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A Million Americans Are Living In Their RVs Is it because they want to, they lost their other home to repo, or they can’t afford anything else? A million Americans live full-time in RVs, according to the RV Industry Association. Some have to ...
celticagent MA Nov 17 Nov 17 1414
Amazon Long Island Deal Disrupts Affordable Housing Plans
whispers TX Nov 17 Nov 17 11
Update on the kitties. So I've moved the family to better quarters because just staying behind the AC was untenable. Momma cat has accepted the new accommodations and now I don't have to worry about the kittens moving around and falling off of an ...
Georgy303 FL June 10 Jun 10 77
Sometimes I worry that I'll rent for the rest of my life. Why is the UK housing market so expensive? I hate that I'm still struggling to save enough for a deposit. Shouldn't I use that money to invest in stocks or mutual funds?
spacyzuma UK May 18 May 18 22
LINK As gentrification escalates in Calif., people wonder: Where can the homeless go? - The Washington Post
BookDeath VA May 7 May 7 11
POLL What type of home do you prefer?
Marine CT Mar 30 Mar 30 2525
What type of area and housing do you prefer to live in? For example- urban, suburban, country, small town, remote wilderness, farm, apartment, cabin, huge house, etc. My choice: I started out loving living on a remote country Kentucky farm in a ...
birdingnut NM Mar 20 Mar 20 2323
A journey through a land of extreme poverty: welcome to America | Society | The Guardian
Humanlove OR Jan 27 Jan 27 55
Does anyone know of an organization that does work similar to Habitat for Humanity, but without the religious underpinnings?
bingst CA Jan 25 Jan 25 55