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1EarthLovingGal OK Jan 8 Jan 8 11
I know this is kinda dated but still makes me laugh! (And Iโ€™m a Pats fan lol)
FSMLion CA Nov 30 Nov 30 55
My 2 favorite tweets today came back to back on my Twitter feed...
DGJ0114 MI Sep 12 Sep 12 11
The husband gets the last laugh... LOL ๐Ÿ˜„!
DGJ0114 MI Sep 8 Sep 8 22
Why is racism is wrong? . . For most people this a very "religious" tenet. They just believe what they have been told. They have never explained to themselves why they "think/feel" so. . . . They only spew "their" opinion whenever their Pavlovian ...
Jacar MI Aug 26 Aug 26 1515
I will do this๐Ÿ˜…
Boomtarat03 Hong Kong Aug 18 Aug 18 33
I wish to share my feelings of joy! I was never looking for this love that filled my life, not because I didn't want it or didn't care for it. It was because I never thought I'd have a chance to find someone that is perfect for me, so I accepted what...
Neenz Canada July 14 Jul 14 2626
Wanting your children to be healthy and not obese now makes u a white supremacist. WOW is all I can say. This kind of stuff is what destroys the left wing of politics and pushes people to the republicans even when they support the left wing ...
jorj KY May 8 May 8 88
LOL ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿคญ๐Ÿ˜†... Poor kid!
DGJ0114 MI May 5 May 5 11
LOL. When everything feels hopeless, we can count on the British to put things into perspective.
SeaGreenEyez IN Apr 26 Apr 26 77
LOL ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿคญ
DGJ0114 MI Apr 20 Apr 20 11
This is pretty much true... Who hasn't had an ally at work who disliked the same person you did to the same degree? Didn't it feel great to know you weren't the only one? LOL ?!
DGJ0114 MI Apr 10 Apr 10 22
For sure... We never say that name in vain! LOL ?
DGJ0114 MI Apr 9 Apr 9 11
So it was Obama behind Hillary not being charged. Now its another Obama behind Smollett not being charged - Anyone notice a pattern here?
gater CA Mar 27 Mar 27 44
The Liberal Left has turned fascist. The Democrat Party has become viciously angry at losing an election. Liberals nowadays are linked with anti-Jew rhetoric, BDS support, and Islamophobe finger pointing. Who could possible ...
SidneyWinston Canada Mar 22 Mar 22 33
SidneyWinston Canada Mar 19 Mar 19 77
LINK Michael Cohen left SHAKING in his boots after Jim Jordan uttered this word - YouTube
SidneyWinston Canada Mar 4 Mar 4 55
Yes, I KNOW what I said was ignorant, obnoxious and mean, but I put lol at the endโ€ฆ I said LOL!
Benthoven NY Feb 28 Feb 28 11
Singer Katy Perry has pulled shoes that were released last month after some people noted that the shoes look like blackface makeup. Whether or not you think it is, I feel like we can all agree that they are some ugly ass shoes. It honestly looks like...
Kynlei IN Feb 12 Feb 12 88
This lady is one of the best things on Facebook, LOL ?!
DGJ0114 MI Feb 2 Feb 2 33
Thursday meme ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜Š
hippydog Canada Jan 24 Jan 24 33
Sometimes LOL doesnโ€™t work for me. Sometimes something is so funny that I have to write: Lolatdotrhntfwetpimg:s,ifaโ€”o,twaf! Laugh out Loud and then double over trying really hard not to fart while easing the pain in my gut: Shit, I farted ...
Benthoven NY Dec 24 Dec 24 22
The DNC cares not for rights. The DNC is attempting to sue wikileaks. An assault on journalist exposing government corruption.
Veteran229 OH Dec 24 Dec 24 88
Annnnnnd these kids probably gives their parents the side eye look for their sarcastic stockings... LOL ?
DGJ0114 MI Dec 20 Dec 20 55
I don't think this store in Japan understands what that word means...
DGJ0114 MI Dec 16 Dec 16 55
Catchy title. France: Burn till you learn. The French are revolting against the Elite. AKA Communists. The infection of soft communist take over is being rejected.
Veteran229 OH Dec 11 Dec 11 22
Twurky stuff
Lucy_Fehr FL Nov 22 Nov 22 11
Time to Pay Attention: Facebook is Aiding the Police State By Purging Police Accountability Pages: Facebook is actively engaging in the removal of pages who dare to hold police accountable for their actions, a damning precedent, indeed. ...
of-the-mountain TX Nov 13 Nov 13 88
Do you have any?
germangirl90439 FL Nov 9 Nov 9 55
If you love to waste ? then I have the perfect product... $26 lip balm based on your zodiac sign.
DGJ0114 MI Oct 25 Oct 25 11
I tell my granddaughter that our home is not a democracy and she does not get a vote. She immediately fires back with since you and mom control all the money, I think it's an oligarchy.
Lucy_Fehr FL Oct 14 Oct 14 22
LINK Support Squirrel Prompts Plane Dispute | The Smoking Gun
DGJ0114 MI Oct 10 Oct 10 11
The national alert system sent a text message to every cellphone in America today... ?!
DGJ0114 MI Oct 3 Oct 3 44
Dear Rabbi, I need some advice from you, regarding some of God's Laws and how to follow them. 1. Leviticus 25:44 states that I may possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that ...
RobLes CA May 26 May 26 77
I`m gonna make a whole load of people on this site jealous. This is how secular we are in the UK. Today I did a job in a church. As the guy was showing me what he wanted doing etc. I casually talked about Pastor John`s sermon in the royal wedding. To...
273kelvin UK May 22 May 22 1313
It would be a waste, but......
onthefire IN Apr 21 Apr 21 44
I bought this book the other day. I thought it would be amusing to read it with my children. Apparently, dinosaurs farted and so did unicorns! Lol
Warm_dissent PA Apr 18 Apr 18 00
POLL Ladies: would you date me?
LimitedLight CO Apr 3 Apr 3 22
I couldn't help myself. This had me dying!!
valerina CA Mar 7 Mar 7 11
The very definition of "LOL"
Jnei UK Feb 12 Feb 12 33
I had a good chuckle the other day I thought I'd share. I used to have a mild interest in astrology. I am a Leo in western astrology and a Tiger in Chinese astrology. It wasn't until recently I learned that Native American astrology is a thing, and ...
NicThePoet MA Feb 2 Feb 2 66
The Tide Pod Challenge! At least that's what their calling it but personally I prefer the taste of Gain, the pink kind reminds me of fruit punch. Ok joking aside who has heard of this ridiculous trend where people are eating laundry detergent ...
GrantSmith PA Jan 16 Jan 16 33
Lol. I actually laughed out loud.
Sarahroo29 CO Jan 1 Jan 1 33
What would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?
silvereyes OK Jan 1 Jan 1 6161
Happy New Year! What are some things you are hoping for this year? (within the realm of possibility, lol) I'll go first: I hope to get into the purchase of my own home and get out of renting. I hope to start a new personal relationship with...
MikeInBatonRouge LA Jan 1 Jan 1 11
Christmas anyone?
SouthrnItalian SC Jan 1 Jan 1 11
A New Years Joke for Hubby (and friends!)
silvereyes OK Dec 31 Dec 31 1010
How will you be spending New Years Eve?
silvereyes OK Dec 30 Dec 30 1414
made level 5! yes I'm going to be the greatest unbeliever of all time I believe lol
JohnGalus NY Dec 30 Dec 30 1111
People say think outside the box. I build frames and to my knowledge a square cannot have 4 perfect sides. Since two sides need to be a little longer to overlap and completed the square. If a box had 4 perfect sides every corner would have to run ...
Hgrace Australia Dec 30 Dec 30 11
Hello all, I guess that I should start off with this, I consider myself to be a Spiritual person, but not religious. I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church. After I got married, had a kid and divorced, I stopped going to church. I started ...
LadyTaz NC Dec 30 Dec 30 88
as this site is advertised on FB has anyone run into a rouge religious person yet making waves? I figured this would be a hot bed of triggered snowflake bigots lol happy to have not seen one post like that. :) you all seem like a lively fun bunch, ...
ShawnBruceMoore OH Dec 28 Dec 28 33
Doorbell | Sebastian Maniscalco: What's Wrong With People? - YouTube
BeeHappy TX Dec 28 Dec 28 33
I'm a little bit confused!!
Jwswhite79 Canada Dec 28 Dec 28 11
I'm a bit confused with the classification of religion and spirituality. I'll start off by saying that I do not believe in god per say but I believe in a higher power and I have recently become interested alot in astrology. I do have a few other ...
Jwswhite79 Canada Dec 27 Dec 27 00
This could go for either gender. :) Just a great one liner, had to share
mistymoon77 MN Nov 8 Nov 8 182182