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Look, it's three of my favorite things. Music, art, and a cat. 🥰
Kynlei IN May 24 May 24 33
Mommmm, pet meeeee! (I did. A lot.)
Kynlei IN May 23 May 23 22
I can't with this face. What a derp. 😂
Kynlei IN May 13 May 13 22
This little asshole. This was taken moments before he (play) bit me because I scratched his chin. Gotta love him! 😂
Kynlei IN May 11 May 11 44
Long cat is long.
Kynlei IN Apr 18 Apr 18 55
Cuddle boy! Look at his little curled footsie 😻
Kynlei IN Apr 17 Apr 17 66
Chin scratchins 😻
Kynlei IN Apr 7 Apr 7 66
This boy loves his momma.
Kynlei IN Apr 4 Apr 4 1010
My Mom just sent me this picture and I thought you all would probably hate me if I didn't show it to you. 😅 Yep, that's baby Munchie. My Mom had been feeding a friendly stray and her lone kitten. One day, the kitten stopped showing up. ...
Kynlei IN Mar 1 Mar 1 77
Mom got a package today!
Kynlei IN Feb 26 Feb 26 88
I'm not feeling too good today and Munchie is doing a pretty good job at being my nurse. I caught him mid yawn in the first picture. 😂
Kynlei IN Feb 17 Feb 17 55
It's bit cold in the house this morning. Munchie is in between my weighted blanket and the comforter. He's never done that before. 😻
Kynlei IN Feb 15 Feb 15 22
There's no popsicle on this stick, hooman. For crafts, you say? That's weird. I bite.
Kynlei IN Feb 10 Feb 10 22
Munchie does a squish.
Kynlei IN Jan 8 Jan 8 33
Munchie loves his momma 😹😻
Kynlei IN Jan 6 Jan 6 33
Munchie is livin' it up.
Kynlei IN Dec 31 Dec 31 77
First it was insomnia that was keeping me awake, but for the last few hours, it's been the cats. Munchie was getting into things and making noise so I kicked him out of the bedroom and shut the door. Then Lucky started crying at me for some ...
Kynlei IN Oct 19 Oct 19 88
Just finished this picture of Munchie. I'm not sure how much it actually looks like him (he has too many colors!) but I love it!
Kynlei IN Oct 9 Oct 9 44
I just realized that I havent posted a picture of Munchie in a while. He is 7 months old now and getting so big! He still likes to annoy his sisters, but they're slowly getting better together. He likes this blanket on the couch for napping lately, ...
Kynlei IN Apr 26 Apr 26 77
This picture gave me a 6 pack! Now that I've stopped laughing at it, I can share it with you all. 😹😹😹
Kynlei IN Apr 13 Apr 13 33
Munchie always has to run and check the shower because he found a bug there once.
Kynlei IN Mar 26 Mar 26 77
The one time I actually decide to draw in the past year-ish and this little one tries to make it impossible. ?
Kynlei IN Mar 24 Mar 24 1111
First one to lay on the clean sheets!
Kynlei IN Mar 17 Mar 17 66