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😊😋 Pajama party..
Cutiebeauty NY May 18 May 18 77
Martynas - Mozarts Rondo Alla Turca
FearlessFly MN May 17 May 17 11
Covid 19 Jaylene at the beach in Florida with a quickie unmasking!
Mofo1953 FL May 16 May 16 66
Anyone any idea why all my brassicas have gone pretty much straight to seed? Purple broccoli, cauliflowers and worst, sprouts. Now I need to fess up and admit I planted late in the season last year...but they overwintered fine, have started growing...
OwlInASack Jersey Apr 22 Apr 22 55
Let's discuss censorship. Earlier today I made a post that someone at the Admin level appears to have deleted within minutes of its posting. I nicely asked for an explanation on the community senate board several hours ago but none has been ...
Sgt_Spanky FL Apr 18 Apr 18 4444
This is MASS IGNORANCE AND IDIOCY. 25000 Bangladeshis gathering for a prayer session against COVID-19.
TimeOutForMe South Africa Mar 21 Mar 21 55
Is the threat of overpopulation a myth?
ToolGuy Canada Feb 14 Feb 14 11
Wuhan faced with a 2nd Virus: Christians are distributing facemasks on the streets of Wuhan as an occasion to proselytize in these people's most desperate hour. This is just so sad on too many levels....
KingofHarts CT Feb 9 Feb 9 1212
What do you think?
LordOtto CO Feb 8 Feb 8 22
LINK Hillary Clinton launches new attack on Sanders - World Socialist Web Site
Ian-Duggan Ireland Feb 8 Feb 8 33
U.S. appeals court will not reconsider net neutrality repeal ruling
FearlessFly MN Feb 7 Feb 7 00
LINK Telling and Selling the Overpopulation Issue: Why Climate Change Gets So Much More Attention | Free Inquiry
AnonySchmoose HI Feb 6 Feb 6 77
LINK Betsy DeVos compares being pro-choice to supporting slavery - AOL News
IAJO163 PA Jan 24 Jan 24 00
I enjoy this you tube channel, after several conversations here I think others might too. So, if you WANT to cramp your brain on many topics, from "life, the universe, and everything" try Kurzgesagt.
Davesnothere ME Jan 20 Jan 20 44
My comment @ only shows in my browser if I include the in the URL. Just entering the thread, I can't see my comment. Any idea?
Fred_Snerd OK Jan 8 Jan 8 88
LINK The researcher who loved rats and fueled our doomsday fears - The Washington Post
Archeus_Lore AZ Jan 3 Jan 3 11
Chinese start-up Mobike loses more than 200,000 bikes
FearlessFly MN Jan 1 Jan 1 11
If you visit Federal Hill in Baltimore, MD you may see this graffiti van which leaves chalk on the running board inviting others to add to it. I think this is cool. What do you think?
sassygirl3869 NY Dec 30 Dec 30 55
New rule: if you can't read, you can't be president.
WonderWartHog99 SC Dec 13 Dec 13 44
The other night I was at a club where people go to dance to the blues. I sat down beside one of my regular partners. Dancing is interesting. The music is loud and you don't usually talk much. You can get along dancing with people who you would not ...
Stephanie99 NY Dec 12 Dec 12 1414
The Steve Miller Band - I Love You
FearlessFly MN Nov 11 Nov 11 00
One of the best Bill Maher shows on Religion and Trump.
ToolGuy Canada Nov 11 Nov 11 00
LINK Jim crow laws hurting mothers of slain sons from WWI
bobwjr DE Nov 11 Nov 11 00
A Sunday funny..
Charlene Nov 10 Nov 10 33
Frequently said in office,"Be nice to the people you meet on the way up, because you'll meet those people again on the way down"
Remiforce NY Nov 7 Nov 7 55
Still doing the low carb thing and read this recipe and thought I’d give it a try. Sausage, chicken and cauliflower casserole. I’ll let you know if it’s a hit. :)
Gypsy494 OH Nov 6 Nov 6 33
Knowing that many members of feel strongly about over-population, I hope they'll read this - because we're blaming these very people, poor women in the undeveloped world, for having too many children, when in fact they are desperate to ...
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. Nov 3 Nov 3 22
Dancing Queen.......
jasen IL Oct 20 Oct 20 44
NOBLESSE OBLIGE--The inferred responsibility of priviliged people to act with generosity & nobility toward the less priviliged. "Because he was rich & famous, he was expected to act with noblesse oblige" (Whether he actually did is another story)
Remiforce NY Oct 11 Oct 11 22
"The One Trait to Look For In a Partner": The ability to see one’s own flaws and be accountable for them. Not an easy thing to find in another, and not an easy thing to do for myself. I hope someday though I'll find ...
bleurowz NJ Sep 26 Sep 26 99
No problems here!
Tomfoolery33 WV Sep 23 Sep 23 11
LINK Church bombing
bobwjr DE Sep 15 Sep 15 11
Does anybody else feel that there is no hope for this world? Global warming, overpopulation, pollution of the oceans, corrupt governments, and nuclear war. Just to name a few. It just seems in a few more years everything is going to collapse. ...
bradnyijuan PA Sep 14 Sep 14 77
Dad got large bottles and drank from a glass
Hathacat IL Sep 13 Sep 13 22
Finally, some wisdom from Australia. In the beginning this site wanted to promote such groups as FFRF and the Humanist as well as the issue of overpopulation. I often wonder if that is still the case.
JackPedigo WA Sep 10 Sep 10 11
I was watching a report on racism at the UK football/ soccer matches and they also said that homophobia was on the rise again. I started wondering about the way people seem to be becoming less tolerant with people that they perceive as different; and...
girlwithsmiles UK Aug 9 Aug 9 77
I simply reject the entire notion that there are any sort of non-physical beings in existance. To me, souls are imaginary. To me, anything "spiritual" is simply a metaphore. Nothing in the universe is eternal, including the universe... everything is ...
CuriosityExtant IN July 25 Jul 25 99
I have not read Huxley since my LSD days (The doors of perception) ... but I was sent these memes by a friend and they seemed worth sharing... .looked him up on wikipedia and found this list of concerns that all seem to be current issues - a ...
ShadowAmicus UK June 26 Jun 26 55
Putting this under politics since "climate change" is such a political topic. Here's an article about a book that provides what I think is a more realistic perspective regarding "overpopulation" and climate change fears. I haven't read the book, but...
IAMGROOT CA June 25 Jun 25 55
Also overpopulation
altschmerz IL June 13 Jun 13 22
As described in Saving Gaia, we should be looking at the planet in terms of Rational Darwinism. Darwinism is obsolete – there are no origins of new species except in the deep Amazon or perhaps wild Siberia. Rather Gaia theory should rule of the day...
Aristopus FL June 1 Jun 1 55
LINK Here Are The Main Takeaways From UN's Chilling Report on Species Extinction
THHA AZ May 6 May 6 44
crossing the ocean and it takes only almost an hour..HONGKONG-MACAU-ZHUHAI bridge!
Boomtarat03 Hong Kong May 2 May 2 22
I will confirm even I lose my temper. It takes persistent nastiness though to get me there.
RavenCT CT Apr 29 Apr 29 11
Marcel3405 MO Apr 24 Apr 24 22
Since I'm unable to copy/paste, I'll type this whole thing out...... As I drove into a parking lot, I noticed a pickup truck with a dog sitting behind the wheel was rolling toward a pedestrian. She seemed oblivious, so I hit my horn to get her ...
Lilac-Jade Canada Apr 24 Apr 24 11
Don't be a slave to religion..
Charlene Apr 22 Apr 22 99
Think “Easter Island”.... The biggest mistake mankind has made in history is to violate the first law of nature. “Adapt to your environment.” We learned to adapt the environment to us. Trees are cut to build a home. Minerals are taken...
Marcel3405 MO Apr 15 Apr 15 22
LINK Americans over 55 suddenly losing jobs at fastest pace in 4 years
snytiger6 WA Apr 8 Apr 8 22
A lighter side of overpopulation. Spotted this and thought it would be a good reminder on what is at the forefront of our most serious ills on the planet. .
JackPedigo WA Apr 7 Apr 7 22
LINK Birthstrikers: A Growing Number Of Women Are Choosing Not To Reproduce
SkotlandSkye OK Mar 27 Mar 27 44
Love this box of natural beauty. Would you like to receive a gift like this?
sassygirl3869 NY Mar 20 Mar 20 00
LINK The 12 Signs That Show We're in The Middle of a 6th Mass Extinction
THHA AZ Mar 18 Mar 18 22
LINK It's Happening: Study Confirms Our Oceans Are Already Losing Vast Quantities of Fish
THHA AZ Mar 10 Mar 10 22
the truth about the planet
LeighShelton UK Mar 10 Mar 10 11
Women call me ugly occasionally. But that’s only until they hear how much money I make. - Then they say I’m poor and ugly!
Wesley-C IN Feb 23 Feb 23 33
I had a weird dream last night. Jeff Hanneman gave me an ESP he played. Trippy. I wish I could have made it to his memorial...
TheGreatShadow NE Feb 19 Feb 19 00
so what does "Kids (Sometime)" mean? I'd initially read it as 'sometimes', meaning the person sometimes cares for their child/ren and is probably divorced etc... Now I see that wasn't it - but I'm bemused at how many people - well, men since it ...
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. Feb 17 Feb 17 44
LINK Environment in multiple crises - report - BBC News
SkotlandSkye OK Feb 16 Feb 16 22
LINK The Eastern Puma has been officially declared extinct.
SkotlandSkye OK Feb 9 Feb 9 88
Watching my dog dream, this makes me wonder...
LB67 CA Feb 9 Feb 9 44
LINK Over-population is the real cause of climate change – it's killing us all off
SkotlandSkye OK Feb 6 Feb 6 1212
Voter identification
RobertMartin MS Feb 2 Feb 2 66
LINK Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram - Somewhere Out There - YouTube
david75090 TX Feb 2 Feb 2 22
mmmmmmm breakfast of champions.......
SkotlandSkye OK Jan 30 Jan 30 77
LINK India is so overpopulated that many ‘antinatalist’ people are deciding not to have children
SkotlandSkye OK Jan 27 Jan 27 44
This is why we have an overpopulation problem.
Chrisbiologist WA Jan 22 Jan 22 77
How likely do you think it is that we will see a catabolic collapse of civilization globally by 2100 considering global warming, the 6th mass extinction, and all known feedback loops (ex. Permafrost methane, rainforest destruction, rising sea levels,...
Greymattersuit KS Jan 11 Jan 11 66
We Just Flew Past a Kuiper Belt Object. Here's Why We Should Do It Again.
phxbillcee AZ Jan 7 Jan 7 11
"Rififi" 1954 French crime thriller.Directed by Jules Dassin, it concerns a jewel theif getting involved in another jewel heist soon after his release from years in prison. But after the robbery is complete a nightclub gangster has the young son of ...
Ray13 OH Dec 21 Dec 21 00
Anyone else hate The Shape of Water? The minute the monster killed the cat, I lost all sympathy and interest.
Killtheskyfairy NY Dec 9 Dec 9 77
I've been dating a Canadian snowbird who is here for the winter. Thursday was the 2nd anniversay of his wife's death and he wanted to be alone. Yesterday morning, (Friday) he called me and said he didn't want to see me anymore. He wanted to be ...
Susieq CA Dec 1 Dec 1 99
LINK Overpopulation – The Root Cause of Our Problems – Why Is It a Taboo Topic?
Scorpio_gurl WA Nov 25 Nov 25 2424
This is what went down on the stretch of 95 that I travel - during the storm.
AmiSue CT Nov 19 Nov 19 11
When Mick said he has a cute bird with really long legs, I went straight over to his place, I didn’t know whether to laugh, sigh, cry or whistle...
RichieO Ireland Nov 14 Nov 14 77
I’m doing a thing. Im going to a dinner and body positivity discussion at the local college tonight. By myself. Look at me adulting and shit.
Marcie1974 MN Nov 13 Nov 13 66
Going to bed the other night, I noticed people in my shed stealing things, I phoned the police but was told there was no one in the area to help, The police said they would send someone over when available. I hung up; A minute later I rang ...
RichieO Ireland Nov 10 Nov 10 99
Cats that look like Hitler website.
snytiger6 WA Nov 9 Nov 9 44
I finally got blocked by the conservative group. Another thing to check off my bucket list.
Sticks48 TX Nov 6 Nov 6 1515
I just cannot wrap my head around how much of a douchebag this faux POTUS is. He's upset about the media covering the bomb news instead of focusing on him. What a truly disgusting pos this turd is. Trump’s Complaint: Bomb Plot Coverage Overtakes...
Condor5 CA Oct 27 Oct 27 1313
Even if all humans turned into peaceful, rational humanists like Steven Pinker or Hans Rosling, our greatest problems, those that threaten humanity's survival, like climate change, pollution, soil degradation, toxic waste, loss of biodiversity, ...
Matias Germany Oct 27 Oct 27 2828
Why are we here?
Fuckreligion666 NC Oct 20 Oct 20 1111
At Magical Gardens, Philadelphia
germangirl90439 FL Oct 15 Oct 15 99
This is a great story. Does this means she rules us all now? Or something?
BufftonBeotch SC Oct 6 Oct 6 11
I'm a Craig. I wrote this a about a year ago. I think you'll enjoy it immensely. 'The Last King Of Scotland'
Lincoln55 MI Oct 5 Oct 5 11
This is how Goody, Law Abiding Gun Control is Operated.
GipsyOfNewSpain NV Oct 3 Oct 3 22
Global warming, overpopulation, species extinction, a Yellowstone supervolcano, asteroid collisions, our own mortality Where is the proof that these things are worldly issues . I am preparing to help solve all the problems of the world but I want ...
AlbertThoery NJ Sep 30 Sep 30 88
This is creepier than the alien
Boogey CA Sep 23 Sep 23 11
Hey. I don't believe in God. There, I said it.
Kevin76002 TX Sep 13 Sep 13 1717
Given the challenges facing Earth (climate change, pollution, overpopulation etc) should we avoid having children?
kozmic WI Sep 13 Sep 13 44
Ahhh, those oh so benevolent middle eastern religions...
Omen6Actual FL Sep 12 Sep 12 22
Buy Nikes at Dollartree
Boogey CA Sep 6 Sep 6 11
Organized religion is the scourge of humanity. It is reponsible for most of the wars, and overpopulation in our world. Religion is the ultimate way for people to behave in irrational, violent ways. If our species is to survive, organized religion ...
GoodArt11975 NM Sep 3 Sep 3 11
Howitstarts23 IN Sep 3 Sep 3 77
LINK Saying Goodbye to Planet Earth
SkotlandSkye OK Aug 21 Aug 21 77
LINK Bill Gates Thinks A Coming Disease Could Kill 30 Million People Within 6 Months | IFLScience
empirical OH Aug 16 Aug 16 3333
Based on voting feedback, I’m now accepting nominations/volunteers for the new group owner. I will offer to stay on as a moderator if the new owner wishes. Please volunteer or send your nomination by private message. I’ll select from there, no...
filthyMONKEYmen VA Aug 11 Aug 11 22
Whatsa Matta Lucy?
sassygirl3869 NY Aug 11 Aug 11 11
Are you Opimistic about the future of the Human Race?
Hitchens Ireland Aug 10 Aug 10 3838