Progressives, Socialists, and Black Lives Matter
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Posted by phxbillcee
Bizarre delusions are driving Republicans deeper into their dark hole of imaginary victimhood
Jan 11Jan 11

Posted by Apunzelle
I didn’t write this but love what it says about how to determine if you’re the deluded one. Huge numbers of our population believe in a complete alternate reality. Alternate facts, as it were. But just as intensely as I believe they are ...
QuEsTiOnS oF ThE DaY
Dec 15, 2020Dec 2020

Posted by Boomtarat03
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again 👇 What is the difference between Insanity and delusions?
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Religion & Spirituality
Jan 18, 2020Jan 2020

Posted by SCal
Delusion and attention seeking. The delusion is strong with this one. The grammar and lack of intelligent, rational thought in the comments is typical and expected. If you do not program your thoughts delibetately; your thoughts will be ...
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Religion & Spirituality
Nov 19, 2019Nov 2019

Posted by MattScott
Should be on every bible. And a Warning: may cause mental disorders label as well
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Jul 24, 2019Jul 2019

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Where delusion is permanent,the illumination of human minds will be obsolete...
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Aug 5, 2018Aug 2018

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LINKThe Comics Section: Shooting Stars, Calling the Whole Thing Off, and Psychic Gifts -
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Aug 4, 2018Aug 2018

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My Shaman stone I got 2 days ago. Last night I used Reiki on it to clean out energy from all who touched it and asked it to be self cleaning and do what it needs for me... I will have a friend wire wrap it so I can wear on a necklace. I also dot a ...
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Aug 2, 2018Aug 2018

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POLLWhat does this look like to you?
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Philosophy & Meaning
Jul 7, 2018Jul 2018

Posted by Matias
What is "promiscuous teleology" ? "The bias to read purpose and design when it does not exist is most obvious in children. If you ask a child what lakes are for, she might say for fish to swim in. What are birds for? To sing. ...
Religion & Spirituality
Jul 4, 2018Jul 2018

Posted by Denker
Is religion a delusion? I was musing about this today, and a strong conviction which is unreasonable and for which no evidence can be found does kind of fit the description of a delusion. There are all kinds of studies that have been done into mass...
Academic (e.g., Science)
Jun 1, 2018Jun 2018

Posted by LibrePenseur
LINKRichard Dawkins -- The God Delusion - book interview
Religion & Spirituality
Mar 15, 2018Mar 2018

Posted by Gilda
"I feel that you actually have a strong belief in God, no matter how much you deny it." Claims of mind-reading? Delusion? Atheists are sometimes admonished for rejecting these "very loving people" and no longer speaking to them. But how can you ...
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