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A brief summary of the pandemic global response
domos PA Apr 30 Apr 30 11
Perhaps, to future generations of Americans, this pandemic will be a blessing. The crisis that laid bare the fallacy of health care insurance. Let me explain ........ If you have no job, you lose company health care, at the very moment when you can...
Petter Spain Mar 26 Mar 26 66
A sick nurse exposes the CDC and the government's total lack of preparation for the corona virus pandemic. The level of ineptitude is this administration's heads is outstanding!
Mofo1953 FL Mar 8 Mar 8 88
Hello, My doctor suddenly closed his practice! I had an appointment this Friday and now I guess I do not. I have called the office multiple times and nobody answers. And the voice mail is full. I am not sure how I am supposed to get a hold of my ...
anonymous Online Feb 27 Feb 27 22
Medical “put patients first”
WeaZ MO Nov 15 Nov 15 00
LINK Elizabeth Warren unveils her “Medicare for All” electoral gimmick - World Socialist Web Site
altschmerz IL Nov 5 Nov 5 66
This is why we need universal health care Woman finds out she has incurable cancer, and needs to let her workplace know: Trying to get her life together: BOOM! Company fired her. ...
altschmerz IL Sep 17 Sep 17 33
The Christian ethic is to nurture the sick and the elderly, amongst other teachings. The USA is the most Evangelically Christian nation on earth. Europe has very little interest in religion, with many "Christians" being such in name only. So:- ...
Petter Spain Aug 10 Aug 10 1111
Nailed it.
Rob1948 TN Aug 2 Aug 2 77
Poll shows that immigration is the US's most important problem. Do you agree? If not, what then, I say health care and racism are just as important.
sassygirl3869 NY Aug 1 Aug 1 1717
This article speaks volumes about the value, and patriotism, of immigrants. Omar did 'go back' -- to Minnesota to talk health care
MojoDave FL July 19 Jul 19 55
Health care in Hongkong
Boomtarat03 Hong Kong June 29 Jun 29 11
More obscene actions from the Trump administration.
Frctnal MT May 2 May 2 1010
Health is a product of the social, economic and environmental conditions in which we live. The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, whether our children can access quality public education or our economy affords us a decent living ...
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. Apr 7 Apr 7 22
The US must change our healthcare policies.
Lutherzme PA Mar 30 Mar 30 44
CBD isn't the true pain medicine
Captnron59 CO Mar 25 Mar 25 66
Unpatriotic stuff..
Charlene Mar 22 Mar 22 66
We can do better
Rudy1962 WI Mar 21 Mar 21 66
Christopher Hedges on the future of the USA
Wangobango3 Canada Mar 1 Mar 1 44
LINK How an insurance company auditor tried to destroy a physician's career
HippieChick58 NE Feb 10 Feb 10 1111
I think Americans are far more likely to die from lack of adequate Healthcare than from a terrorist attack.
Lorajay OK Dec 30 Dec 30 1818
Texas Federal Judge says Obamacare is unconstitutional. Will be appealed. None the less, we need medicare for all. just happened tonight, go to any major news site and read all about it.
creative51 MI Dec 14 Dec 14 1010
Medical VS Religion!!!
WeaZ MO Nov 23 Nov 23 44
Long story here. it just happened. i have asthma and it's been acting up. when it got severe i visited the e.r. (a couple weeks ago) and was given an oral steroid, via eyedropper squirted into my cheek. i am allergic to prednisone but this ...
genessa MN Nov 16 Nov 16 44
LINK Wisconsin governor may seek waiver to let insurers hike premiums for pre-existing conditions - Chicago Tribune
genessa MN Oct 30 Oct 30 22
LINK Republicans Who Are Trying to Kill Obamacare Claim to Be the Only Ones Defending It!
genessa MN Oct 24 Oct 24 00
It's not what they say. it's what they do. if you're confused about how someone votes, go to it's nonpartisan and has information about every bill and its disposition going back i don't know how far but pretty darned far. meanwhile,...
genessa MN Oct 24 Oct 24 00
LINK GOP Candidates Lying About Health Care
genessa MN Oct 23 Oct 23 11
GOP getting thumped on campaign trail nationwide over latest attempt to make healthcare more expensive and less accessible.
kmdskit3 MN Oct 19 Oct 19 33
LetzGetReal AZ Oct 10 Oct 10 22
Changing careers at 31
Hollandaise87 AL Oct 7 Oct 7 22
LINK We’re asking the wrong question about Medicare-for-all - The Washington Post
HippieChick58 NE Sep 22 Sep 22 1212
I went to CVS today to pick up a prescription and there was a young woman with two little girls, maybe 3 and 5. The little one was crying. The woman, who was on crutches, was trying to comfort her. They were walking out the same time as me and the...
TheoryNumber3 IL Aug 31 Aug 31 77
A small Step forward - a big leap for civilisation
PontifexMarximus Australia Aug 15 Aug 15 00
Abingdon's Library is thrilled to have author and journalist BETH MACY speaking on her book DOPESICK this SUNDAY! It deals with the opioid crisis in SW VA, is set in near-bye Roanoke, and has received wide acclaim. Just as an aside, b/c I work with ...
BookDeath VA Aug 14 Aug 14 22
LINK Why Hospital Prices In The United States Make No Sense
HippieChick58 NE Aug 4 Aug 4 22
LINK Here's the real reason health care costs so much more in the US
HippieChick58 NE Aug 4 Aug 4 22
LINK Trump brings back crappy insurance, catastrophic health bills, and medical bankruptcy
snytiger6 WA Aug 1 Aug 1 22
No Duh!
HippieChick58 NE July 27 Jul 27 33
Had a root canal done because the radiation kills your teeth. Got zero pain meds....for a cancer patient. I was told to take Tylenol...WTF?! When I said I had a tumor in my liver...they told me to suffer. Thank the Gods for cannabis!!! but it ...
MissaDixon TN July 26 Jul 26 77
I am trying to understand how people seem to think that owning gun is a right but healthcare isn't>
lovinglife7 WI Apr 3 Apr 3 2525
LINK Survey Ranks the U.S. Health Care System Lowest in Performance | Time
HippieChick58 NE Mar 27 Mar 27 1414
Why hasn't an efficient health care system been implemented? The Blue team want it and the Red team want it, Donald Trump said it should be simple to implement, and he is undoubtedly right, the VA system is single payer, so are Medicare and ...
McIntyre NM Mar 27 Mar 27 2626
Any agnostic/atheist healthcare providers? How do you handle your religious patients?
MissInfermiera FL Feb 8 Feb 8 1313
The Feminist Case For Single Payer
bryan1079 IA Dec 31 Dec 31 00
What has been the dumbest religious comment/response/statement you have ever heard personally? Mine happened this week and I'm still shaking my head about it. My kids and I spent Xmas in New Orleans and spent xmas eve watching the lighting of the...
Crimson67 KY Dec 31 Dec 31 3030
It's long, but probably the most detailed account of the past election cycle I've seen and read. More genuine insurgencies are in the making, which confront corporate power and connect domestic with foreign policy, but they face an uphill battle ...
William_Mary OH Dec 26 Dec 26 00
POLL Should health insurance companies be required to cover birth control?
silvereyes OK Dec 22 Dec 22 1818