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Let's keep the movement going here.
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Jun 19, 2019Jun 2019

Posted by Geoffrey51
Over the years I have realised that my motivations are more philanthropic than for material acquisition. When I work in an environment which is to be supportive to others I feel alive. When I have worked in the corporate world I feel something ...
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Dec 23, 2018Dec 2018

Posted by santocoyote
Being a free thinking humanist, one must learn to see the good in all men . We must not eradicate hope although corrupt political machines use hope bravery and other ideas like APPL pie and courage to lie cheat and decieve us. Being a skeptical free...
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Religion & Spirituality
Mar 17, 2018Mar 2018

Posted by Melbates
I've actually heard this from Christian's before. They're tiny brains couldn't comprehend how I could be a good person, how are you so nice? All of that despite being a non-believer. I can't count the number of times I've had to explain that a book ...
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Feb 10, 2018Feb 2018

Posted by VictoriaNotes
How Stratification Impacts Relationships and Society