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Mar 22, 2019Mar 2019

Posted by TheAstroChuck
I recently learned the philosophy community defines an atheist more broadly than any definition that I’d ever seen. A common definition of atheist is simply one who does not believe. Under that definition, I label myself an atheist to Christians,...
Religion & Spirituality
Oct 7, 2018Oct 2018

Posted by genessa
Sometimes i see questions here about "do atheists or . i understand the curiosity behind all that, but seriously, atheism isn't a religion, much less an organized one with rules about what we do or don't do, ...
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Religion & Spirituality
Sep 22, 2018Sep 2018

Posted by johnprytz
Regarding God's Christianity I found the following definition of Christianity given by Dr. Richard Carrier on one of his many YouTube lectures so irresistible that I'm sure Dr. Carrier wouldn't mind my sharing his wisdom with you. So here's Dr. ...
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Philosophy & Meaning
Sep 2, 2018Sep 2018

Posted by RaymondNoble
My Question on omnipotent
Love & Relationships
Aug 28, 2018Aug 2018

Posted by AMGT
What Is Intimacy?
Philosophy & Meaning
Aug 23, 2018Aug 2018

Posted by raines
Humanism is about understanding the facts and reality of who we are and also exploring the wondrous possibilities of what we may become. What does Humanism mean to you?
Religion & Spirituality
Aug 13, 2018Aug 2018

Posted by Frisbeeguy317
I just heard the term apatheist. I am thinking about converting, but that might be against their doctrine.
Religion & Spirituality
Aug 1, 2018Aug 2018

Posted by Dan1947
Is there a need to differentiate agnosticism vs. atheism or is it ploy that religious people use to undermine?
Silly, Random & Fun
Aug 1, 2018Aug 2018

Posted by snytiger6
LINKWI Official Wants Christian-Only Invocations So Wiccans Can’t Pray to Satan – Friendly Atheist
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Jun 10, 2018Jun 2018

Posted by RaaChenn
NOTES ON CULTS, RELIGIONS, CONTROL, AND THE ACQUISITION OF WEALTH. Yesterday I made some remarks about cults and religion that may have been confusing. Here I'll try to clarify. Two things emerge: control and the acquisition of wealth. In general...
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Religion & Spirituality
May 17, 2018May 2018

Posted by Darrellin559
This post is NOT meant to be argumentative or demeaning in ANYWAY. It is an honest question to help me understand how people’s minds work. I have rejected religion for many reasons the biggest being that when someone speaks in absolutes about ...
Religion & Spirituality
May 15, 2018May 2018

Posted by Flettie
I'm normally anti-semantic (joke) but I wonder if the panel can actually unpack the meaning around the word 'Faith' Peter Boghossian defines it as 'Pretending to know things you dont'. What do you think 'Faith' means?
Religion & Spirituality
Mar 8, 2018Mar 2018

Posted by AustinSkepticus
POLLAtheists, whats the best definition of atheism? Which fits you?
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Feb 21, 2018Feb 2018

Posted by Idontevenknow1
Explain what intimacy means to you, in 20 words or less than that.
Religion & Spirituality
Jan 21, 2018Jan 2018

Posted by MichaelSpinler
Does any credible dictionary or philosopher accept the definition of atheism as "a lack of belief in God or gods"?
Religion & Spirituality
Jan 20, 2018Jan 2018

Posted by silvereyes
There is no agnostic vs. atheist! The peeve I have...
Philosophy & Meaning
Jan 19, 2018Jan 2018

Posted by balou
Who knows anything about Buddhism? Define it..