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POLL Which group would you rather do business with... theists, agnostics or atheists? Why?
stillsy UK Mar 3 Mar 3 77
Hiding your lack of faith at work
ChadStraight OH Feb 6 Feb 6 1111
Career goals....
SkotlandSkye OK Jan 27 Jan 27 55
Well, I didn't get the job I applied for …...I thought the interview went well, but you never know what someone is looking for, or if my qualifications (or lack thereof) just weren't there. I see this as just a blip on the New Year's radar, and my ...
AzVixen52 AZ Jan 5 Jan 5 1313
POLL Have you ever experienced negative consequences for "coming out" atheist at work? I'm not saying you have to wear a sign, or make an announcement, but when you indicate it when religion comes up in a conversation.
Orbit NM Jan 2 Jan 2 1313
RECRUITER COMPANIES AND H R PERSONNEL DEPARTMENTS NAME AND SHAME Even a brief search on the internet will show a abysmal looking roster of consistent complaints. lets type "human resource departments are...." and the remaining searches come back...
loudshirt Australia Dec 20 Dec 20 11
What are good questions to ask potential employers during an interview?
celticagent MA Nov 8 Nov 8 66
Today my job had a company wide meeting telling us that 200 people were getting laid off immediately. They said go to your desk and wait for a call from your supervisor. I can not even explain how tense that next hour was, seeing your coworkers ...
Alimacbean FL Oct 17 Oct 17 9090
POLL Career Advice- Follow your dreams or be practical?
klang72 FL Oct 9 Oct 9 1515
Has anyone here a National Park Ranger or has worked with the National Park Service? I would like to get your experiences, opinions and advice about being a Ranger. How did you become a Ranger? I’m currently serving in the Air Force but I’ve ...
RandyMoose TX Aug 28 Aug 28 66
What is your best interview advice?
Quazi CA Aug 21 Aug 21 3232
Where you should be? Tell me a story about how you chose the career you have and whether it really suits who you are. I'll start:. I took a job at Social Services in my 20's as a stepping-stone to a career in government administration. They gave ...
Compassion8doubt NC Aug 14 Aug 14 1616
LINK 3 things women say that weaken the power of their words.
HippieChick58 NE Aug 10 Aug 10 1313
Do men have a duty to provide?
Lucignolo FL Aug 7 Aug 7 5858
My office assistants at work today. My work is so challenging.
graceylou Canada Aug 7 Aug 7 77
Well, starting a new job tomorrow. Nothing new for me as I've worked as a contractor for most of the last 23 years. But It's always a bit nervous that first day and always the pressure to prove yourself. It's a short contract, but kind of hate to ...
Philistrate WA Aug 6 Aug 6 66
OK - Advice needed. I intend to quit my job sometime in the next month or so and I don't currently have another job lined up (although I do have some promising conversations going on with a couple of companies). My issue is that I'm seeing my boss...
Strabo Australia Aug 5 Aug 5 4646
What would you say your biggest accomplishment in life has been so far?
Greenheart NY Aug 3 Aug 3 4949
So I had a damn unpleasant lunch. My theist boss decided to attempt to exorcise what he called the ”air of atheism” that he detected about me. Early on he talked about God being outside space and time then rambled up to making the point that a ...
Novelty CA Aug 3 Aug 3 1515
This is what my job entails. I happily oblige. Is there anything about your job that you absolutely LOVE!!!!
graceylou Canada Aug 1 Aug 1 3232
Social media and work.....has anyone had their place of employment ask their employees to post company information onto their personal social media accounts? For instance, the company I work for is asking us to copy their LinkedIn posts to our own ...
Marcie1974 MN Aug 1 Aug 1 1818
How does everyone on this site get along with their religious families, relatives, co-workers, friends? I find it very difficult, especially when they bring up god, religion? How do you all cope with it, or handle it?
Greenheart NY July 31 Jul 31 55
What profession would you have preferred to pursue?
RobLawrence DE July 11 Jul 11 1919
Did you ever find your calling? Or, are you still looking?
silvereyes OK Mar 21 Mar 21 5757
What are your goals in life?
Sarahroo29 CO Mar 21 Mar 21 2828
What career/industries make it easier to be open with your non-belief?
tornsculpture CA Feb 25 Feb 25 2727
Is there a profession you find a turn-off?
IndySent Norway Jan 14 Jan 14 3838
Let's say a time machine is invented and it can be used only one time per each individual. You can travel back in time and have your consciousness merge back with your younger self while retaining all of your knowledge and memory. -I saw it on a ...
noworry28 FL Dec 28 Dec 28 11
Children: Yes or no?
Kreig New Zealand Dec 28 Dec 28 88
Do Hyper violent career fields make it harder to leave religion when the person is on the fence due to using it as a coping mechanism for the consious subconscious stresses that come with the career?(I.E. Corrections, Military, LEO)
Myranta FL Dec 26 Dec 26 00
Doing what's right for you....... So I've just returned from 4 days in Fiordland, New Zealand's largest National Park (size of Yosemite and Yellowstone combined). Of course, I was in but a small corner of it..... However, it is always when ...
Kreig New Zealand Dec 22 Dec 22 44
Anyone actually want to live forever? or at least until you've had enough? and stay 22-24 indefinately? I'm a hardware designer. Biology was never my strong suit. If you are considering a new career please check into this. All we need is a way to ...
FynTul MN Dec 19 Dec 19 33
What's the oil to your water: who would you hope not to be your cubicle roomie?
silvereyes OK Dec 16 Dec 16 2929