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In the long run, none of this matters.
Bigwavedave NC Feb 19 Feb 19 1212
What do you choose?
BeeHappy TX Feb 8 Feb 8 1111
If you had to choose between being deaf or blind, which one would you choose?
EmeraldJewel OK Aug 5 Aug 5 3535
POLL What do you guys think about little body procedures that stave off the effects of aging or personal preferences? I don't mean full blown plastic surgery...I mean things like botox, fillers, chemical peels, teeth straightening/whitening, etc. Do you ...
thinktwice NC Aug 1 Aug 1 1010
Do you think about retirement much?
Erick67 SC July 31 Jul 31 1515
POLL Would you rather live 120 years that are comfortable but boring, or live half as long while having an exciting adventurous life?
kensmile4u FL July 11 Jul 11 1212
How do you think your life and relationships would be different if a person’s appearance did not matter to you?
lkahleski FL May 15 May 15 1212
”Helping those around you deal with a crisis” suicide
JackPedigo WA Feb 28 Feb 28 55
Would You Be Ok With Your Child Choosing To Be a Believer?
twshield TX Jan 30 Jan 30 4848
Choices choices.
Atheist_chick NY Jan 8 Jan 8 55
POLL You are given 5 choices of television stations with the luxury of no commercial breaks, but can only choose one to watch. Which do you choose and why?
MyLiege FL Jan 1 Jan 1 2525
Staying together for the kid(s)?
Lilie ND Dec 31 Dec 31 1010
POLL Should prostitution be illegal?
RoboGraham MD Dec 30 Dec 30 123123
Secular humanism?
Coffeo Australia Dec 29 Dec 29 1616
POLL Do zodiac signs (star signs) have a significant role in your life?
IndySent Norway Dec 29 Dec 29 1919
Children: Yes or no?
Kreig New Zealand Dec 28 Dec 28 88
POLL Anyone here know each other IRL?
forgo CO Dec 25 Dec 25 99
ATTRACTION DISTRACTION What attributes in others are you drawn to even when the rest of their qualities should have you running for the hills? Bad boys/girls? Musician? Money? Accents? Artists? Cooking skills? Physique? What bad choices have you ...
kmdskit3 MN Dec 20 Dec 20 44
GOP Morality War I really hate to say this. The GOP is in a morality war. They are using this as a wedge issue to get people to think they are the party of morality. Many of the stupid followers of the GOP don't realize this. These ...
realdancermn MN Dec 19 Dec 19 00