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LINK New Trump Campaign Ad Claims That Illegal Immigrants Currently Murdering You With Knife
chalupacabre WA Nov 8 Nov 8 11
White House Releases Moving Statement Honoring Woman Who Called Obama An Arab In 2008 “It is with great reverence that we celebrate the courage, life, and work of the woman who told John McCain at a 2008 campaign rally that she couldn’t trust ...
OlderMusicGeek IA Aug 27 Aug 27 11
Good ole Onion! Still making me bust a gut after all of these yesrs.
craycraycatty WA Aug 20 Aug 20 22
Vatican On Sex Abuse Report: ‘Listen, No Normal Person Is Going To Sign Up To Be A Priest’
jeshuey FL Aug 17 Aug 17 44
Should The MLB Ban Infield Shapeshifting? - The Onion
phxbillcee AZ Aug 17 Aug 17 11
Pentagon Officials Listen In Silence As Mike Pence Details Plans For Angel-Guided Defense Weapons System
ldheinz Aug 11 Aug 11 55
Will New NFL Player Safety Rules Ruin Football Injuries? - The Onion
phxbillcee AZ Aug 3 Aug 3 11
The Onion Reviews ‘Christopher Robin’ - The Onion
phxbillcee AZ Aug 2 Aug 2 33
LINK Dog Meets Owner At Door In Desperate Attempt To Get Ahead Of Diarrhea-Rug Scandal
ErebusVincent NY July 31 Jul 31 11
Warning: This is The Onion!!! Ways To Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder So You're Not So Goddamn Cheery In Summertime
phxbillcee AZ June 11 Jun 11 77
Do NOT follow this advice! This is the Onion!!! Is Stress Real, Or Are You Crazy And It's All In Your Head?
phxbillcee AZ May 29 May 29 88
“Christianity Free School Zones”, Iceland’s New Leader Creating
Dougy WV Feb 1 Feb 1 1414