Jul 4, 2020Jul 2020

Posted by SailorFrank
That feeling when you've been head over heels with someone and then when you first see them get really angry and abusive towards someone, you try to calmly point out that maybe they could be more compassionate. And you suddenly find yourself the ...
Philosophy & Meaning
Jul 23, 2019Jul 2019

Posted by CuriosityExtant
Without struggle, there can be no satisfaction. Without drama, there can be no struggle. Therefore, ...
Silly, Random & Fun
Mar 28, 2019Mar 2019

Posted by Byrd
I'm not really sure what category this would fit in. I suppose it is a bit random so we shall go with that. Today, one of the tiny humans asked me why I was always happy. I was confused. I am not always happy. I feel all sorts of things throughout...
Silly, Random & Fun
Oct 21, 2018Oct 2018

Posted by dreamsinflux
Thoughts On Humanity I believe in the divine Because I have known you You, My funny friend In chaos,  angst, and truth You,  my precious child In innocent ignorance, Filled with wonder You, My naked lover In vulnerable surrender You, My ...
Silly, Random & Fun
Jul 23, 2018Jul 2018

Posted by Sensiwoman7
Do you think there is good to reinvent yourself sometimes or to keep doing the old way?
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Jul 19, 2018Jul 2018

Posted by BeeHappy
What is happening to our Community? I hope this doesn't turn into a rant... I just want to express my concern with some of the things I've seen happening on this site as of late. What spurred this on today was finding out about a new group that was ...