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A pastor told me today that he is sorry that I have not felt the love of god. Pastor, I am the one who is sorry. I'm sorry you believe a god who does not seem interested in loving everyone. I'm sorry you feel the need to apologize for this "all ...
By Foxonaut 5 181 comments IN Dec 8, 2017
Why are people so hostile towards President Donald Trump? This question was asked on Quora, and here is probably the best response so far (thank you to Chris O'Leary). Please take the time to read the whole thing (a little long I know, but ...
By ATDayHiker 7 36 comments TN Feb 11
Happy new year to admin dude and site support and everyone who is giving me this site . Hope good health and smiles are your friends for 2019 . Thank u for giving me a home and a place to communicate / learn from others / vent / and often laugh . ...
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By Pralina1 8 15 comments VA Jan 1
We all have human bodies. They're all in various stages of illness, wellness, growth, and repair. They're all something so very temporary and precious. They won't hold us forever. It's okay to love yourself and this thing we're lucky enough to ride ...
By DuchessNyx 6 28 comments NE May 7, 2018
This will be my first post here, and it is very difficult to write, as silly as that may seem. I suppose it is not helped when I have been very honest here on my profile regarding things that I normally am not particularly forward with. Hello massive...
By SeptemberRain 5 98 comments TX Oct 22, 2018
"Adults keep saying we owe it to the young people, to give them hope. But I don't want your hope. I don't want you to be hopeful. I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day. I want you to act. I want you to act as you would in...
By Jnei 8 20 comments UK Jan 26
I hope you all fall in love ❤❤❤😉
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By Sheannutt 9 23 comments OR Sep 2, 2018
There's hope yet! Just found out that a couple that met on here are getting married! They will be making an announcement on here soon. AND it was a long distance romance! So it does happen! Woot woot! 🙂
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By BeeHappy 9 18 comments NV Aug 24, 2018
Flew cross country today seated a between two women in their 80s. They shared stories of their dating lives and best partners and asked about selecting sex toys and online dating. By the time we landed, one of them said, “I’m so horny now I’m ...
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By UUNJ 8 24 comments NJ Oct 9, 2018
I wanted to thank all the survivors that have started coming forward to share their experiences with abuse and its aftermath. Sharing these stories is incredibly important, but also unimaginably difficult. Your courage and inner strength is both ...
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By JeremyTaylor 8 9 comments OH Sep 23, 2018
I woke up to the bad news that a good Facebook friend of mine has lost her home, her memories and one of her animals to the fires in Paradise, California. She is lucky to have family with whom she can stay until she decides what to do from here. ...
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By germangirl90439 8 22 comments FL Nov 11, 2018
Our legacy, I hope.
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By SaucyCheryl 8 7 comments WA Aug 1, 2018
"You never see animals going through the absurd and often horrible fooleries of magic and religion… Dogs do not ritually urinate in the hope of persuading heaven to do the same and send down rain. Asses do not bray a liturgy to cloudless skies. Nor...
By Donotbelieve 8 19 comments PA June 20, 2018
I keep seeing people posting about the allegations of sexual assault against Bill Clinton and how Democrats turn their head when it's one of their own. (This is coming from people who either believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is lying or, they believe...
By Duke 8 38 comments CO Sep 30, 2018
Thought I’d write up a post designed to help people with acronyms that are frequently used here.. If I’ve left any out, or made a mistake, feel free to correct my errors and/or help out by adding to the list :) If you find this handy, ...
By AMGT 8 32 comments CA July 7, 2018
Today is my 113th day of being here with all you wonderful people. Everyone here has brought so much joy into my life. Made many friends and hope to make more. Thank you everyone for helping me reach level 9 💕❤💞😊
By Sheannutt 9 18 comments OR Sep 7, 2018
Hope you got your fill of tryptophan and booze!! Gobble gobble ❤❤❤ I'm thankful for you all.
By pepperjones 8 28 comments WA Nov 22, 2018
I think some people misunderstood part of my post yesterday. I don't want to change who I am to please a man. That doesn't mean I don't think compromise is needed in a relationship. If a man has kids, especially if they are young, I expect a good...
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By Cabsmom 7 16 comments TX Dec 31, 2018
When you just have to share about a perfect first date... but none of your friends are awake at 4 in the morning... that's when you post on Yep, it was pretty much picture perfect. There was laughter, there was hand-holding, there...
By Paul4747 7 32 comments MI Oct 20, 2018
One can hope
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By BohoHeathen 7 8 comments OH Aug 8, 2018
Holy shitballs...I have a date on Saturday night! I haven't had a date since February. I hope this guy doesn't end up being a creepy perv ass weirdo. Wish me luck!
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By Iam4MY 7 47 comments NE Aug 22, 2018
"You deserve a lover who takes away the lies and brings you hope, coffee, and poetry.” Frida Kahlo
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By Catrachel1111 7 22 comments CA Nov 12, 2018
"We were only going 95?!" -A pair of atheists Backstory: We met here on with Jonathon and after almost a month of texting/6-7 hour long phone conversations, he decided to come down to Texas to visit me for my birthday. We made a ...
By anonymous 7 12 comments Online Aug 4, 2018
It's been a good morning so far, my friends! Coffee with my new sweetheart this morning before work. Then free Starbucks when I got to work because their register is down. Let's hope it stays this way! Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone!!!
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By Iam4MY 7 16 comments NE Sep 4, 2018
Going to drive an hour tomorrow to meet someone I have been speaking to for three weeks. We are so comfortable with each other. I have laid my expectations on the line as far as what I want in a relationship and he listens and has already done some...
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By Rose2U 7 35 comments FL Sep 28, 2018
IMAGINE - apologies to Lennon Imagine there's no levels; It isn't hard to do... Nothing to argue 'bout or envy; And no damn T-Shirt too! Imagine all agnostics: Posting what they please... Mmnnnn... Mmnnnn.... You may say I'm a ...
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By Krish55 7 23 comments FL Sep 2, 2018
I had an appointment with my shrink this morning, and they gave me the whole day off. So I did a whole bunch of nothing, other than a few episodes of Dexter, and world of warcraft. It's nice to have the opportunity to have most of the day to ...
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By TristanNuvo 8 19 comments FL Oct 3, 2018
I have to say, i do hope this site keeps expanding .. the people i have chatted with here seem to be pretty cool and interesting. I cant wait to meet someone like you peeps but in person! 🤩✌🏻😎
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By hippydog 7 12 comments Canada Jan 25
About a year, or so, ago, I was in my car looking at my phone at a stoplight. A cop pulled up beside me and glared at me, and I had the presence of mind to appear to focus elsewhere very quickly and to put my phone down. From then on, I did not ...
By Condor5 8 12 comments CA Apr 23, 2018
Hi everyone, i have been away for a brief moment because have been dealing with some life challenges. I have always believe this community was a great place and very therapeutic for me. I have many people here who i have come to respect and ...
By twshield 8 24 comments TX Aug 30, 2018
I hope you deserve the sandwich!
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By EyesThatSmile 7 12 comments FL Jan 12
This was me till I finally gave in and got up. But on a good note, it's Friday. Hope every one has a great weekend.
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By TristanNuvo 8 23 comments FL Oct 5, 2018
Update on the development (in progress). A couple days ago, I announced that we're working on a new "front end / skin" of called First, thanks for all the feedback and suggestions. I want to summarize ...
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By Admin 8 18 comments Online Oct 8, 2018
Groups & Events We’re happy to announce some new features to help build community – member groups and events. The motivation for groups came after polling members (see "Give your thoughts on feature priorities for 2018!" ) and noticing that as the website grows, it’s ...
By Admin 8 16 comments Online Feb 12, 2018
For those who don't care I apologise for the post, however, I would like to thank many of you for the kind and loving words in regards to a blossoming relationship that I have entered with a fellow Agnostic. Thank you for the words of encouragement ...
By Dav87 6 21 comments UK Feb 7, 2018
Met my ex’s girlfriend at a church event tonight. She is delightful, and I will enjoy it if we can spend time with my daughters, without the ex. I hope she sticks around. But it was weird to know from our short conversation how many of our mutual ...
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By UUNJ 8 14 comments NJ Nov 17, 2018
Honest discussion wanted
By Akfishlady 8 57 comments WA Aug 18, 2018
Atheist parenting story........ These heathens are mine. Pic is a few years old. It is of my girl playing Taps as the flag was lowered and replaced at the cemetery on Memorial Day. Repeated at every cemetery in town. In addition to Memorial services...
By AmiSue 8 9 comments CT May 20, 2018
Up a little early, so still groggy while I wait for my coffee to brew. Just want to say to every one else when you get up, i hope you have a great day. :)
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By TristanNuvo 8 21 comments FL Nov 11, 2018
If women cannot summon the strength to vote El Cheato out of office by destroying the GOP control over the House and the Senate then there is no hope for the rebel alliance. May the Force Be With You.
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By Surfpirate 8 11 comments Canada Nov 6, 2018
After such a great yesterday, I decided to cap it off with a few glasses of wine. That made me really sleepy, but that's a good thing for me, and I got a great bit of sleep. that doesn't happen very often, I'm some what of an insomniac. Now I'me...
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By TristanNuvo 8 9 comments FL Sep 23, 2018
Keep the search and hope alive...
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By SaucyCheryl 8 11 comments WA Feb 16
In recent years I have become obsessed with perfection within my home. I was driving myself crazy with a need to clean and primp. Friends commented because it was so much not “like” me. Where was the OCD-like behavior coming from? I think I was ...
By SukiSue 8 27 comments MA Oct 17, 2018
Hope from the next generation.
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By Snickers77 8 7 comments CA Oct 7, 2018
Oh I hope so. I know I have friends that feel this way. Would love to find a partner who will, too.
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By bleurowz 8 13 comments NJ Feb 21
Competition: healthy or not?
By Akfishlady 8 54 comments WA Sep 16, 2018
When you know a friend is hurting, reach out. Offer a shoulder, ask how you can help. 'Gee, that sucks' or 'hope you feel better' is not always what that person needs. Ask how you can help. Sometimes listening is all it takes.
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By indelible 7 17 comments OH Aug 28, 2018
Okay, I changed my status to "seeing someone." Anyway, I did that for one primary reason. I am seeing someone...although I'm not sure where it's going, but I'm not interested in dating anyone else right now. Of course, knowing human nature, most ...
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By Cabsmom 7 24 comments TX Dec 23, 2018
Wonderful date! My feet hurt! Dinner and dancing and no hanky panky. Quite a gentleman. I wonder if this is the one who's going to steal my heart. But I swear the best part of the weekend was meeting my friend's granddaughters. Four of them all...
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By ProudMerrie 7 9 comments WV Mar 3
sigh... I wish I could be more spontaneous... A conversation with a friend today reminded me how I was, up until two years ago, much more able to do things at short notice, or just be able to do more, and how much I've missed it since I've been ...
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By bleurowz 8 10 comments NJ Dec 4, 2018
Life has been absolutely insane over the past few months. I’m dealing with a third - and possibly fourth - cancer diagnosis in less than 10 years. It surely goes without saying that I’ve been at my lowest. But, today, something weird ...
By QueenEvil1980 4 37 comments FL June 15, 2018
Happy New Year, everybody! 2019 was just rung in here in the Central time zone. Here's how I celebrated with my party posse. Hope 2019 is a good one for all you single agnostics! :)
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By mikecagain 7 8 comments WI Jan 1
After several months of masonry work, a first for me, I finally got 4 and a half cubic yards of topsoil delivered...a mix of standard planting mix and a formula just for roses. Delivered last Thursday, I spent 3 days shoveling, carting by ...
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By MikeInBatonRouge 7 16 comments LA Jan 14
Yes, it's been a while since I’ve posted an update about the site as we've been swamped working on some new features that are coming soon (e.g., groups and events ... yes, you high-level members are already seeing them but I'll post later about ...
By Admin 8 20 comments Online Feb 10, 2018
Wishing all of you peace and joy!
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By indelible 7 10 comments OH Dec 25, 2018
What is happening to our Community? I hope this doesn't turn into a rant... I just want to express my concern with some of the things I've seen happening on this site as of late. What spurred this on today was finding out about a new group that was ...
By BeeHappy 9 39 comments NV July 19, 2018
I have not been here for a while. Thought I'd stop by and say hi. Hope all is well!😊
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By Rose2U 7 21 comments FL Feb 7
🙈 A meme for introverts... I hope they come out to see it...
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By Cutiebeauty 9 7 comments NY Mar 17
The fact that there are more women joining this site gives me hope. I live in the Bible belt, and I'm surrounded by women who are seeking "a man of God" or "someone who puts Jeebus first". -Like seriously, there are a lot. Because I see it so ...
By MuzikDan 5 28 comments SC Jan 4, 2018
BREAKING: Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski just broke ranks with her immoral GOP colleagues and voted against Brett Kavanaugh. We thank her for her courage and hope that Maine’s Susan Collins joins her and saves the Supreme Court for being tarnished ...
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By Infoguy211 8 12 comments MI Oct 5, 2018
Ya gotta love spring! Spent the day raking leaves, mowing, and fertilizing the west pasture. Trimmed around the chain link fenceline and push mowed the front yard. Almost have the winter paddock clean.... All work makes for a dull day so I took ...
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By Heidi68 7 10 comments NC Mar 24
Morning all! Taking a mental health day. My job is seriously stressing me out so I'll be on the job search sites today. Hope you all have a great Tuesday!
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By indelible 7 31 comments OH Sep 11, 2018
So my dad just passed away, I buried him this last Saturday. He was an alcoholic and very mean. Before my parents divorced he had gone to church and even brought the pastor to the house (dripping wet) to show my pegan mother he had been saved in the...
By Allikat 6 21 comments MO Mar 25
This showed up on my Facebook feed and everyone seems to think it's a scream. It just makes me sad. What I wouldn't give to have mine back. And yes, in all honesty, I do hope to have another one someday.
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By ProudMerrie 7 22 comments WV Feb 19
These recent suicides of celebrities are really getting to me. It’s so heartbreaking. I’ve felt that low before and thankfully my friends and family came to my rescue. It hurts to think that people out there think no one cares about them. I just ...
By Bverret2012 6 20 comments FL June 8, 2018
This is what I hope someone specific thinks
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By Cabsmom 7 10 comments TX Mar 7
Good Morning all! I’m working a few hours today. It’s incredibly difficult this time of year to see people who need to have their cases paid and not be able to get to them. It’s hard to know someone doesn’t have heat or a way to buy say ...
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By Christiep77 7 15 comments VA Dec 1, 2018
So they ask about the possibility of "love" at this site. Even I did. I wasn't honestly looking. I believe once you create a site with a bevy of highly intelligent, like minded folk, it is a given that someone is going to find a connection. It ...
By Sadoi 7 28 comments MI Feb 5, 2018
I hope once Mueller completes his final report, he follows Snowden's lead... Regardless of how Whitaker decides to handle it (there's no requirement that it be published or passed to Congress), that Mueller publishes it in full.
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By camne 7 9 comments OH Dec 24, 2018
A question that I hope will not turn ugly as I truly don’t mean it to be. If you are a conservative atheist and a member of the Republican Party how do you reconcile that the party has been taken over by the Religious Right? The Republican Party ...
By LibrePenseur 7 35 comments AZ June 10, 2018
Happy Halloween! The Raven Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore— While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently...
By Jnei 8 13 comments UK Oct 31, 2018
Happy Halloween It's amazing that people can do this! Hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!
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By Hastur 7 5 comments FL Oct 31, 2018
Finally, you can get (and just "Agnostic") T-shirts from our online store at [] The shirts come in lots of colors (including red, blue, gray, pink, etc) and sizes (unisex and womens). We are selling them for $15 ...
By Admin 8 18 comments Online Aug 23, 2018
It has been weighing on me heavily, this last debate I was a part of here, in regards to the thread about the footer at and how it misrepresents Agnostics, like myself. I said some rather nasty things to a few people here after I ...
By Sadoi 7 15 comments MI Jan 21, 2018
Two weekends ago my 28 yr old daughter Sarah married the nicest guy any father could hope for. It’s an interesting experience to reflect on the my daughter being born in May (she’ll be 29 in a few weeks) and now she’s a married woman. Where did...
By frasille 3 19 comments NY May 10, 2018
Some interesting art hope it gets your fancy.
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By Mokvon 8 11 comments TX Dec 19, 2018
I hope Nike advertises on fox late night that will really piss off trump . I've never had a pair of Nikes but I may try them out just to support their support of Colen Kapernake .
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By Besalbub 7 9 comments NC Sep 3, 2018
I hope this happens SOON!!!!
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By RobertNappi2 8 9 comments CO Aug 31, 2018
A lot of angry and/or uneducated atheists around here...
By ravnostic 6 64 comments AZ Jan 29, 2018
A man decides to have a face-lift for his birthday. He spends €5,000 and feels really good about the results. On his way home, he stops at a news stand and buys a paper. Before leaving, he says to the sales clerk, "I hope you don't mind me asking, ...
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By RichieO 7 8 comments Ireland Mar 23
The man that wouldn't defend his wife's or father's honor is bringing trump to Texas. I hope the ceiling falls on both of them.
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By glennlab 9 13 comments TX Sep 3, 2018
I figure I’d bring this into here instead of the mental health support group, because even though it’s about depression, it pertains to my dating life. I’ve done a lot of work to overcome depression, it’s something that’s been a part of ...
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By bleurowz 8 12 comments NJ Aug 23, 2018
Malbec, one of our "monsters" enjoying a winter sunbeam while I'm recuperating from shoveling snow. I hope I'm reincarnated as a cat.
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By bigpawbullets 8 7 comments OH Jan 20
May the Gods?? be with me for the next few days. I am driving my mother back to Florida with me. Only 1700 miles! I hope everyone travels safely this season! 12/29/18 Home in Florida!! Great weather for the trip.
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By EyesThatSmile 7 27 comments FL Dec 26, 2018
As part of my effort to create a tight-nit inner circle loyal only to me so that I may rule this group with an iron fist; I have recruited two moderators from among the membership to aid me in consolidating my power. Please give a (mandatory) warm...
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By JeremyTaylor 8 29 comments OH Aug 13, 2018
We put a "habitat" garden in our yard mostly to attract humming birds and butterflies. After 5+ years we've let it expand and connect with the woods behind our lot. It's amazing to see the variety of birds, pollenators, and fauna that now visits. ...
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By bigpawbullets 8 8 comments OH Dec 29, 2018
If only, but not a hope in hell...
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By RichieO 7 7 comments Ireland Oct 29, 2018
So I have a great tech tip for anyone that might want this. Trying to click all over the place to get to whatever settings you might want, which can be a pain. This will make all of that obsolete. oh, and this will work on everything from win7 ...
By TristanNuvo 8 24 comments FL Mar 3
I have a bunch of memes saved to my phone, better trot them out. I hope none of them are repeats.
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By Closeted 8 10 comments IL Feb 6
One can only hope:
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By bigpawbullets 8 6 comments OH Jan 14
The handyman wants $500 to do odd jobs like hanging two curtain rods, attaching a 12-outlet strip to the wall, spackling a 6” patch of corroding Sheetrock, and fixing a hinge on a dresser top. It’s time to recall all the fix-it jobs I helped my ...
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By UUNJ 8 32 comments NJ Nov 27, 2018
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! My son and I went to the movies and saw the latest Fantastic Beasts.
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By Hathacat 8 8 comments IL Nov 23, 2018
Another rare day that I woke up feeling positive. I have no one to share it with, so I’ll share it with you guys. There are a few people on this site who have inexplicably found a place in my heart. I won’t say who they are, but sometimes I just ...
By Hermit 7 12 comments TX Aug 18, 2018
Guten Morgen, Buenos dias, I hope all of your mornings start out better than mine: Sounds a lot more enticing and titilating than the way I actually woke up. I had a 90 lb Catahoula Leopard dog jump and flop on my legs, then put her massive paw and ...
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By zorialoki 8 16 comments NM Nov 16, 2018
Hello Agnostics! I’m glad to have stumbled on this site. It’s a nice addition to life in the Bible Belt. I am re-educating myself and examining my life—maybe a bit of a midlife crisis but meh & shrug. Hope to make some new friends and I...
By ZenJen 4 29 comments TX Oct 28, 2018
Sometimes I think about how much harm religion has done to scientific or just moral progress for the human species. What heights could we have reached if not for the proliferation of dogma? What would our civilization look like if we encouraged free ...
By DharlesCarwin 4 32 comments CA June 11, 2018
Today Marks One Year Since the Great Normie Invasion of 2018 On this day "Memes R Us Group" gained almost 200 members in a single day. A glitch started putting our precious Memes into the main page posts. Our offensive, baby eating, dog kicking ...
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By EricTrommater 9 8 comments VA Mar 7
Hello doctor, I hope you can help, have a problem, I can't concentrate, one minute I'm OK, and the next minute, I'm totally blank! And how long have you had this complaint? Err, err. err…... What complaint?
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By RichieO 7 7 comments Ireland Feb 14
This is what every nursery person likes to see in spring, the first rows of new potted plants about to begin growth. It used to be a worry that customers could be offended because I use a lot of old pots, ( cheap ) but then we put up this sign. I ...
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By Fernapple 7 5 comments UK Mar 12
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