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Jan 26Jan 26

Posted by CliffordCook
How Should We Combat COVID Misinformation On Agnostic? I've been watching the persistent use of the "COVID Cult" group here on to promote outrageous misinformation, such as the idea that a secret cabal is orchestrating ...
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Jan 19Jan 19

Posted by BDair
Anecdotal - An email from a nurse to Alex Berenson Hi Alex - As a nurse for over 20 years I can tell you it is DELIBERATE that hospitals DO NOT ASK about covid vaccination status. Epic (the most common hospital charting system) does not register ...
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Jan 16Jan 16

Posted by BDair
Commentary from Jeff Childers 'Coffee & Covid' on Narrative 2.0 The Washington Post ran an op-ed penned by TV covid expert, reliable narrative mouthpiece, and contributing editor Leana Wen yesterday, headlined “We are overcounting covid deaths ...
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Jan 10Jan 10

Posted by Castlepaloma
Out of Objective truth, personal truth and political truth who wins vaccines mandates debate? I win because being unvaxxed, caught no covid. Wail most vaccinated people in North America caught covid and most of the world population was not fully ...
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Dec 1, 2022Dec 2022

Posted by godfree2
LINKThe Massive Alleged Fraud Behind "America's Frontline Doctors" - YouTube
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Nov 16, 2022Nov 2022

Posted by BDair
The new Narrative 2.0 is still expanding as governments everywhere are giving up on their vaccination programs. Australian Health Officials Reject 3rd COVID Booster for All Ages Australian health officials said they will not make any changes to their...
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Jan 23, 2022Jan 2022

Posted by phxbillcee
The Shady Site That Shows Anti-Vaxxers Will Believe Anything
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Progressives, Socialists, and Black Lives Matter
Dec 26, 2021Dec 2021

Posted by johnnyrobish
Candace Owens Defends Trump on Vaccines by Claiming He’s Too Old to Do Research After her interview with Donald Trump created a massive blowback in right-wind and anti-vax circles over his defense of the COVID vaccine, right-wing media ...
Progressives, Socialists, and Black Lives Matter
Dec 20, 2021Dec 2021

Posted by johnnyrobish
Sarah Palin Suggests She’d Rather Die Than Get the COVID Vaccine During an appearance at the recent Turning Point USA conference, host Charlie Kirk asked former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) for her opinion on vaccine mandates, and Palin ...
Just for Laughs
Nov 14, 2021Nov 2021

Posted by Lizard_of_Ahaz
In the news last week a San Francisco cop quit rather than be vaccinated... Two weeks later he died of COVID thereby doing his part and leaving the world a better place than he found it...
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Nov 6, 2021Nov 2021

Posted by anglophone
Anti-vaxxers have resorted to chemical warfare on those charged with keeping everybody else safe:
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Oct 6, 2021Oct 2021

Posted by Scott321
LINKTotal burn on antivax protestor
Memes R Us
Mar 18, 2019Mar 2019

Posted by Tomfoolery33
Oh, is that all..
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Mar 3, 2019Mar 2019

Posted by jerry99
Amazon takes down a bunch of anti-vax movies because people are too stupid to know they need to vaccinate their kids if they don't want them to die from some horrible disease that was cured 50 years ago! Adam Schiff: I'm concerned by reports ...
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Feb 7, 2018Feb 2018

Posted by ScottAHurst
Today's refresher in critical thinking... Yesterday I quoted a bit of Demon Haunted World, today I will link a piece I wrote for a few years ago. It's a bit about anti-vax.