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Space Station receives the last of NASA's science racks after 19 years It marks the end of an era for the ISS' research efforts.
FearlessFly MN May 24 May 24 00
Are you ready for some Silly, Random, and Fun, or are you just SAYING you want some Silly, Random, and Fun ? . . . this sent to me (in a roundabout way) from NYC . . .
FearlessFly MN Apr 22 Apr 22 33
I’m off to bed early tonight so I’m leaving you with Holyground. It’s from a-ha’s 8th studio album Analogue released in 2005. Morten wrote this one. I’m including a live performance too from Basel, Switzerland in 2006, and...
Marionville UK Mar 4 Mar 4 33
This problem is rampant in Canada also. Circumcision, FGM and gender re-assignment need to be banned except when requested by and performed on well informed, consenting adults.
PBuck0145 Canada Mar 1 Mar 1 44
gsiamne NE Feb 22 Feb 22 11
Not sure where FGM — Female genital mutilation — stands legally in the US. Anyone know? This article is about Australian law. Some still argue that MGM — male genital mutilation i.e. circumcision — is akin to this. I argue that FGM is worse ...
ToolGuy Canada Dec 29 Dec 29 33
LINK Ultra-Orthodox New York Rabbis Have Now Infected 14 Babies with Herpes
snytiger6 WA Nov 15 Nov 15 00
"The World Health Organization (WHO) defines FGM as any ‘non-medical’ alteration of the genitalia of women and girls. What this is likely to bring to mind is the most extreme version of such ‘alteration’, which is the excision of...
FrayedBear Australia Nov 9 Nov 9 22
We are all born atheists until someone starts telling us lies
Hages OH Oct 26 Oct 26 55
Just brought to my attention by an American correspondent is this 2 year old Deutsche Welle posting on the tradition of female genital mutilation: And just remember many Jews, Australians and Americans say the same about male ...
FrayedBear Australia Oct 10 Oct 10 33
Just brought to my attention by an American correspondent is this 2 year old Deutsche Welle posting on the tradition of female genital mutilation: And just remember many Jews, Australians and Americans say the same about male ...
FrayedBear Australia Oct 10 Oct 10 11
Just brought to my attention by an American correspondent is this 2 year old Deutsche Welle posting on the tradition of female genital mutilation: And just remember many Jews, Australians and Americans say the same about male ...
FrayedBear Australia Oct 10 Oct 10 33
What's the most outrageous thing one of your parents ever said to you? In my case, when I was about six years old, my mother decided to take advantage of what we'd now call "a teachable moment". While we were waiting for a bus, I told her that my...
Rob48 DE Sep 15 Sep 15 1313
If you love someone...
MissKathleen AZ Sep 7 Sep 7 77
Yesterday William Jefferson Blythe III turned age 73 alias President Clinton. Perhaps if he had not sexually assaulted Paula Jones in Arkansas and so many women/widows inside the White House, 31 states would've been too ashamed to elect TrumpOLINI ...
GreenAtheist IA Aug 20 Aug 20 00
Dwight Yoakam - Can't You Hear Me Calling; really early Dwight, unplugged
CynicalGirl TX July 31 Jul 31 11
CIRCUMCISION ---A totally unnecessary procedure on male babies. Early day Romans were smart in prohibiting the procedure.
alon CA June 9 Jun 9 88
LINK Secrecy Of Michael Flynn Intercepts Complicates Response To Judge's Order | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC - YouTube
snytiger6 WA June 1 Jun 1 00
I call this my seafood wall haha, even though I guess you wouldn’t eat starfish or seahorses. I’m doing a jellyfish and a frog next.
Shade Canada May 28 May 28 44
Iceland creates bill to end male circumcision.
UrsiMajor MD May 23 May 23 22
What a novelty
Dew25 NM May 9 May 9 00
Thought I'd drop a line again. I'm still losing weight, and I greet each new member; although, I am not posting here often. I think Dot is doing a good job as moderator.
EdEarl TX May 3 May 3 11
Are You one of the lucky ones not to have been abused when a baby by having your penis circumcised without your consent. As the old joke goes INFANT CIRCUMCISION: "Who other than arrogant religious Americans, Jews and Australians would cut ...
FrayedBear Australia May 2 May 2 77
Allah-Las : Long Journey - conjuring up the sounds of 1967 but made in 2011. Love the vibe on this.
Rossics13 UK May 2 May 2 00
EricTrommater VA Apr 30 Apr 30 22
At war with reality. . AT THE GATES. ...
Seriousreason New Zealand Apr 30 Apr 30 00
MissKathleen AZ Apr 30 Apr 30 55
LINK Presidential Candidate, Andrew Yang is Against Infant Circumcision.
balou TX Apr 29 Apr 29 99
LINK Justice Dept. Declines to Defend Law Against Female Circumcision, Citing Flaws
Elganned MI Apr 13 Apr 13 33
A priest, a minister, and a rabbi want to see who’s best at his job. They go to the woods to find a bear and attempt to convert it. Later, they get together. The priest begins: I found the bear, I read to him the catechism and sprinkled him with ...
Merseyman1 FL Mar 2 Mar 2 66
Atheist community role in advocating against circumcision.
toxdoc NC Feb 5 Feb 5 1010
LINK My response when I'm told I can't understand the Bible.
DavidLaDeau CO Feb 3 Feb 3 55
New York Confronts Its Worst Measles Outbreak in Decades "Within months, New York State was facing its most severe outbreak of the disease in decades, with 182 cases confirmed by Thursday, almost exclusively among ultra-Orthodox ...
josh_karpf NY Jan 20 Jan 20 33
" The glans of the circumcised penis is less sensitive to fine touch than the glans of the uncircumcised penis. The transitional region from the external to the internal prepuce is the most sensitive region of the uncircumcised penis and more ...
FrayedBear Australia Jan 14 Jan 14 1818
Oldie but a goldie
Rudy1962 WI Dec 29 Dec 29 44
Moved to Sacramento on the 15th of December. Apparently, one 10' U-Haul and two pickup trucks aren't enough to transport my entire plant collection. Had a few casualties, but seeing my Marlothistella stenophylla bloom for the first time lifts my ...
misternatureboy CA Dec 28 Dec 28 66
Please welcome iRachel who has just joined us in this group. We look forward to your first post.
Marionville UK Dec 28 Dec 28 22
Goodnight Kitty
RavenCT CT Dec 27 Dec 27 44
LINK Atlantic Article, Waging War on Women. According to this MeToo has a loooong way to go.
JackPedigo WA Dec 26 Dec 26 44
A bit of a miss app? A man enters the hospital for a circumcision. When he comes to after the procedure, he’s perturbed to see several doctors standing around his bed. 'Son, there’s been a bit of a complication,' admits the surgeon. ...
RichieO Ireland Dec 26 Dec 26 00
LINK Italy circumcision kills toddler, with one man charged - BBC News
THHA AZ Dec 24 Dec 24 22
LINK Andrew Sullivan Claims It’s Impossible Not to Have Religion “If You Are a Human” | Terry Firma | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
Notlost OK Dec 13 Dec 13 00
Lamenting About the Puppy
sassygirl3869 NY Dec 13 Dec 13 33
Judge in Detroit dropped charges against doctors who illegally practiced female genital mutilation, and even determined female genital mutilation to be constitutional. "The defendants are all members of a small Indian Muslim sect known as the Dawoodi...
repubatheists CA Nov 30 Nov 30 22
Today's headline on CNN: Charges dropped in first federal genital mutilation case in US I'm no legal scholar, but if I'm reading this correctly: What they're saying is that babies are fair game and total property – like a slave – of their ...
Deiter CA Nov 21 Nov 21 33
This is an absolutely disgusting judicial decision and I can only assume because of the judge's Jewish sounding name is being made to protect the equally barbaric Jewish religious practice of circumcising small boys without their informed adult ...
FrayedBear Australia Nov 21 Nov 21 66
First Migrants From Caravan Are LGBTQ Background.
sassygirl3869 NY Nov 14 Nov 14 11
Circumcision. I know that I'm going to start a shit storm (or piss storm) depending on your outlook, by starting this discussion. Why is it still ok, in our society, to sexually mutilate male babies. Lately there has been a very strong outcry ...
Trisexual WA Nov 9 Nov 9 44
Rare People Show Up At The Right Times-They Are The Keepers
sassygirl3869 NY Oct 28 Oct 28 1010
Some nice words from the Donald. Let's see if he tones down his rhetoric at his next campaign rally. First we have the MAGAbomber, now the MAGAnazi. What's next? voteblue
shockwaverider WA Oct 27 Oct 27 88
All dressed up for a Halloween party! Me & some sailor chick I picked up (Mom), close-ups of my “cuts”. The cuts and the make-up are the most fun.
CS60 PA Oct 27 Oct 27 22
Descendents - Suburban Home
mikecagain WI Oct 27 Oct 27 11
These Americans fled the country to escape their giant student debt He left for Ukraine, she's in Japan and another lives in a jungle in India. These borrowers point to their student debt as the reason they couldn't make it in America. ...
doug6352 NJ Oct 27 Oct 27 00
I believe this, do you agree? ❤❤❤
Sheannutt OR Oct 27 Oct 27 1515
It appears the bomber has been caught!
phxbillcee AZ Oct 26 Oct 26 33
What is your opinion on infant circumcision? and How do people who are completely and rightly against the violent physical abuse of children reconcile their feeling with their insistence that their own children have bits ritually chopped off ...
LenHazell53 UK Oct 24 Oct 24 66
Bizarre Particles Keep Flying Out of Antarctica's Ice, and They Might Shatter Modern Physics
phxbillcee AZ Sep 28 Sep 28 00
American Bar Association: Delay Kavanaugh until FBI investigates assault allegations By Manu Raju, Senior Congressional Correspondent Updated 11:54 PM EDT, Thu September 27, 2018
camne OH Sep 28 Sep 28 66
This is awesome, we need a Great Pumpkin movie.
Wahker Canada Sep 10 Sep 10 55
For Social Media Use
RavenCT CT Sep 9 Sep 9 11
Masterpiece Tweeter: Trump's "Covfefe" | The Daily Show
phxbillcee AZ Sep 6 Sep 6 11
Like they are peeking into my life
Velvetnsatin CA Sep 2 Sep 2 11
I heard some folks on this site were "worried" about this group I started. Here's a meme for those folks who are worried over nothing, now they can't legitimately say that I'm not concerned about safety...
SpikeTalon NV Sep 1 Sep 1 66
Hell Yes! Just say "NO". Win-Win-Win. The same goes for circumcision At various times, she calls him “Puto”… which has a derogatory connotation but effectively means “asshole.” She also yells out “Dejenme” (“Let ...
GuyKeith CO Aug 20 Aug 20 22
I'm sure this will bring the people I'm talking about out of the woodwork but I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed in this site. I assumed (and you know what happens when you assume) that people who had seen the light regarding religion were of...
lerlo AZ Aug 7 Aug 7 1818
I am 100% against circumcision it's a form of religious child abuse no different to FGM. This needs further study, correlation is not causation but it needs to be properly examined and acted on!
Josephine UK Aug 7 Aug 7 4040
Interesting read on circumcision
Simon1 UK Aug 4 Aug 4 33
Weed Smoker's Dream: Joe McCoy with the Harlem Hamfats. Joe McCoy was Memphis Minnie's significant other. They made some wonderful records together before they split up in the early '30s. He had a long solid blues career. He made a lot of ...
nosferatu_cat CA Aug 1 Aug 1 00
Religion and circumcision.
Sirena FL July 31 Jul 31 66
I was watching Jim Jeffries and he made a hilariously good point about circumcision. If you watch porn you hardly ever see a guy with a foreskin its always a circumcised penis. Because foreskins are sickening and stinky and no porn actor wants a ...
Nardi UK July 24 Jul 24 44
POLL What do you think of circumcision?
Lucignolo FL July 16 Jul 16 2525
Ahhh the poor fella
Rudy1962 WI July 1 Jul 1 22
So after reading some comments on an FB post, I became very curious. I hope to keep this post relatively mature as it is of a personal nature. I have a few different questions/comments to present... 1) As someone who plans to adopt and ...
Kassandra TX June 29 Jun 29 9999
Bill Maher: BlueToo
BookDeath VA June 16 Jun 16 00
Thinking of friends and family that were not religious growing up. It is my thought that so many turn to religion out of despair. Life has been so hard on so many that they feel their only help would be from a deity. This is a really sad state of ...
Shelton OH June 7 Jun 7 66
Eric Trump Complains About His Dad's Life in Washington DC
sassygirl3869 NY June 6 Jun 6 33
"For those who believe in God, most of the big questions are answered. But for those of us who can't readily accept the God formula, the big answers don't remain stone-written. We adjust to new conditions and discoveries. We are pliable. Love need ...
Beatnik WI June 5 Jun 5 44
SpawnofSagan PA June 4 Jun 4 22
Bob Seger - We've Got Tonight
balou TX June 4 Jun 4 22
Vero and Melbourne FL beaches.
Pook FL June 4 Jun 4 22
Announcement: trivia nites -every sunday singles group chat room - 6 pm est - 9 est
sassygirl3869 NY June 4 Jun 4 66
LINK U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley Was Denied Access to Detention Center for Immigrant Children, and Somebody Called the Police When He Went to the Door - Willamette Week
OpposingOpposum FL June 4 Jun 4 1010
I tried to look up impotence on the Internet but nog came up
SonOfABeach NE June 4 Jun 4 11
Philosophy 101
matthew1954 WA June 4 Jun 4 11
Was informed by a member that the Catholic religions practice the rite of circumcision! Is this true? And if it is I find it ironic that the jew hating religion adopted your practice! Thoughts and comments? 😎
Theskeptic AR June 3 Jun 3 33
When shoremen show up late for work they get docked.
SonOfABeach NE June 1 Jun 1 00
So the Bible is always right, OK? Then tell a fundamentalist Jewish or Christian family to follow that one. Women who give birth to girls are twice dirtier than those who give birth to boys. It was the word of Jeovah, directly to Moses. Leviticus...
rsabbatini Brazil May 31 May 31 11
I'm almost 74 and look young for this age. I feel weird even thinking of dating a 55 year old man. My own son is about that age. So I look for men my true age. There are never very many available. But there are plenty of men in their 60's and mid ...
sweetcharlotte NC May 30 May 30 99
Stop praying!
Marcie1974 MN May 22 May 22 55
What do you call a low-budget circumcision? A rip-off.
SonOfABeach NE May 14 May 14 77
Get over yourself.
AmiSue CT May 3 May 3 66
My partner and myself are married (registry office - non religious) swingers, we engage in recreational sex with others. We choose to eschew jealousy and do not see each other as chattels or property. Our guiding principles are honesty about our ...
Flettie UK May 2 May 2 99
LINK Honeywell plans to cut healthcare for 4,700 retirees | Local |
HippieChick58 NE May 1 May 1 99
Pay attention:
intrepid65 FL May 1 May 1 00
LINK Salt Spring Design - Salt Spring Design
Electro-Spaz Canada May 1 May 1 00
Twitter account?
Captnron59 CO May 1 May 1 22
How would you respond to this?
Basem Jordan May 1 May 1 2121
Of course I do not believe in god (s). He, she, it, they may seem necessary to some who feel they need help in their lives, or want to thank something for good fortune. Belief in god(s) began when the first human minds evolved and looked out on their...
Cgosling IN Apr 30 Apr 30 22
Sean Connery words of wisdom
Vipyr82 FL Apr 19 Apr 19 22