand Feb 4 Feb 4 55
The Force is strong in this one
Kohelath New Zealand Jan 24 Jan 24 44
Who likes STAR WARS? Just thought I would share a video I recorded today on my youtube channel.
WeaZ MO Nov 10 Nov 10 22
POLL Female star wars fans
KRACK3R KS Nov 8 Nov 8 22
My family started watching the original Star Wars trilogy this weekend because my 14 year old niece had never seen them before. I have the Despecialized Editions, so they are frame by frame, hi def restorations of the original theatrical releases. At...
davyjones MN Oct 1 Oct 1 11
I got a couple new patches I ordered today, they look great!
NathanAllan TN Sep 29 Sep 29 00
Is there anyone else out there nerdy enough to still be hurt by the retcon of the star wars universe?
rabidazzle MO Sep 21 Sep 21 11
If Trump headed the Star Wars empire
taichifan IL Sep 13 Sep 13 44
This is a trinity I can appreciate!
OlderMusicGeek IA Sep 2 Sep 2 22
POLL Which do you like better, Star Wars or Star Trek? Why?
CallMeDave VA Aug 22 Aug 22 5959
Hello all! I'm just a nerdy atheist looking for some good conversation! I rarely find like minded women in daily life, so I thought I'd give this a shot! Cheers! -Chris
cgayle92 MN Aug 21 Aug 21 44
LINK Televised Court Martial of Poe Dameron
ghettophilosopher FL Aug 4 Aug 4 00
Sometimes you come across a picture, that you must share... no words. Just Freddie Mercury ? ?
Sirena FL July 31 Jul 31 66
POLL Star Trek vs. Star Wars I’m just curious to see which series people on here like better so I made a poll since I’m bored.
pan_heathen97 MI July 7 Jul 7 7474
What fandoms do you enjoy ?
Ravenwolfcasey NJ July 7 Jul 7 1616
Star Wars 'Anthology' Films Put On Hold - Report
phxbillcee AZ June 24 Jun 24 44
Remake The Last Jedi
webbew1 CA June 22 Jun 22 1515
What if movies and music are more real than you perceive ? The Matrix, Star Wars, Dr. Strange, "A Town Called Paradise" album by Tiesto.
HeyHiHullo LA June 17 Jun 17 00
Unipiper Street Justice! Video shows "Unipiper" playing the Star Wars theme to shut up religious zealots who were protesting the 2018 Portland Starlight Parade Brian Kidd, aka the Unipiper, is famous across Portland for ...
DeeTee Canada June 9 Jun 9 77
My ex wanted to take the kids to see the Solo film but they're not interested. I gotta say I'm not enthusiastic about it myself. Anyone else not really getting excited about it. I am a Star Wars fan but I didn't even bother seeing the last film, I ...
Josephine UK May 27 May 27 55
Saw the new Star Wars Solo movie today. I liked it. That's all you get. No spoilers ?
ScienceBiker CA May 26 May 26 1313
POLL The next Star Wars spinoff looks like it will center around Lando. Online, I see interest in Obi-wan. What do You want the next SW movie to be?
omalita OH May 16 May 16 1515
POLL What was your favorite Star Wars Episode?
KingofHarts CT May 4 May 4 88
TIL that in addition to this brilliant explanation of The Star Wars, Tim Russ spoke the best line in Spaceballs ("We ain't found shit!") Happy birthday, The Star Wars!
cmadler OH May 4 May 4 00
Happy Star Wars Day!!! May the 4th be with you, all day!
MacTavish MO May 4 May 4 2424
Last night, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was in the Netflix movie queue! I saw it in Dec. 2015 with my daughter and several friends, at the big new EGV theater in Hat Yai, here in Thailand..the "full experience" version. The theater was synced...
birdingnut NM Mar 15 Mar 15 22
POLL Star Wars or Star Trek?
ipdg77 UK Feb 25 Feb 25 4040
How should Jediism be considered in terms of religion/spirituality?
ErnestoVG FL Feb 25 Feb 25 3939
Star Wars Fans, for Only $500...
phxbillcee AZ Feb 18 Feb 18 00
Anybody love Star Wars? Then have I got a group for you! Join me and together we can rule the galaxy... "I <3 Star Wars! Group"
Shawappa44820 OH Feb 17 Feb 17 00
Bruce Lee Star Wars Mashup Is Amazing - YouTube
SteveB IA Jan 28 Jan 28 44
Lightsaber Science...
phxbillcee AZ Jan 28 Jan 28 44
Well folks, this is exciting and I'm champing at the bit....
evidentialist NM Jan 26 Jan 26 33
I just saw the newest Star Wars movie today and I don't want to give any spoilers but I do want to talk about it. So I settled on this: In what order do you think the movies should be watched? I think that the best order would be starting with a ...
GrantSmith PA Jan 6 Jan 6 22
This will make the most sense to Star Wars fans, but it really made me laugh when I saw it!
ksmartines AL Dec 24 Dec 24 44
omg The Last Jedi sucks
JiunnWong Australia Dec 24 Dec 24 66
Marvel or DC? and Star Wars or Star Trek?
Falcopex MO Dec 17 Dec 17 99
POSSIBLE SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI... If you've seen it, you either love it or hate it... Personally, I love it! But I'm interested in hearing from people who hate it... Tell me, WHY do you hate it? And be scientific. ...
Shawappa44820 OH Dec 17 Dec 17 33
Star Wars: What does bringing balance to the Force really mean?
Decieven TX Nov 29 Nov 29 33