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Worth trying.
MissKathleen AZ Nov 15 Nov 15 22
Repulsive. Ohio House passes bill allowing student answers to be scientifically wrong due to religion
KingofHarts CT Nov 15 Nov 15 1515
LINK The limits of religious freedom: America must come to grips with when faith groups limit personal liberty - New York Daily News
altschmerz IL Oct 22 Oct 22 1515
Alright science enthusiasts... According to Sean Carroll, explains that Particles DO NOT pop in & out of existences. Now I’m confused. Gotta re-educate myself?
WeaZ MO Oct 18 Oct 18 11
Good morning! It's almost Friday! I will be at a probate seminar in Orlando for the next two days, to get my continuing education credits and to hopefully learn some good stuff. All expenses paid, including a generous per diem, mileage and room at...
germangirl90439 FL Oct 10 Oct 10 2020
Ask an Atheist Day!
WeaZ MO Sep 19 Sep 19 00
Here at a monthly Ask An Atheist Event.
WeaZ MO Sep 6 Sep 6 99
Atheism is just a way of clearing the space for better conversations. The problem is convincing the better part of humanity into having these better conversations. It’s a political problem, a scientific problem, and interpersonal problem, and a ...
Kali CA Aug 27 Aug 27 1818
Charity is the drowning of justice in the craphole of mercy. Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746 – 1827) Swiss pedagogue and educational reformer.
PontifexMarximus Australia July 8 Jul 8 55
Does educational inequality access affects society? As per 2019 UN Happiness Report, Finland is the happiest country in the world, with Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and the Netherlands holding the next top positions, education both secondary and ...
NR92 Afghanistan May 30 May 30 66
OMG Now the Senate is approving certified idiots as judges and this particularly judge apparently gets her science/medical knowledge from either a cereal box, a bathroom stall or some far-right, Christian school that teaches biblical inerrancy. ...
Rob1948 TN May 16 May 16 22
Difficult Times for Trees, Our Co-terrians. Pollution not sufficiently reduced, oscillating temperatures. We have to protect the normal, decent Life of Our Planet-Family-Ship, through beneficent Education and Activities, not to blindly destroy It. We...
tipi Bhutan Apr 19 Apr 19 11
New Group Liquid Sunshine ?
Wildgreens LA Apr 11 Apr 11 11
I understand that screen time should be limited for children. But sometimes I wonder if they are forgetting the fact that many of us spend the greatest part of our adult lives looking at screens. I spend the majority of my work day on a computer. ...
towkneed TX Mar 26 Mar 26 44
Unpatriotic stuff..
Charlene Mar 22 Mar 22 66
This college scam stuff is not news to anyone who knows how legacy admissions work and so on. Here's what pisses me off... Both my sons were valedictorians of LARGE (@1000) classes from a Chicago suburban high school (substandard district). They ...
Knitfreak MI Mar 14 Mar 14 55
And so it begins... DeVos moves to ease church-state rules in education. This is the legacy of the recent Trinity Lutheran vs. Comer decision by the SCOTUS.
Elganned MI Mar 12 Mar 12 00
The art institute of Pittsburgh, a school I'd worked at for 12+ years, just shut down today. While it was always a possibility, it came as a surprise to find a termination notice in my mail today... oh yeah, and I'm in the middle of classes so I ...
TheMiddleWay CA Mar 9 Mar 9 1010
Christopher Hedges on the future of the USA
Wangobango3 Canada Mar 1 Mar 1 44
trump loves the poorly educated too.... g
genessa MN Feb 21 Feb 21 22
It’s easy to blame Russia trolls for fueling the anti-vaccine movement, but they are taking advantage of out own willful ignorance. First, there is an anti-vaxxer movement based on a fraud and the assurances of a B-movie actress. Second, by ...
Rob1948 TN Feb 11 Feb 11 77
Destroying the US public education system to further exacerbate inequality.
kmdskit3 MN Feb 4 Feb 4 22
Anti-Atheist Discrimination CW - (possibly) In the description of this video say it is a School Project. I don’t know if it’s kid school or college school... but damn... that was awesome. Great job. The feels. I got the chills.
WeaZ MO Jan 16 Jan 16 22
So proud of my daughter. She's graduating today as an IT tech. It's been a long hard road for her. Her biological father never gave her any attention and her mom died when she was 17 and pregnant. A few years of confusion and mistakes but I stayed by...
Enchanter OR Jan 12 Jan 12 44
If you are in your late 40's and are working on a factory job that could easily could be exported overseas what action would you take to protect your employment?
Marine CT Jan 3 Jan 3 1010
We all realize that not everyone is going to college. However I do not believe there is enough alternative education provided for the other children. At one time corporations were willing to train individuals. Because of profit demands they are no ...
Marine CT Jan 3 Jan 3 33
Does Technology Enhance or Diminish Childhood?
pmar074 New Zealand Dec 29 Dec 29 77
Over 4 million U.S. students suffered through lockdowns at school in 2018.
kmdskit3 MN Dec 29 Dec 29 11
LINK Collective Evolution - Conscious Media
AnokaShiva Australia Dec 21 Dec 21 1212
This is my area. I am a part of this group. The group installed an ATHEIST LIBRARY.
WeaZ MO Dec 14 Dec 14 00
DeVos to recommend rescinding civil rights protections.
kmdskit3 MN Dec 14 Dec 14 33
LINK Substitute Teacher Tells An Entire Class of First Graders That Santa Isn't Real | That's Inappropriate
WeaZ MO Dec 1 Dec 1 33
How do you think better behaved children become that way?
WarmFluffy AL Nov 26 Nov 26 1313
American Comedian in Denmark - Steve Hofstetter
phxbillcee AZ Oct 23 Oct 23 22
LINK Yes, Yeshivas Must Include Secular Education -
zblaze OR Oct 20 Oct 20 33
LINK Lewis Black Makes the Case for Funding Education
genessa MN Oct 10 Oct 10 00
Rapping About the Theory of Relativity
WeaZ MO Sep 17 Sep 17 00
The Baloney Detection Kit Sandwich For a class project, a pair of 11th grade physics students created the infographic shown below, inspired by Michael Shermer’s Baloney Detection Kit: a 16-page booklet designed to hone your...
Umbral Canada Sep 16 Sep 16 11
LINK Iceland Raises Age Of Religious Consent To 21 | Andrew Hall
Lukian Canada Sep 2 Sep 2 1414
If you could learn one thing that you don't know yet, what would it be?
Rhetoric NM Aug 21 Aug 21 5555
"1492. The teachers told the children that this was when their continent was discovered by human beings. Actually, millions of human beings were already living full and imaginative lives on the continent in 1492. That was simply the year in which sea...
anonymous Online Aug 21 Aug 21 44
Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. - Marie Curie (quoted in Our Precarious Habitat (1973) by Melvin A. Benarde, p. v)
empirical OH Aug 20 Aug 20 22
Should secularism be taught in high school as a part of a civics class or social studies.
Marine CT Aug 19 Aug 19 1818
Is there a valid case to teach metaphysics and where would you do it. Would college be acceptable?
Marine CT Aug 19 Aug 19 33
Are atheists less educated than religious sects? Pew Research says those who claim no religion are 3, (way) behind Jews and behind Christians. Does this make people take religion more seriously and atheism less seriously? Obviously there are ...
antitheism FL Aug 17 Aug 17 1515
Saw this on FB today. I'd love to hear your opinions on sex education at an early age.
Kassandra TX Aug 17 Aug 17 1414
I have a master's degree I was born to my parents, in an apartment, in Tacoma, WA. The same apartment I'd spend the rest of my childhood living in. I moved out shortly after 19. The apartment was run down, and the walls were covered in mold, ...
nutrition_nerd AR Aug 11 Aug 11 145145
What is everyone's thought on this? After reading this article, it shows very interestingly that higher levels of education do not correlate with becoming more of an agnostic and atheist. Most surprising is that only 11% of college grads (as of the ...
daveeleceng VA Aug 7 Aug 7 2323
Who has a favorite poem?
BoingoOingo42 NM Aug 4 Aug 4 22
A Free School Under a Bridge in New Delhi, India
sassygirl3869 NY Aug 3 Aug 3 33
I find this distressing!
HippieChick58 NE Aug 2 Aug 2 2323
LINK Historically, Income Inequality Is Known As A Destroyer Of Civilizations - The Intellectualist
snytiger6 WA July 31 Jul 31 11
Automation and corporitisation. Who does it benefit? We live in an increasingly automated world, where most things are under corporate control. What are the benefits of this system? Automation was meant to make life easier and streamline daily...
OpposingOpposum FL July 31 Jul 31 1616
So I’ve decided to go back to school and earn my bachelors degree in psychology at the ripe old age of 45. Are there any other non-traditional students in the House?
Vader6948 KY July 30 Jul 30 66
This came up in conversation, one of my more favorite tidbits about human evolution, from a favorite scientist of mine, Robert Sapolsky.
josh_is_exciting IL July 30 Jul 30 44
Day 2 of studying about computers via reading a textbook. I am allotting 1 hour of reading per day. I have completed the first chapter. Thus far I've learned: 8 bits equal a byte, a nibble is 4 bits (or 1/2 a byte), there are 3 types of computer ...
LilAtheistLady NM July 29 Jul 29 55
Yale's Most Popular Course in History Teaches You to Be Happy—and It's Available Online. Psychology 157 (free online) So what do you think you would change that would make you more happy?
rogueflyer OR July 29 Jul 29 22
I am curious of people's thoughts of science here. Are you confident in science? Are there sciences that you feel are not as valid?
Fulishsage ID July 28 Jul 28 2626
Do you think there is good to reinvent yourself sometimes or to keep doing the old way?
Sensiwoman7 UK July 23 Jul 23 3737
Any teachers out there? I have an interview Monday morning with a highschool. No experience in teaching and I haven't interviewed for teaching before so any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated Edit: for those wondering why I haven't ...
Gypsy31771 GA July 19 Jul 19 1313
What is the most inane thing you had to learn in high school?
RobLawrence DE July 19 Jul 19 2424
What is your presentation?
WeaZ MO July 18 Jul 18 11
I mentioned previously that I don't approve of the coddling of students in college/university settings. And certainly not in H.S. the concept of "Safe Spaces" and the restrictive use of "hurtful" words, and "uncomfortable" ideas is the antithesis ...
bigpawbullets OH June 25 Jun 25 66
I don't know what the school curriculum teaches these days. What is the classic literature that is taught or is there a recent canon that is used?
Geoffrey51 Australia June 24 Jun 24 1515
What Were You Taught in School?
sassygirl3869 NY June 23 Jun 23 66
I'm terrified to be in debt from it, but I finally applied to go back to college. Going to get a bachelors in information technology then transfer to get a dual MLS and History MA. Wish me luck!
cweigle IN June 23 Jun 23 1313
Standardized expectations are not always a good measure of success. I think a healthy child can thrive in this system, but it's not productive to measure all children by these standards.
Stacey48 MD June 12 Jun 12 55
Since the advent of modern computers, from the 1950s forward, the big push has been that human intelligence would create devices to give us more leisure time and no need to work exhausting hours. With the monopolization of so many industries ...
hemingwaykitten NC May 26 May 26 33
I went to Catholic school for 9 years, public school for 3 years and college for 8 years. In my youth, I learned about ethics and morality from my parents and the church. Maybe things have changed since my childhood, but I've long thought that ...
reduggan HI May 25 May 25 77
According to Pew Research Center, 58% of conservatives believe higher education negatively affects society's direction.
Kojaksmom NC May 24 May 24 1111
What's the one thing that should be taught in high school that isn't?
kensmile4u FL May 24 May 24 4545
POLL Definition of atheist
NoMagicCookie ND May 21 May 21 22
What are your thoughts on Pestalozzi's views on charity?
PontifexMarximus Australia May 17 May 17 00
POLL Political issues
TerriCity FL May 12 May 12 1111
How can WE end rape? Rape being a human issue.
McVinegar OR May 11 May 11 2222
LINK Living Together in Harmony | The 14th Dalai Lama
skado AL May 10 May 10 33
I've got two kids. As they grow up, it becomes more important for me to immunize them against world religions, cults and faiths. The whole "be there to guide them, but let them choose for themselves" approach isn't good enough IMHO: as they grow up ...
Karnaph NY May 9 May 9 2121
Sugata Mitra has long been a hero of mine. His research helped me in the most challenging of classrooms (primary Turkey) to, despite the behavior problems, engage my students. I was never able to fully implement a SOLE program as the ...
LilithGone China May 5 May 5 33
Libraries Give Us Power?
anonymous Online May 2 May 2 44
Just Learning About Politics Are Republicans Vs All These Things?
sassygirl3869 NY Apr 28 Apr 28 66
Found this again online, excellent film to review...
LetzGetReal AZ Apr 19 Apr 19 11
What are your thoughts on homeschooling
Lovewins VT Apr 18 Apr 18 3232
LINK Can You Pass an 11th Grade US History Quiz? - Zoo
DaveSchumacher TX Apr 5 Apr 5 1010
Ricky Gervais said it best. I see many looking for lectures and literature on atheism which I don't understand really. How do you educate yourself about not believing in fantasy? I've heard things put many ways but I think Ricky Gervais said ...
MartinG OK Mar 31 Mar 31 88
I like to communicate with educated people.
Erika FL Mar 28 Mar 28 11
Carlin, right as as he usually was!...
phxbillcee AZ Mar 25 Mar 25 00
POLL Anyone else get really irritated with the stupid stuff family posts on facebook
OpposingOpposum FL Mar 23 Mar 23 77
Have you ever met a "flat earther"?
JustinWaldrop MI Mar 21 Mar 21 3030
Does anyone have experience with self-directed learning / unschooling for teens? I want to liberate my son from the classroom.
Lingering VA Mar 16 Mar 16 33
And in a nutshell this is why I changed my major in college by the end of my second year. Teaching was not for me. But I have a Lot of Respect for the Profession.
GipsyOfNewSpain NV Mar 5 Mar 5 22
I do so think that on occasion atheists tend to think religion is not all bad. As a teacher I find it hard to accept this. If you are lying to someone you diminish trust. As in lying to a lover. Yet we tend to think it’s ok to lie to a child. This ...
Joshuahenley OR Mar 3 Mar 3 2424
I'm not the type to boast. I hate gloating. But, after a run-in with a troll recently, I feel the need to be validated that I have worth. ............................................................. I was the first to graduate from the ...
Melbates TX Mar 2 Mar 2 11
How much do you know about International Family Planning programs?
JackPedigo WA Mar 2 Mar 2 44
I have been using Coursera since about 2013 to further my knowledge if you don't want credit you can take the classes for free that's what I do because I'm just searching for knowledge. Has anybody else us this website? ...
dc65 IL Feb 19 Feb 19 88
The Multiple Intelligences Theory: What types fit you best? Least?
silvereyes OK Feb 19 Feb 19 4040
What Kids Are Really Learning About Slavery - The Atlantic
zblaze OR Feb 16 Feb 16 1111
Article How Should Atheism be Taught? Interesting article, both historical and contextual about Atheism. Trends. Many issues are reflected in this community: how to define atheism, divisions of opinions, dissension within the movement ...
David1955 Australia Jan 31 Jan 31 99
The richest 1 percent now owns more of the country’s wealth than at any time in the past 50 years
JackPedigo WA Jan 30 Jan 30 1010
Super Blue Blood Moon...
phxbillcee AZ Jan 28 Jan 28 22