Jokes and humor about religion
Apr 2Apr 2

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Torah! Torah! Torah! The war cry of Kamikaze Rabbis.
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Freedom from Religion Foundation
Mar 22Mar 22

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Found a good one;
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Music Fans
Nov 13, 2022Nov 2022

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Toad the Wet Sprocket
Sep 3, 2022Sep 2022

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(Faux wisdom & deepities...) Logicked - EVERYONE believes the Torah is god's word
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Religious Naturalism
Aug 15, 2022Aug 2022

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Salvation/Liberation as Human Transformation “The great post-axial traditions, as we have seen, exhibit in their different ways a soteriological structure which identifies the misery, unreality, triviality and perversity of ordinary human ...
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Jul 29, 2022Jul 2022

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Some memories for generation Xer's like me
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visual art
Jun 2, 2022Jun 2022

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Raymond Wintz (French 1884-1956) The Blue Door, 1927
Religion & Spirituality
May 31, 2022May 2022

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question about the Christian Bible: Hi - I was raised Jewish and don't claim to know that much about the Torah, much less the New Testament. When I hear Christians quote "The Bible" it almost always seems to be from the New Testament. I'm ...
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May 26, 2022May 2022

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And here we have yet more atrocities committed by the USA against children, this time in the name of Christianity: Why is the USA so obsessed with murdering its children?
Feminist Atheists
Jan 29, 2022Jan 2022

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Not different from Torah or Bible..
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