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That goes for men too, ...and the rest of the genders
Slava3 Canada June 1 Jun 1 22
The Kinsey scale, also called the Heterosexual–Homosexual Rating Scale, is used in research to describe a person's sexual orientation based on one's experience or response at a given time. The scale typically ranges from 0, meaning exclusively ...
m16566 CO May 26 May 26 11
Titania Mcgrath Know your nouns. Don't be a bigot, use the correct words. ❌mankind ✔️peoplekind ❌christian ✔️easter worshipper ❌islamic terrorist ✔️austere religious scholar ❌straight white male ✔️nazi ...
Jetty UK Apr 7 Apr 7 77
Just discovered that today is Jerry Jeff's birthday.
Beowulfsfriend PA Mar 16 Mar 16 33
🍺🍔🍟 Go USA!! Rah Rah Rah...
Cutiebeauty NY Mar 14 Mar 14 77
Meet the Trump Fan Accused of Registering Democrats as Republicans {Florida court records suggest her life has been checkered by both financial and legal problems, including a 2003 charge of unemployment compensation fraud, which ...
William_Mary OH Mar 12 Mar 12 44
Italy announced today that all heterosexual marriage ceremonies will be suspended due to straight people making too many babies. Oopps, sorry I meant to say because of the COVID19 virus. As far as I can tell gay civil unions are legal there but not ...
WalterWhite Canada Mar 8 Mar 8 11
Sad but apparently true
rsb97080 OR Mar 4 Mar 4 77
I just wonder how many heterosexual guys out there have actually had s homosexual encounter....even when they were young....will they come out on this site to admit it....if they haven't would they admit that they have thught about many ...
Borgovic Australia Jan 29 Jan 29 2222
I found this article interesting and posted by tin-dr of all places! Have any bisexual women faced this in the online or general dating market? "My experience dating heterosexual men has largely consisted of sexually charged questions or ...
demifeministgal Canada Jan 13 Jan 13 66
I joined this group because I liked reading the posts so far and because I feel that to enjoy your sexuality ( I don't mean sexiness) and truly feel happy and unapologetic about your choices is a right. I am a heterosexual woman but have not been in...
Mimee India Dec 6 Dec 6 88
Looking for a like minded friend in Louisiana to hang out. I know you’re out there. I’m needing friends. Find me. I’m heterosexual. I’m not looking for hook ups. I’m looking for friends in or near est feliciana parish to hang out, ...
Katie2017 LA Nov 20 Nov 20 33
Tan lines
OldMetalHead AZ Nov 11 Nov 11 66
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
FearlessFly MN Nov 10 Nov 10 11
Helen Mirren narrates a new documentary of 5 Holocaust survivors of little Jewish girls that led a parallel life to the legendary Anne Frank. How anti-semitism has returned from the past.
sassygirl3869 NY Oct 21 Oct 21 00
Don’t know how I missed this one as I’m such an a-ha fan...but this fun parody of Take On Me was performed by Harry Hill and other TV personalities for BBC Children In Need In 2013.
Marionville UK Oct 1 Oct 1 33
This is a link to my local middle school. It shows that they are promoting religion. It is on there facebook page. Where could I send this to get something done about it? Or can someone here send up a red flag?
Al-Bundy_59 MO Sep 26 Sep 26 2020
I haven’t listened to this for a very long time...but tonight I was feeling a bit nostalgic and remembered this as one of my father’s favourites, which he played often at home when I was a girl. Beniamino Gigli - Amarilli (Caccini). Sorry ...
Marionville UK Sep 22 Sep 22 33
It's interesting to me that most women will agree that sexual orientation is a continuum while most men (especially American men) will, if asked, hem and haw about it. The last time I posting something like this, only women responded, and the ...
Rob48 DE Sep 13 Sep 13 1010
That makes 17. Bailey Reeves, 17yrs., was gunned down in Baltimore last night.
Kafirah CT Sep 5 Sep 5 22
I already love the Foo Fighters! But Prince made me appreciate the song even more...
AlfonseCapone IN Sep 3 Sep 3 22
Good summary of the REAL shooting data: Matt Christiansen:
Jacar MI Aug 7 Aug 7 33
Headline on MSN "BELLA THORNE COMES OUT AS PANSEXUAL" Firstly who the hell is Bella Thorne and who cares anyway. There are Heterosexual people and Homosexual people, possibly Bisexual people who fancy a bit of both. The rest are just lifestyle ...
Moravian UK July 28 Jul 28 1212
Another bubble butt in yoga pants and high heels.... Very nice imo
Cutiebeauty NY July 26 Jul 26 77
My independent, fundamental, quiverful, baptist sister told me I was going straight to hell. So I sent the family new photos.
SallyInStitches VA July 22 Jul 22 1515
LINK 'I'm A Holocaust Survivor—Trump's America Feels Like Germany Before Nazis Took Over'
altschmerz IL July 20 Jul 20 66
Apparently Spider-Man is Satanic LOL
PatrickKerr Canada July 20 Jul 20 22
The Hardcore on Dating As several members here have posted about their grievances w/ online dating, here's some more bad news – taken from the abstract of a recent study: We present new data from a nationally representative 2017 survey of ...
Deiter CA July 15 Jul 15 2323
I have a confession to make I have never been religious or catholic, but my experiences of nuns and priests through the medium of newsreels movies and shows was of intimidation , mindless obedience and weird kinky sex ...what the fuck have I missed ...
Dragoria UK July 12 Jul 12 11
Hard to believe...
jerry99 NM July 5 Jul 5 1313
A group of HELL'S ANGELS, South Carolina bikers, were riding east on 378 when they saw a girl about to jump off the Pee Dee River Bridge. So they stopped. George, their leader, a big burly man of 53, gets off his Harley, walks through a ...
lerlo AZ July 4 Jul 4 66
They are certainly GOOD, probably BAD but hardly UGLY. Music from , "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," - The Danish National Symphony Orchestra.
MrDMC NE July 4 Jul 4 44
Legal expert argues that the Dept. of Justice just asked the Supreme Court to essentially become a branch of the Trump administration? - WTF!!!!! What's up with that?!?!
sassygirl3869 NY June 26 Jun 26 44
Today in Music History, June 25, 1977: Elvis Presley performed his next to last concert at Riverfront Coliseum in June 1977, just weeks before he died.
Boomtarat03 Hong Kong June 25 Jun 25 00
Neo Nazis, white nationalists are currently the biggest threat to world peace. Its especially horrendous in the USA. What incidents in their lives led them to believe they are better than minority groups? That it is okay to be violent against ...
Katsarecool GA June 9 Jun 9 55
Haven't had a scavenger hunt for awhile... This weeks hunt is sexy pajama pics... I'll start it off with this one....
Cutiebeauty NY June 9 Jun 9 2121
The Republican Party isn't who you think it is
MojoDave FL June 6 Jun 6 55
Heterosexual men like women’s breasts. This is not controversial, but to what extent men appreciate size is variable. It has been known for some time that under stressful circumstances where survival may be an issue, guys like big boobs. Mae ...
Arouet Canada June 4 Jun 4 2121
"..... references to 2SLGBTQQIA people." Couldn't we simply have the acronym NHO? (Non Heterosexual Only) .... or possibly NEH (Not Exclusively Hetero)...
Petter Spain June 3 Jun 3 44
Jeremy Hardy died earlier this year with cancer .. he was a stalwart of british comedy for decades. 'people talk about downloading from their laptop - sounds disgusting' This is part 1 of a tribute to his work
ShadowAmicus UK May 17 May 17 44
Begin your day with a smile. It's one of the most important things I've learned in life.
IAJO163 PA May 1 May 1 00
LINK If We Want To Stop Queer Kids From Dying By Suicide, We Need To Start At The Top | HuffPost
snytiger6 WA Apr 26 Apr 26 77
Sneaky little fuck!
TheGreatShadow NE Apr 22 Apr 22 33
Good evening lovelies! Hump Day tomorrow... that is if you're a lucky ethical slut! ;) Today I got a message on a dating site that I'm on from someone not too far way, 100 miles or so. He made the typical niceties for about 2 texts... "hi, how are...
Wildflower FL Apr 16 Apr 16 88
Patton Oswalt
Dhiltong UT Apr 12 Apr 12 22
I guess this is true of everyone, but I was just thinking about how when I was younger I lived more in the true world, without having to name it, or classify it, or categorize it. Now I live in more of a shorthand, representational world, where ...
Tomfoolery33 WV Apr 12 Apr 12 44
The Record Company - Pick Myself Up
Lutherzme PA Apr 3 Apr 3 22
Am I the only heterosexual woman who looks at other women's butts? lol ? ?
Capricorn OH Apr 2 Apr 2 1010
I was wholeheartedly a pro-BREXIT campaigner but now I want the UK to remain in the EU ! Though as someone under death threats from the Islamists, getting out of the EU makes me feel safer, yet, considering the future of the economy and the prospects...
mufassil UK Mar 29 Mar 29 1414
Just this morning.....
EricTrommater VA Mar 23 Mar 23 11
LINK There's Something About Space That's Triggering Herpes in Astronauts
MsAl MI Mar 18 Mar 18 33
C'mon global warming, where the hell are you? Do you realize we are just few days shy from Spring time?
IamNobody IN Mar 17 Mar 17 77
Good grief Charlie Brown???
Sheannutt OR Mar 12 Mar 12 1010
Do we have any heterosexual women in this group who want to but are unable to achieve orgasm during sex with a man?
mischl FL Feb 16 Feb 16 99
Posting some of the Madness that may not be around you today but that still is interesting to notice.
GipsyOfNewSpain NV Feb 12 Feb 12 22
(Heterosexual Sex) The Reality of the Sexual Pleasure Disparity:
MissKathleen AZ Feb 11 Feb 11 77
Turnout... It's all about the turnout .....
camne OH Feb 2 Feb 2 88
Know your dicks
Rudy1962 WI Feb 1 Feb 1 22
Since the fire I haven’t been sleeping well at all. Just an hour last night. Seems I might have a repeat of very little sleep tonight. I’m taking several assists, but nothing works. I hope it passes soon.
Justjoni CA Jan 29 Jan 29 88
The Cranberries -Dreams ,, Dolores O'Riordan ,gone too soon.
actofdog Canada Jan 28 Jan 28 33
"Digisexual": <Sexually attracted to robots.> Yet another sexual orientation to add to the vast list of obscure and amusing "orientations". Sorry folks.... This old heterosexual male just finds it all very confusing. ;-)
bigpawbullets OH Jan 20 Jan 20 1616
HELP!! I need to find this childrens book ! OK. So the story is about a boy on his way to school when he is captured by pirates and taken with a load of other kids to an island to go through tunnels. There are mechanical penguins, a sly ...
Tilia France Jan 6 Jan 6 22
What matters most is how you see yourself
sassygirl3869 NY Jan 5 Jan 5 00
I expect clapping, stamping and shouts of "whoot! whoot!". I, yes, I, sugar-addicted pixie that I am, just walked past a tray of cookies AND a tray of nuts & pralines WITHOUT grazing! (I humbly acknowledge your accolades.)
pixiedust Canada Jan 2 Jan 2 44
Ladies, I have a question just for you: (I should I suppose, qualify this-I am addressing this mainly to heterosexual ladies, although gay men and trans/gender-fluid persons should feel free to participate if they desire) What qualities do you ...
Deveno CO Dec 29 Dec 29 1616
I Hate Changing to Daylight Savings Time
sassygirl3869 NY Dec 21 Dec 21 11
Trump's "Boarder" Tweet, the White House Christmas Reception - Monologue - Late Night
phxbillcee AZ Dec 19 Dec 19 00
The Trump Boys
sassygirl3869 NY Dec 18 Dec 18 00
This has a bit of a twist to it.
mistymoon77 MN Dec 16 Dec 16 88
Well ain't this a bitch!
Boogey CA Dec 10 Dec 10 66
Hi All. Just joined the site this evening. Easy site to use and navigate. I'm a little confused why all my highest combatability scores are with men who date women - I suspect it may be due to low membership or maybe my interests are more ...
JeffInAtlanta GA Dec 9 Dec 9 33
Sounds of Mars: NASA’s InSight Senses Martian Wind
ipdg77 UK Dec 8 Dec 8 11
I watch this video whenever I am feeling down. Somehow it just lifts my spirits. It's a Japanese guy singing and yodeling in German to chickens.
snytiger6 WA Dec 8 Dec 8 00
The Who - Magic Bus Incredible video from Live at Leeds
Lutherzme PA Dec 8 Dec 8 11
Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker confirms she will be back for Season 12
Aivery MD Dec 7 Dec 7 22
POLL Who should buy the condoms? (Hetero couple)
Chooseluv Canada Dec 3 Dec 3 1515
Sacred Duty
RavenCT CT Dec 2 Dec 2 88
This is me, for sure.
Tomfoolery33 WV Dec 2 Dec 2 22
Lilac-Jade Canada Dec 2 Dec 2 11
Hello! I'm newish, and have had some fun reading peoples comments. I have found myself letting out a little bit of who I am that I don't normally get express day to day. Mini Bio I think tolerance is something we should all try. I like: ...
F-IM-Forty MN Dec 2 Dec 2 22
Howard Jones-> No One is to Blame
MountMadness OH Nov 29 Nov 29 22
Remember me or else...
Xena MA Nov 29 Nov 29 11
If you were able to go back in time, what would you do to improve the USA..? Kill Hitler Kill Trump Stop religion Other Please explain...
Cutiebeauty NY Nov 29 Nov 29 1010
LGBT Short Film "In a Heartbeat" (2017) Four minutes without words, this finely-tuned colourful short piece is most touching and moving indeed. I recommend everyone to not only watch this but to spread it to as many friends as you can. Share the ...
jemzet8 UK Nov 27 Nov 27 22
LINK French government wishes Trump had shown 'common decency' | MSNBC
HippieChick58 NE Nov 14 Nov 14 77
What’s your favorite and least favorite season?
EmeraldJewel OK Nov 6 Nov 6 1919
I am so sick of the media in this country.It's absurd for them to claim that Trump is stoking anti-Semitism.What about his and his cabinets Pro-Jewish and pro Israel records.What about the Obama administrations extreme hostility to Israel and the ...
richiegtt NY Oct 29 Oct 29 77
I think I know what grandma was thinking about! lol
balou TX Oct 28 Oct 28 66
Today's offensive, fiery, provocative, but NOT derogatory to any of the following voter blocs.... If you are a woman and do not vote because you are frustrated and disenfranchised with current events, you are a QUITTER and a LOSER. If you are ...
Leafhead WI Oct 13 Oct 13 1010
Communication! So many difficult situations could be made much easier if there was more and clearer communication. There's twice as many words in the English language as there is in any other language. Yet we communicate so poorly. And the worst of ...
Tompain1 CA Oct 4 Oct 4 55
I did big giant rant on Facebook on how the Good Old Days never existed, and is only acceptable to miss if you're looking back fondly on your childhood. Because The good old days only existed for priveleged children and white rich cisgender ...
MelanieSheldon Canada Oct 2 Oct 2 55
I did big giant rant on Facebook on how the Good Old Days never existed, and is only acceptable to miss if you're looking back fondly on your childhood. Because The good old days only existed for priveleged children and white rich cisgender ...
MelanieSheldon Canada Oct 2 Oct 2 00
Attack of the killer seagulls.
Tomfoolery33 WV Sep 29 Sep 29 11
Bi-Viability. First, let me say that as someone who comes across as a straight, cis hetero man, I know that there are bigger problems than what I’m about to mention. I live in NYC and for the most part, I don’t have any issues with being able ...
Olnoseven NY Sep 28 Sep 28 44
I am happy with this beautiful site, with the beauty of all these faces, that I see here, I wish you happiness and success, Thank you for your wonderful messages
belfodil Algeria Sep 28 Sep 28 22
Carolyn Wonderland - I Live Alone With Someone
raindrops TX Sep 26 Sep 26 22
Blackfoot God damnit I can smell them a mile away. Blackfoot - Wishing Well
AdamHoople OH Sep 26 Sep 26 00
Another great British Band this time from Glasgow....Franz Ferdinand - Walk Away.
Marionville UK Sep 24 Sep 24 00