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Vile OH Nov 4 Nov 4 11
Remiforce NY Sep 30 Sep 30 77
If we were born to overthrow the order of ignorance and injustice of the world, it’s our job to realize it and get down to business. Steven Pressfield
Benthoven NY Nov 7 Nov 7 11
The act of creation is, by definition, territorial. Steven Pressfield
Benthoven NY Nov 7 Nov 7 00
What's in the heck is a firmament?
Freethinker85 SC Sep 16 Sep 16 44
What are the current theories related to the creation of the universe? I've always thought the big bang theory was one but in another forum, one guy insisted it wasn't and he was kinda nasty about it. People here are more intelligent and more...
sellinger NY Aug 20 Aug 20 88
POLL Creation / Starting Theory
Asa7th UK June 24 Jun 24 66
If you were god, what would you have designed differently in human body?
Aralt NY May 6 May 6 4444
A Lighter, a Hairbrush & a Hand Prove God...
phxbillcee AZ Feb 28 Feb 28 00
POLL Annunaki? Real or Fake?
Ceaselessmind NC Feb 19 Feb 19 11
On a scale from 1-100 how despicable would you rate this?
KingofHarts CT Feb 12 Feb 12 44
Stephen Hawking: God DID NOT create the Universe, and God does not exist
WizardBill IL Feb 7 Feb 7 1111
There's a beautiful ring around the moon this evening and thanks to science I know it's not a message from heaven or god's cock ring. and I thought of a question I'm going to pose to the next ken hamster I encounter: if god created the universe 6500...
pilgrim FL Jan 26 Jan 26 11
Opinions about Dr. Jason Lisle and his ultimate proof of creation.
evidentialist NM Jan 24 Jan 24 11
How did life originate?
Kitty-kosmo85 UK Jan 24 Jan 24 1010
Does being a "hard line atheist" mean you believe in an accidental universe? I have a Christian friend, a few actually, but this guy is the only one I can have a real debate with and not hold back. We often, informally, debate religion, politics and ...
jayneonacobb ME Jan 23 Jan 23 1414
How did God create the sun on the 4th day? With no sun there is no days. This is the number 1 biggest reason why I don't believe there is a God or a higher power at all.
ThereIsNoGod10 NE Jan 17 Jan 17 1818
What do you think God is? I am defining it (god) as whatever impetus began the zillions of computations that make and are still making the vast universe and everything in it both material and conscious. I understand this by the illustration of The ...
LoreseV Australia Dec 31 Dec 31 11
This Video is a Universe - YouTube
RoboGraham MD Dec 31 Dec 31 66
Ya know, Ya'll, it seems natural to be an atheist for me. All my life I've listened to and been interested in what the non-believers have to say. Now I can't give any examples right now ( I just woke up), but I've always drifted away from the ...
twill IN Dec 30 Dec 30 22
Secular humanism?
Coffeo Australia Dec 29 Dec 29 1616
What do you consider the most important aspect of being agnostic?
DangerDave NV Dec 29 Dec 29 1313
Are the Abrahamic religions just a representation of the zodiac?
SteveB IA Dec 28 Dec 28 1212
Virtual Sex
JackPedigo WA Dec 28 Dec 28 1717
Perhaps due to the day; am recalling a "creation vs. evolution" debate back in the mid-70's at San Diego State U. We had some notables from the local "Institute for Creation Research", now museum, and our own Dr. Frank Aubrey of the genetics dept. At...
BobFenner CA Dec 25 Dec 25 22
Diminishing religions impact, influence
BobFenner CA Dec 23 Dec 23 33
POLL Alien Astronaut Theory
DaddyWolf77 MO Dec 21 Dec 21 2121