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Space for solitude
RoadGoddess TX Dec 23 Dec 23 99
What is your favorite "meaning of life quote"?
Grecio GA Oct 9 Oct 9 2525
I have two friends, deep happiness and social acceptance. They hate each other.
SeekersNeverFind OH Sep 11 Sep 11 55
Yessssss!!!!! Kayao ( Hongkonger's )🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇵🇭 boooom! Carrie lam officially withdrawn the extradition bill👏👏👏👏
Boomtarat03 Sep 4 Sep 4 00
Days later I still find myself grinning when I think of it... My daughter started the school year at a new school, she's a music teacher, and she's finally teaching band to her elementary students. She taught general music the past 2 years. She...
AmiSue CT Sep 1 Sep 1 44
Happy thoughts🙂
Boomtarat03 Aug 29 Aug 29 00
Waking up in my 🛏️ on my room in my 🏡 feels great, missed this thing so much.
Boomtarat03 June 21 Jun 21 11
Nyay! I'm excited for tomorrow😁😄😂 its been three years...happy to see you again PHILIPPINES even its only for a week😅
Boomtarat03 June 18 Jun 18 11
I will just leave this lying here for all you city dwellers to enjoy and think about - a little animation by Steve Cutts called "Happiness".
FrayedBear May 26 May 26 66
Are you happy?
BohoHeathen OH Apr 15 Apr 15 4747
LINK World Happiness Report 2019 | The World Happiness Report
jerry99 NM Mar 30 Mar 30 88
INTERNATIONAL HAPPINESS DAY! This certainly makes me happy! I love babies! Makes me want another one, but I have to resist!!! Aww...?❤?
SleeplessInTexas TX Mar 23 Mar 23 44
Does anyone ever feel like they will never find that one person who just gets them? I mean I've been burned so many times that I'm sorta shellshocked..and ptsd when it comes to opening up to new people... Obviously not everyone is going to like or ...
Ravenwolfcasey NJ Mar 20 Mar 20 1818
Some people are only happy when they have something to complain about. I have a friend from high school and we stay in touch via Facebook. She's a negative personality and is constantly posting about how people only contact her when they want ...
KissedbySun SC Feb 15 Feb 15 66
Surely, I couldn't be the only one, right?
inabbar GA Feb 14 Feb 14 66
What do you choose?
BeeHappy TX Feb 8 Feb 8 1010
DiThor NV Jan 31 Jan 31 1616
Hey Great humans enjoy your day....???
CoryRiv21 NY Jan 31 Jan 31 44
LINK BBC - Future - Why the quickest route to happiness may be to do nothing
VictoriaNotes MS Dec 21 Dec 21 2020
What ever happened to "Life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?"
PaulWinquist1945 OR Dec 6 Dec 6 88
There is an intimate relationship between gratitude and happiness. Gratitude is the shortest short cut to happiness.
Jolanta Australia Nov 22 Nov 22 44
I'm trying to get there: What a miracle it is to wrap my hands around happiness and still, after all this time, know how to hold it. Chloe Frayne
kmdskit3 MN Oct 23 Oct 23 44
POLL Are you happy?
Lucignolo FL Oct 22 Oct 22 1313
Are positive illusions a necessary condition for being happy?
Matias Germany Oct 16 Oct 16 66
Mmm mmm atheistic doughnuts ? ???
shy-atheist FL Oct 4 Oct 4 11
About life
ildkom2006 Ireland Oct 2 Oct 2 2222
You are not responsible for anybody else's happiness.
Jolanta Australia Sep 26 Sep 26 1010
LINK How to Be Happy (Ep. 345) - Freakonomics Freakonomics
hippydog Canada Sep 18 Sep 18 22
Took some ? pics. i saw a baby snaper and a full grown snaper but mostly florida turtles. it was under the walking bridge at the flea market.
shy-atheist FL Sep 17 Sep 17 11
So.. live life.
AnandaKhan CA Sep 14 Sep 14 22
This is what i have learned over the course of my life.
swells1969 Jersey Sep 14 Sep 14 44
You only get one life. ??
Sheannutt OR Sep 10 Sep 10 33
I've been running for a couple of years. I just got a road bike. I am digging it. Running and riding allow me to meditate. I think about my life and how great it is, in spite of all the failures I have incurred. I don't need a religion to know ...
Erick67 SC Sep 8 Sep 8 33
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness?
JenBeberstein CA Sep 1 Sep 1 2121
And for the unhappy perhaps this is the reason - you are not publicly going nude! The linked 53 minute documentary visits three continents to explore the issue of divesting and letting it all hang out in public ... or not as the case may be! ...
FrayedBear Aug 28 Aug 28 33
What/ where is your happy place? What things can you think of to turn your mood around?
CommonHuman KS Aug 27 Aug 27 3737
What made you smile today?
helionoftroy SC Aug 26 Aug 26 3131
Hi folks! I’m happy to announce, My Life is GOOD AND GETTING BETTER. By LEAPS and BOUNDS! Hooray!
MissRogan CA Aug 14 Aug 14 33
Is happiness real?
anonymous Online Aug 13 Aug 13 4848
POLL In the old days when there were no therapists, people used to go to confession, in that sense the church served the purpose of people's mental wellbeing
peststudio Australia Aug 3 Aug 3 33
What is the ONE thing that makes you the happiest? What is the ONE thing you wish you had in your life?
Our_existence NY Aug 1 Aug 1 3535
This is what my job entails. I happily oblige. Is there anything about your job that you absolutely LOVE!!!!
graceylou Canada Aug 1 Aug 1 3131
Yale's Most Popular Course in History Teaches You to Be Happy—and It's Available Online. Psychology 157 (free online) So what do you think you would change that would make you more happy?
rogueflyer OR July 29 Jul 29 22
Always lots on my mind...!the meaning of happiness has me occupied often !
dan123 UK July 27 Jul 27 33
I was thinking about a conversation I had recently with a woman who had been sucked into joining a church a few years back. We were good friends at the time and she was married to a guy who had a massive stroke and was left paralyzed and with the ...
Barnie2years PA July 19 Jul 19 77
There Comes A Time in life.☺
Sheannutt OR July 14 Jul 14 77
Where I belong?
Sheannutt OR July 11 Jul 11 22
The most important 7 rules.?
Sheannutt OR July 11 Jul 11 11
Now that I am 50, I think about death more than I would like to. Time seems to go by faster. I want the rest of my life to be full of happiness, but it eludes me. How long am I going to live? How will the rest of my life be and who am I ...
Erick67 SC July 9 Jul 9 66
Be kind and love.
Sheannutt OR July 7 Jul 7 77
What non-materialistic things do you do to increase your happiness?
CharlesH AR July 5 Jul 5 5757
Do you and your partner make each other feel happy?
BucketlistBob AR June 30 Jun 30 2323
Would you have a wedding with religious aspects incorporated in it?
Mea CO June 29 Jun 29 3737
LINK Danone Swaps Cows for Almonds in Vegan Yogurt Brand Push - Bloomberg
SkotlandSkye OK June 28 Jun 28 44
Make the most of the moment.
Sheannutt OR June 28 Jun 28 11
Happiness is like a mirage in the desert. Until you are happy being in the desert, you will always pursue happiness (the mirage) and never obtain it. Once you are happy, the mirage means nothing to you.
HeyHiHullo LA June 19 Jun 19 44
POLL Some of us have chosen not too drink the coolaid... Some of use just can't. Would our lives be better if we did?
Lifestone MS June 17 Jun 17 66
What brought you joy today?
Ryksie Australia June 12 Jun 12 99
This Reads Both Ways - Check it Out Is It a Good Day?/Is it a Bad Day?
sassygirl3869 NY June 1 Jun 1 44
An interesting article from the Psychiatric Times, rebutting a major tenet of Stephen Pinker's book 'Enlightenment Now'.
CeliaVL UK May 23 May 23 66
I'm home, alone, and it feels so good. Peace. Quiet. Solitude. Time to work more on myself. I've learned so much about myself on my trip to see family. I'm stronger, and so much happier in my situation. Life is really good.
nutrition_nerd AR May 19 May 19 1212
How do you think your life and relationships would be different if a person’s appearance did not matter to you?
lkahleski FL May 15 May 15 1212
POLL Are you happily married?
Kbdank71 AR May 15 May 15 4040
How do you define "incredible" sex?
Mea CO May 13 May 13 6868
What Makes You Happy?
sassygirl3869 NY May 11 May 11 3131
So it is not just me! I interesting talk about the path of life and perceptions of happiness.
Donna_I IA May 8 May 8 11
I knew I would overcome this setback physically and emotionally. I feel happy again.
Sarahroo29 CO May 6 May 6 88
Do different colors affect your mood?
ebdb PA May 5 May 5 1919
I am a runner. I started running 2 years ago. I love it. It has changed my life. Running makes me happy. Any other runners here?
Erick67 SC May 5 May 5 1717
Are you really happy at your job?
Millie CA Apr 28 Apr 28 1010
POLL Can you call your life a succesful life till now?
heetendra India Apr 27 Apr 27 2626
Rules for Life
Jedi918 TX Apr 24 Apr 24 22
In Pursuit of Happiness?
VictoriaNotes MS Apr 19 Apr 19 3131
What's something good happening in your life right now/soon? Something you're excited about?
Mea CO Apr 12 Apr 12 4040
Donotbelieve PA Apr 10 Apr 10 4949
Which philosophers have given you the most useful insights to living a meaningful or rewarding life as an atheist or agnostic?
WishYouWereHere CA Mar 29 Mar 29 1111
Do you enjoy nature and watching flowers bloom?
Sarahroo29 CO Mar 28 Mar 28 1515
Safe Neighborhood - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts...
phxbillcee AZ Mar 22 Mar 22 00
This is how much money you need to be happy, according to science
HippieChick58 NE Mar 19 Mar 19 88
Want to be Happy?
BeeHappy TX Mar 18 Mar 18 99
Risk everything to be happy my friends. The price is worth the reward.
Sapio_Ink AZ Mar 13 Mar 13 1111
I often wonder if life for most people is pleasant. I really wonder what the norm is. When you're seeing happy people, are you just catching them in the moments in between?
Phyphrus MO Mar 8 Mar 8 1414
Question everything
ForTheBirds FL Mar 4 Mar 4 1212
Is there any relationship between salary and overall life satisfaction?
Aralt NY Feb 28 Feb 28 2828
This is one of my favorite poems of all time and I thought to share it with you. Due to my schedule, I am not on here religious lol. It is called The Lost Generation by Jonathan Reed I am part of a lost generation. And I refuse to believe ...
MSFZ WI Feb 25 Feb 25 33
What Keeps You Where You Are?
BlueWave LA Feb 20 Feb 20 4848
So, if you are mildly awake, and watching events around the world, there is really very little to be optimistic about. I wonder how one maintains a sense of optimism without indulging in the brainwash culture which is all around us....
Traffique_Jaam MS Feb 17 Feb 17 55
What is the best method for finding a job that gives you a sense of purpose and pays enough to enjoy a lifestyle you desire? I am trying to reinvent myself. I have 2 degrees in fields that are not exactly apolitical and I honestly want to find ...
Akfishlady WA Feb 11 Feb 11 77
When you are feeling down, lonely, unwanted... remember, LOVE YOU for who you are, for what you do and for what brings you happiness and enjoyment!
HeyHiHullo LA Feb 7 Feb 7 1010
What made you smile this week?
silvereyes OK Jan 26 Jan 26 2828
You'll never be happy when you compare yourself with others. Is that right or wrong?
Rammymartin10v3 UK Jan 22 Jan 22 1515
Happiness can be so disorienting
hankster TN Jan 19 Jan 19 77
Happiness by Steve Cutts | Satire Short Film
skado AL Jan 18 Jan 18 44
What do you think of the positive thinking movement?
silvereyes OK Jan 10 Jan 10 2525
What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?
silvereyes OK Jan 4 Jan 4 3434
I wish you what your heart desires (as long as it does no harm to any beings). May you find happiness, peace, joy, health, purpose, and prosperity . . . and for those looking for love, I hope it's there for you in a new year full of new beginnings. ...
Hope4Zoe NM Dec 31 Dec 31 66
To all: I'm walking into 2018 with a clear heart and mind. I will not lie to myself or others by saying that I'm going to diet and exercise. I will continue to try eating mostly healthy foods and to cut down the proportions, and keep ...
Donna AL Dec 31 Dec 31 11
To All: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! All the best to all of you. May the New Year bring happiness, joy & knowledge! Cheers!
phxbillcee AZ Dec 31 Dec 31 00
“Happiness comes when your work and words are of benefit to others.” ? Gautama Buddha
JohnGalus NY Dec 31 Dec 31 00
“A man asked Gautama Buddha, "I want happiness." Buddha said, "First remove "I," that's Ego, then remove "want," that's Desire. See now you are left with only "Happiness.” ? Gautama Buddha, Sayings Of Buddha
JohnGalus NY Dec 30 Dec 30 11