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Another interesting cat. The Sand Cat that lives in the Arabian desert. They look a lot like house cats, but aren't. Run at 40 kph.
Beowulfsfriend PA Apr 7 Apr 7 11
Yes! Lol!!!
MichelleGar1 TX Apr 1 Apr 1 22
OK, we celebrate youth and beauty. I get it. I still find it odd that the first 36 members are composed of 2 dogs, 1 woman chasing points and 1 extraterrestrial, the galaxy not specified. 33 are men and mostly in the wisdom age, like me. I would love...
69ArizonaJerry AZ Mar 12 Mar 12 77
Thoughts on extraterrestrial life? UFOs? I am a skeptic about most pseudoscience. However, when it comes to extraterrestrial life, I do keep an open mind on the subject. I had an experience when I was 18 years old. (Yes, I was sober). I ...
Fletch OH Jan 22 Jan 22 9595
Do you think there's a posibility of extraterrestrial life and why? (Not necessarily talking about UFOs, crop circles, or the typical "alien" protrayed in movies). And if you don't think so, why?
vjohnson51 WI Jan 7 Jan 7 1919
(All comments are paraphrased.) Ring-ring. Mechanical voice: This is an important call from your Visa/Mastercard that applies before the next billing cycle. You are qualified to receive a new card with no interest. Press 1 to speak with a ...
Gwendolyn2018 MO Nov 6 Nov 6 55
So, a friend of mine knows of a woman who has posted, elsewhere, that she "knows" that "the government" has found extra-terrestrial life, but won't divulge the information for fear that it will drive people crazy. I know, this sounds like it is ...
BirdMan1 FL Oct 8 Oct 8 1313
Wouldn't it be awesome if an extraterrestrial came down to earth and told everyone they made up the concept of god and we're all a bunch of idiots for believing in god rather than science? Maybe they would clean the planet up for us? Yeah, that'd be ...
CopperPenny CO Sep 26 Sep 26 1010
Wouldn't it be awesome if an extraterrestrial came down to earth and told everyone they made up the concept of god and we're all a bunch of idiots for believing in god rather than science? Maybe they would clean the planet up for us? Yeah, that'd be ...
CopperPenny CO Sep 26 Sep 26 11
Wouldn't it be awesome if an extraterrestrial came down to earth and told everyone they made up the concept of god and we're all a bunch of idiots for believing in god rather than science? Maybe they would clean the planet up for us? Yeah, that'd be ...
CopperPenny CO Sep 26 Sep 26 11
Raspberry-Rhubarb jam... no real recipe. Processed mashed Raspberries in my Victorio Strainer to remove 90% of the seeds and pulp added chopped Rhubarb and cooked until tender then pureed with a stick blender and added Stevia sweetener to taste and ...
FrostyJim AK Sep 3 Sep 3 44
I had a Dream....
RobertNappi2 CO Aug 19 Aug 19 22
I've been offline for quite a while. Over there last few months, I've gone from this perpetual poly-single page I've been in for years where I didn't want a monogamous relationship, and so a bunch of my crushes have stayed as friendships, because so...
Tampabrew FL June 7 Jun 7 33
TommyRM89 WI May 30 May 30 11
Man takes an arrow to the heart and miraculously survives "A man narrowly escaped death after an arrow pierced his heart and doctors in Italy performed emergency surgery to remove it, a report said Tuesday. The 47-year-old man ...
St-Sinner TX May 23 May 23 22
Also, drunk.....probably.
EricTrommater VA May 8 May 8 11
I am a doubting Donald. I doubt many things for simple reasons such as: lets consider ETs. I have never seen anything non terrestrial walking about or even hiding about, nor do I know anyone who has seen an ET and I have travelled far and wide and ...
DonaldHRoberts Canada Apr 14 Apr 14 33
How I feel about emails
Charlene Apr 2 Apr 2 22
Shunning Corporate PACs Won’t End Corporate Influence in Elections (Candidates for office at the federal level also benefit from Democratic Party fundraising institutions — which are funded largely by “individual wealthy ...
William_Mary OH Mar 24 Mar 24 11
LINK 151 - Will We Destroy the Future?
zblaze OR Mar 19 Mar 19 66
LINK Weekend Update: Michael Cohen's Congressional Testimony - SNL - YouTube
david75090 TX Mar 3 Mar 3 44
Bloodstained and Torn By J. L. Young Where they man-made or extraterrestrial? I may never know. All I do know is they washed up on this shore with unknown intent. Their eyes were lidless and white. The foul creature’s skin akin to milk mixed ...
Gohan FL Feb 8 Feb 8 11
If only it could be fixed somehow
Rudy1962 WI Feb 7 Feb 7 22
So Mick’s mom was doing some child minding for him, the next time she was due to come over Mick found this notice his wife left for his mom...
RichieO Ireland Jan 30 Jan 30 44
Dualism and the Infinite You! If you can't create an absolute physical something from a state of affairs of absolute nothingness, then something physical has always existed. Then if you have a Cosmos in which only a finite amount of something ...
johnprytz Australia Jan 23 Jan 23 77
Theme from E.T. The Extraterrestrial Composed by John Williams
Ray13 OH Jan 20 Jan 20 11
Why does our government allow banks to practice usary?
Marine CT Dec 31 Dec 31 55
Conflating possible with probable
TheAstroChuck NY Dec 22 Dec 22 1414
Did Life on Earth Come from Space? | Space Time
ipdg77 UK Dec 6 Dec 6 44
@Admin, hi, I've got an ongoing problem that has me flummoxed. On my Samsung S8+ messaging in the app displays the full amount. In my new phone in a browser the full message displays as in the first photo. In photo 2 taken in the app however the ...
FrayedBear Australia Nov 28 Nov 28 44
Is it possible that we all are part of a huge game played on a cosmic scale by an extraterrestrial species.?
darien75 UK Nov 12 Nov 12 22
POLL Just curious on members belief in extraterrestrial life.
Kristian WA Nov 8 Nov 8 4545
Barabra Streisand - The Woman in the Moon
AlasBabylon OH Nov 4 Nov 4 00
Extraterrestrial Life Could Be Purple
phxbillcee AZ Oct 23 Oct 23 22
The Ongoing Enigma of the Crop Circles: Part Three And now for the non-explanations (continued)! The Terrestrial Intelligence but Non-Human Connection: If the intelligence behind crop circles is not even close to being 100% human intelligence ...
johnprytz Australia Oct 22 Oct 22 33
If you were a stranger I'd chatted with in public and you didn't know that the current political scene in the US is a goddamn shitstorm circus, I would immediately assume that you are an extraterrestrial and will remind myself not to freak out and ...
misternatureboy CA Oct 21 Oct 21 44
Do you believe that alien beings exist somewhere in this vast universe?
Infomaniac CA Oct 19 Oct 19 1818
Your thoughts on extraterrestrial life. Possible, probable, impossible? Do you think maybe some may have "visited"? Is it possible aliens influenced the origin of human life?
Sirena FL Oct 19 Oct 19 1111
a good soundtrack matters ^^
Agnieszka Poland Oct 5 Oct 5 33
Allen Toussaint - St James Infirmary
JazznBlues MN Oct 3 Oct 3 11
Just wanting to know...
JeremiahX85 AR Sep 26 Sep 26 11
What does moose taste like anyway?
zorialoki NM Sep 24 Sep 24 11
Guess he didn't want to burn his shoes.
Tomfoolery33 WV Sep 9 Sep 9 22
What does it mean if the dating profile says "looking for someone authentic"?
AtheistReader WA Sep 4 Sep 4 1111
What do you think about extraterrestrials? I think they're out of this world! No, really, what are your thoughts on the potential of extraterrestrial life, intelligent life, etc.?
surrealhoax LA Sep 4 Sep 4 1919
Aliens are they for real or...
searchisendless CA Aug 29 Aug 29 66
Do you remember the arcades back in the 80s? Those were great places. I'm curious, what was your favorite arcade game to play? Mine was Spyhunter.
Captain747ex MI Aug 21 Aug 21 44
Are we alone in the universe?
CharlieBrown Ireland Aug 17 Aug 17 33
They all look the same to me.
North40 IN Aug 2 Aug 2 11
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Mary Jane's Last Dance.
Montesblues WI Aug 1 Aug 1 00
Something more?
Jjones TX July 23 Jul 23 44
POLL "The Final" A movie where bullied kids drug, kidnap, torture and mutilate their oppressors from school. I think we can all agree that bullying is wrong and needs to be stopped (along with all forms of discrimination). My question is should such ...
lerlo AZ July 9 Jul 9 77
Someone help me, please!
ProudMary WV July 4 Jul 4 00
My agnosticism compliments my hedonistic identity. As a hedonist I believe seeking pleasure is one of, if not the, main goal in life. To enjoy all of life's indulgences (in moderation of course) and to be a facilitator of pleasure for others is ...
Dionysus6 FL July 2 Jul 2 33
Going home
Outlier NV July 2 Jul 2 11
Out of the Way!
mantid30 OH July 1 Jul 1 11
Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth
mantid30 OH July 1 Jul 1 22
Tuesday morning at 3:30am. Its warm outside. I thought i would show you the steam off the cooling towers where i use to work. Im still blown away that i don't work there any more. Cant even get back in. The security there is wild.
BucketlistBob AR June 26 Jun 26 44
This was a speech that Adam said at the Athiest convention a few years ago in DC.
TristanNuvo FL June 22 Jun 22 00
Hello everybody! I'm new to this app. Hope to meet some interesting people.
TomC1985 MD June 22 Jun 22 11
What do you think would be humanity’s reaction to the discovery of extraterrestrial life? How do you feel this would affect you? What action would you take?
nicknotes FL June 21 Jun 21 1717
I think Canada is going to need to stay stoned for the next 2 years at least, either that or we start crop dusting America with marijuana smoke until they chill the fuck out. :D
Surfpirate Canada June 20 Jun 20 22
My two exes, Captain Morgan and Jose.... they done me wrong, and I can't stomach the sight of them. My lame joke for the day as I procrastinate and desperately try to put off running.
onlyduh SC June 17 Jun 17 44
When The World Agrees.....
sassygirl3869 NY June 16 Jun 16 22
Queen - Somebody To Love
jrgeorge67 TX June 16 Jun 16 33
Be kind to other human beings. It's not like you were born knowing everything there is to know. I'm very much an atheist and I don't go around calling people with irrational beliefs stupid. All of us believed in something that we later stopped ...
CuriousCreature NY June 14 Jun 14 99
Economic Update: Capitalism Makes Few Winners Many Losers After Trump helps Harley Davidson? But the Kansas City workers just weren't included in that? A large part of the right wing nation there, I wonder how many of those ...
William_Mary OH June 9 Jun 9 00
Hi Folks. I cooked healthy today. I added a little humor. This is shrimp and cabbage with orange sauce. I called it,"There's Hair on my Plate".
flow TN May 15 May 15 33
Happy Birthday! BookDeath Abingdon, Virginia Here May 15 Switchblade1458 Dublin, Wicklow, Ireland Here May 15 JoseVargas Oklahoma city, Oklahoma Here May 14 Cwag515 Poth, Texas Here May 14 J3sse Peterborough, New ...
Paul628 IL May 15 May 15 00
Got all my hummingbird feeders cleaned, re-filled, and re-hung! Now to wait for my lovely feathered (and buzzing) friends to arrive!?
Free_2B_Me TX May 12 May 12 44
Noah died at 950 years of age? I have been doing a lot of study on time travel, hyperspace, and space time lately and have learned very crazy things that physics actually allows to happen. Could theses people in the bible that had this connection ...
Bloodmoon FL May 4 May 4 55
Something that I can relate to sa·pi·o·sex·u·al ˌsāpēōˈsekSH(o͞o)əl/ adjective 1. (of a person) finding intelligence sexually attractive or arousing.
ashortbeauty FL May 4 May 4 77
Pick up lines. Let me hear your best and most cheesy pick up lines.
ImRonBurgundy OH May 3 May 3 1818
When my aunt does move, my place offered to be my payee, and to help me become my own guardian again!
Sarahroo29 CO May 3 May 3 33
POLL What are your thoughts on Aliens? This should be interesting...
Fibonacci1618 CO Apr 30 Apr 30 99
Feelings about your own Funerals
Mcflewster UK Apr 17 Apr 17 2828
Why We Might Miss Extraterrestrial Life Even If It's Staring Us in the Face...
phxbillcee AZ Apr 15 Apr 15 00
Why Extraterrestrial Life May Be More Unlikely Than Scientists Thought...
phxbillcee AZ Apr 9 Apr 9 11
Glory Ride by Black Sabbath featuring my favorite Sabbath vocalist alongside Dio, Ray Gillen. The drum playing throughout is fantastic, and the guitar solo is particularly inspired.
Rossy92 VA Apr 8 Apr 8 00
If you were to chance upon a extraterrestrial and that being warned you that you and only YOU are the key to humanities continual existence, but "it" needed to be convinced by you that humanity was worth saving. What would be your arguments/ ...
JayJackson TX Mar 27 Mar 27 22
The shape of life before the dinosaurs, on a strange planet | Aeon Essays
zblaze OR Mar 22 Mar 22 11
HIM - Wicked Game (Chris Isaak cover) @Sadoi @Leah
Key23 LA Mar 19 Mar 19 11
What do men and woman have in common? They both don`t trust women.
273kelvin UK Mar 17 Mar 17 11
POLL Will the discovery of extraterrestrial life change the course of human events?
Marz AZ Feb 23 Feb 23 44
Atomic Rooster...
phxbillcee AZ Feb 21 Feb 21 00
POLL Annunaki? Real or Fake?
Ceaselessmind NC Feb 19 Feb 19 11
We’ve trashed the oceans; now we are turning space into a junkyard for billionaires | Kevin McKenna | Opinion | The Guardian
zblaze OR Feb 15 Feb 15 44
What in your opinion would an extraterrestrial look like? Example flat because they have high gravity on their home world, or point heads like the coneheads to hold big brains, or traditional greys with big eyes. What are your thoughts?
azzow2 NM Jan 14 Jan 14 1515
Does belief in aliens equate to belief in god?
6DecadesYoung NC Jan 11 Jan 11 2828
Extraterrestrial religion....
Matrix FL Dec 23 Dec 23 44
UFOs 'Are Real': Ex-Navy Pilot Describes Encounter With Tic-Tac-Shaped Extraterrestrial
ksmartines AL Dec 19 Dec 19 1212
How the discovery of extraterrestrial life would change morality | Aeon Essays
zblaze OR Dec 16 Dec 16 22
Proof, there is no soul, a single indivisible self that is you. During research on epilelpsy where they divided the brains of living human subjects by cutting away the bridges between the two hemisperes, hoping to restrict seizures to one side of ...
Savage UK Dec 9 Dec 9 33
What is your standard of evidence, regarding religious claims?
Agrippinus UK Nov 23 Nov 23 3232
POLL Paranormal
11Novelist CA Nov 16 Nov 16 1616
I'm new to this forum, I consider myself agnostic but I am open to the existence of some thing out there. Not necessarily a god but maybe extraterrestrial life? Or even life from other realities parallel to ours. Long story short I have a very open ...
Celestey TX Nov 9 Nov 9 11
How many believe we have been visited?
SaraiBloomquist NE Oct 8 Oct 8 33
What was God's gender? Male? Female? Both?
HeidiC ME Oct 6 Oct 6 33
Do you believe in extraterrestrial beings, those guys in flying saucers?
SonnyMlaPH Philippines Sep 22 Sep 22 11