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I have this tree in my garden, a friend took the photo -
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. Jan 28 Jan 28 1010
Back to the Idea of a Single-Gender World. As a young woman , I read and thought of the stories and ideas of Ursula LeGuin and James Triptree Jr, who explored single- gender worlds, mostly female populated but also a gender-fluid society. Those ...
Spinliesel NY Aug 6 Aug 6 66
Indigenous Islanders -
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. June 28 Jun 28 00
I tagged Admin on this in the LGBT group - but I also wanted to post it here to keep track of it and see if there was more member input on the idea: "Admin any chance there could be an update of "Other"? Maybe add in Genderfluid and Agender...
RavenCT CT Apr 6 Apr 6 22
How can I set my gender on profile as genderfluid? When I click edit profile under profile basics the drop down menu for gender only lists Female, Male, Transman, Transwoman, and Other but when I go to profile basics under gender it has genderfluid ...
QueerQuin OR Apr 6 Apr 6 44
No we won’t!
CaleBLaver Canada Jan 17 Jan 17 33
LETS DISCUSS GENDER IDENTITY - In the beginning, Nature created MALE and FEMALE and it was good. Over time, however, this proved to be too limiting because there were people who were born one gender but identified more closely as the other and...
Sgt_Spanky FL Dec 5 Dec 5 1818
Atheism is a myth. Just like "knowing" there is a god (or gods) is impossible, it's equally impossible to "know" there is no god (or gods). Moreover, true believers can claim "proof," in the form of a vision, or a "miracle," to explain their absolute...
Storm1752 FL Nov 24 Nov 24 2222
LEPeff PA Aug 14 Aug 14 00
Have you ever felt totality stupid self identifying as "genderfluid"
MsAnneThrope MN June 20 Jun 20 1010
Any non-homosapien genderfluids out there?
MsAnneThrope MN June 19 Jun 19 1616
Morning all. Self proclaimed 'gender atheist' here. Quite happy doing the 'situationally genderfluid' t-h-i-n-g: bloke mode for work and where it just isn't practical do do girl mode. Girl mode socially. I'm non-closet and out to everyone of any ...
NicoleCadmium UK May 9 May 9 22
Wanted to let this group know first that we just added some more options for our non-binary members. Well, one. Genderfluid. While I had thought that everyone is genderfluid to some extent, I realize that it's a good option for those members who ...
Admin Online Apr 29 Apr 29 88
What do you think? "Lawmakers are currently debating whether to appropriate billions for a new rail tunnel that would connect Manhattan and New Jersey, a connection that’s key to one-fifth of the U.S. gross domestic product. Reports have ...
Angelface AK Mar 7 Mar 7 11
Is Gender a thing? If so, what is it made up of?
MuzikDan SC Jan 4 Jan 4 44