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One may not always be but should be.
mistymoon77 MN Feb 16 Feb 16 88
Does anyone have dreams, or nightmares, they think are based on being raised in religion....occassionally I will have a dream that seems have a storyline based on a religious theme, with my dead father or mother, both baptist, advising, or ...
HankSherman TX Feb 6 Feb 6 55
Has anybody ever had a dream that has come true?
EmeraldJewel OK Jan 8 Jan 8 66
Dreams are what occur between the past and the present. Any thoughts?
Cutiebeauty NY Oct 13 Oct 13 77
POLL Career Advice- Follow your dreams or be practical?
klang72 FL Oct 9 Oct 9 1515
POLL Okay, who buys lottery tickets? I just heard that the MegaMillions jackpot is up to $152 Million. I will occasionally buy a couple when the jackpot gets up there. I know some people always like to say that the odds are astronomical. I have a ...
KKGator GA Aug 30 Aug 30 1515
INSIGHT IS INNER VISION Insight is inner vision which includes self-awareness; but may also include critical and creative thinking. Perman Wilson Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside,...
permanwilson NJ Aug 7 Aug 7 33
I know the subject of age difference has come up a few times here. However, I'm curious. What would be your response when a much younger person tells you he/she is interested in getting to know you or having a relationship with you? Much younger, can...
graceylou Canada Aug 5 Aug 5 9191
Fill in the blank. If someone would invent__________________they would get all my money.
Crimson67 KY Aug 5 Aug 5 3232
Bucket List
Crimson67 KY Aug 1 Aug 1 4444
What things did people have in the 70’s that we don’t have now? I can think of a few. A debt-free education for one... university study here in the Netherlands was fully government funded. Affordable homes to buy for another... a good sized house...
Denker Netherlands July 20 Jul 20 3030
How long are your dreams ?. I'm convinced mine last between 10 - 60 seconds but from TV and films they suggest dreams can last hours maybe more .
Simon1 UK Apr 25 Apr 25 77
I never remember dreaming anymore. Does anyone else experience this?
NettieKurtz CA Apr 11 Apr 11 2727
Post you still have dreams of church themes?
ashortbeauty FL Mar 8 Mar 8 88
HAD ANOTHER ONE. This time she was tall and blonde, not meant for me (not just because of that) but I went for her anyway, and in a big way with everything I had. Did he get the girl? Find out next week on...
SACatWalker CA Mar 4 Mar 4 22
I always dream in color..and remember them as well..anyone else?
Charlene Feb 23 Feb 23 1818
What countries have you visited, or would like to visit?
Elsantoasauro TX Feb 2 Feb 2 3535
Do you remember your dreams?
gater CA Feb 1 Feb 1 2222
If you could live anywhere in the world except your homeland, where would that be?
hankster TN Jan 15 Jan 15 6060
What do you think God is? I am defining it (god) as whatever impetus began the zillions of computations that make and are still making the vast universe and everything in it both material and conscious. I understand this by the illustration of The ...
LoreseV Australia Dec 31 Dec 31 11
I am hunting for a lady who I can spend the rest of my life with. Someone who can come to live with me, or we can live in different cities or countries, she has to be a tiger in bed but a lady in public. A lady who knows how to dress well, someone ...
maxtrax FL Dec 29 Dec 29 00
FAVORITE ACTORS – MOVIES - ETC ACTORS Al Pacino Robert DiNiro Paul Newman Robert Redford Cary Grant Audrey Hepburne Jane Fonda Sarah Jessica Parker Kim Catrall Laure Marsac (French actress) MOVIES AND PLAYS DRAMA Dances With ...
realdancermn MN Dec 25 Dec 25 00
Life-Destroying Beliefs. Yeah, yeah, we know god is not real. But what other beliefs have we been taught that we never questioned? Here are some that will ruin your life. 1. Follow your heart and your dreams will come true. 2. The Man is out ...
anonymous Online Dec 23 Dec 23 1717
Have you ever had a re-occurring dream?
silvereyes OK Dec 21 Dec 21 2020