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We are surrounded by the irational thoughts of humans.Do you have acquaintances who believe some of this? I do.
Lorajay OK Dec 8 Dec 8 11
How were the pyramids really made, and who built the Pyramids? Did aliens build the pyramids? Is there proof that Jews didn't build the pyramids, or that the pyramids weren't built by slaves? And more importantly, how do we actually know what we ...
holykoolaid TX Dec 5 Dec 5 33
Just saw the new MIB movie. Very cute and fun. Wouldn't it be nice if there really were aliens living among us?
CopperPenny CO July 27 Jul 27 33
We'll take the aliens...
MissKathleen AZ July 19 Jul 19 33
Mad magazine 1960s - definition of a super Patriot
Lorajay OK July 14 Jul 14 88
Could it be that the Fermi paradox exists because other planets have no flying vertebrates to imitate? Think of all the other inventions that led up to powered flight here and all the ones since that have made the space flight possible here, that is ...
Kindamany NC Mar 2 Mar 2 33
This covers a lot more than simple politics but then so does Mr. Assange.
LetzGetReal AZ Dec 30 Dec 30 22
What have you learned watching Ancient Aliens tv show?
Mahal NJ Dec 6 Dec 6 1313
I read this, but as interesting as it is...this is what it made me think about...who knows what this is?
Freespirit64 MO Nov 6 Nov 6 33
How do you take people that claim to have witnessed or encountered weird shit I.e aliens, Bigfoot or supernatural/biblical things like near death or out of body, ghosts demonic entities and whatnot? Do they all share the same cioncidental mental ...
Eric_in_bham WA Oct 21 Oct 21 1414
October's weekly "ghost story." Enjoy.
Druvius IA Oct 12 Oct 12 00
Cowboys and Aliens ... myth legend & conspiracy.
frisbee212 TX Oct 2 Oct 2 44
Dear Aliens ?
Sheannutt OR Sep 6 Sep 6 99
Aliens are they for real or...
searchisendless CA Aug 29 Aug 29 66
POLL What do you wish was true?
nosferatu_cat CA Aug 20 Aug 20 77
Are we alone in the universe?
CharlieBrown Ireland Aug 17 Aug 17 33
POLL Who here likes watching “ Ancient Aliens” on the history channel?
Tremaynedatgui NY Aug 3 Aug 3 44
Who started this site and when? Is there any security here? I know stupid question, what's internet security?
Sunsetworshiper MI July 30 Jul 30 44
Does anyone ever wish Aliens would come down and just shut up every theist. Like hey, fuckers! We didn't fuck those furry things to make you guys just kill each other all the time! - But dude we do it for god! God, who the hell is that? I personally ...
VincentTripoli PA July 18 Jul 18 1818
How Would Humanity React If We Really Found Aliens?
phxbillcee AZ Apr 30 Apr 30 1515
Just an observation. I am not sure I have ever been on any other site that posed questions about aliens so frequently.I rarely gave them a thought until I came here
btroje NM Apr 22 Apr 22 1313
Is there intelligent life out there in the universe?
ChrisJones TX Apr 3 Apr 3 5353
Are Redheads Actually Aliens?...
phxbillcee AZ Mar 20 Mar 20 22
Ok, I know I'm weird... but does anyone else think Ivanka, Jared, Tiffany, and Barron look like aliens.? Tall, slender, triangular faces, plastic-looking skin, vacant emotionless eyes. Especially the triangle shaped faces with narrow jaws and ...
Duchess TX Mar 2 Mar 2 55
What if the asteroid that crashed into the earth 65 million years ago was an alien spaceship, and we are the aliens?
NicThePoet MA Feb 24 Feb 24 88
10 Reasons Aliens Won't Invade Earth...
phxbillcee AZ Feb 10 Feb 10 66
Evolution vs. Creationism. What about... How do you feel about this?
HeyHiHullo LA Feb 6 Feb 6 77
Do you belive in Ufos?Aliens? I do lol????Were not alone in This Enormes Universe.There must be life in Other Planets Galaxys Etc.Two many People that claim to have seen Them Cant be Wrong????
BbwNy NY Feb 1 Feb 1 2626
Solutions to the Fermi Paradox...
phxbillcee AZ Jan 27 Jan 27 00
POLL UFO's, Aliens
soquel CA Jan 24 Jan 24 00
Are we alone?
Jmiles NE Jan 21 Jan 21 1010
If we ever do confirm the existence of life elsewhere in the universe, do you really think it will change religion on Earth all that much?
Duke CO Jan 20 Jan 20 2828
Ancient aliens. this is not for anyone special, I have seen on here a few times, where an athiest/ agnostic, does not like when I point them at the documentary that debunks this show. they get emotional think you are attacking them. when I am wrong...
MichaelSpinler NC Jan 11 Jan 11 1414
do u believe in aliens ? or that we are being visited
DavidDeLa89 MI Dec 30 Dec 30 33
The unconscionable lack of integrity in media
MrBrown WA Dec 28 Dec 28 1515
I always have one question for Christians with all due respect if Cain kill Abel and he found a wife what did she come from, talking snake, the whole world flooded in 40 days, put all of those animals on a small boat, Stone prostitutes to death, ...
JamesKelly MS Dec 25 Dec 25 55
POLL Alien Astronaut Theory
DaddyWolf77 MO Dec 21 Dec 21 2121
What's it with the aliens on the moon ?!!
Nader CA Dec 5 Dec 5 00