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Nov 5, 2019Nov 2019

Posted by Biblebeltskeptic
POLLWhat gets you going during the day?
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Health & Happiness
Jul 24, 2019Jul 2019

Posted by demifeministgal
For those of you that are very intrinsically motivated (motivation comes internally), do you have any tips on how you achieved this? Any shortcuts or lessons for those of us that are extrinsically motivated (ie motivated by rewards or to avoid ...
Health & Happiness
Apr 8, 2019Apr 2019

Posted by Neenz
I'm on a mission .. my goal is so big that it requires a character perfection which in turns requires a lot of work commitment and discipline. All self improvement items will be posted.. what type of discipline it requires. And a progress report ...
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Mar 18, 2019Mar 2019

Posted by LILRICO37
Silly, Random & Fun
Jul 31, 2018Jul 2018

Posted by Sensiwoman7
Could you master your mind? Or how well do you master your mind?
Health & Happiness
Jun 16, 2018Jun 2018

Posted by HotAlutiiq
How do you motivate yourself when motivation is down? I tend to set small goals and then build up. I don't want to work out today, but I put my shoes and shorts on.... I went and did a full workout, including some core work.
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May 27, 2018May 2018

Posted by Crimson67
I just don't want to move today!! We were all go yesterday doing soccer games and chores so we could have today to go do something fun and yet... Here I sit on the sofa with my third cup of coffee and zero motivation to do anything even though the ...
Religion & Spirituality
May 15, 2018May 2018

Posted by Tinyhouset
This has always been an interesting subject for me. I was raised in a very Christian home. My parents were the kindest, most giving people I have ever known. I seldom see their brand of Christianity. Their faith was silent in words but large in ...
Philosophy & Meaning
May 2, 2018May 2018

Posted by TuyTran888
The Rabbit and Turtle story is to motivate people to try and keep trying because in life too many people are not motivated enough and amongst those people there are that like the turtle or even worse like a snail but in their mind, they thinks and ...
Religion & Spirituality
Jan 21, 2018Jan 2018

Posted by Mcflewster
It seems to me that if religious or spiritual people are to give up their faith or belief it will not only be hard but leave one with a sense of loss. A good move to decrease these difficulties would be to first move into Agnosticism. How do we make ...
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Jan 4, 2018Jan 2018

Posted by silvereyes
What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?