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POLL Which Metal bands you people like, if you choose Other, comment the name of the band.
TheHollowKing CA Oct 2 Oct 2 66
Say, any of you fellas smithies? Or, if not smithies per se, were you otherwise trained in the metallurgic arts before straitened circumstances forced you down a path of aimless wandrin? After years of watching YouTube tutorials on weapon making,...
Wurlitzer TN Aug 29 Aug 29 77
I love when a musician plays in multiple genres. This is Hank Williams III One of my all time favs... AssJack - Punch, Fight, Fuck Hank III - Cocaine Blues
darthfaja MI Apr 26 Apr 26 11
Been grooving on some old Crue, Metallica, and even GNR lately. This song in particular has been running through my head for several days now (and it's just as grinding and raw as the first time I heard it in '83). \m/ \m/
Piratefish IN Apr 1 Apr 1 00
Welcome to any and all fellow fans of punk and metal. Post anything you'd like that relates to the genres: music, photos, memories, links, stories, etc. I'll start off with some classic Crüe from '83. Love that pounding, grinding, raw metal ...
Piratefish IN Apr 1 Apr 1 00
LINK Speed drawing Horns up (devil horns) (metalhead) - YouTube
Jones91 MA Dec 8 Dec 8 00
Name the greatest (update: greatest all-around Metal guitar player) Metal guitar player of all time. I say Dimebag Darrell of PanterA is number one through ten, and the second best guitarist ranks at number eleven. Yea, he was that good. Dime had ...
SXXX9 TX Sep 8 Sep 8 1616
POLL Does the new parkway drive album suck?
relativelydave NY Aug 4 Aug 4 11
I would also like to put out there, that I am a huge music fan. In particular, I'm a big fan of extreme metal. I like death metal, I like black metal, I like straight up old school metal, but I especially love grindcore. If there are any hardcore ...
DevindeSade84 MO July 3 Jul 3 33
Any old Guns N Roses fans out there?
DarwinistOne TX July 2 Jul 2 2323
LINK Godflesh - Jesu
HoustonSagan TX July 1 Jul 1 22
It's difficult to sit back and watch Citrus Caligula burn our democracy to the ground. Here's a funny meme to distract from the indignity.
mt4704 NC June 18 Jun 18 22
I'm searching for people that like death metal. I'm yet to find a group for metal discussions haha, any luck on here?
Peeves Canada May 5 May 5 77
Song of the day. Melvins' Hooch.
alphasoixante NY Apr 19 Apr 19 00
LINK Shake It Off (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli) - YouTube
Jones_HF VA Apr 19 Apr 19 11
No Gods, No Masters - Arch Enemy Heres hoping that those of you unaccustomed to this style of vocals will find them leavened by the melodicism of the song. Here I am, back to the wall I pick the fight against the tide Free at ...
Rossy92 VA Mar 4 Mar 4 11
Soundgarden - Holy Water Holy water on the brain and I'm losing sleep Holy bible on the night stand next to me As I'm raped by another monkey circus freak Trying to take my indignance away from me Holy water is...
Rossy92 VA Mar 4 Mar 4 22
If I've categorized this incorrectly, please forgive me. There is a mix of stuff here. If Atheism had an anthem, I'd choose this one: "Indictment" by All That Remains, if you're into metal. My favorite verses: "Don't ...
CatiValti23 TX Jan 13 Jan 13 22
A little Devin Townsend for those unfamiliar with this enigmatic musical great.
Rufus_Maximus UK Jan 11 Jan 11 00
A Tale of Tales from the Last Inn
DangerDave NV Jan 4 Jan 4 44
Confessions of a Devil's Bride
DangerDave NV Jan 1 Jan 1 44