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On this site, I keep noticing lots of single older men from the UK. When I look at the other members in their area there are very few women. That made me wonder about the male female ratio there so I looked it up. According to this article there...
Lorajay OK Nov 15 Nov 15 44
OK. How many people come to this site to find a partner? A kindred atheistic spirit? Frustrated with dating sites crowded with choices of people who hold religion in high regard? They reject you automatically, don't they? An atheist! They must ...
theatreskill MI Aug 5 Aug 5 3434
There are things I really miss about having a partner. But today, I considered things I do not miss about living with another person. Because that's how my mind works. Here is a partial list (feel free to contribute): Arguments Being awakened ...
RoadGoddess TX Mar 22 Mar 22 2727
What is it about your partner/spouse that you wish you knew about before getting married/committed to each other? Would it have made a difference? Why, why not?
Cutiebeauty NY Jan 23 Jan 23 1313
For the men here, have you been able to share your feelings/tears with your partner? What was the feeling you took away?
Dan1947 NY Aug 5 Aug 5 1414
What would you do?
Sheannutt OR July 23 Jul 23 88
Would you have a wedding with religious aspects incorporated in it?
Mea CO June 29 Jun 29 3737
POLL What's your desire for a relationship or partner?
AwarenessNow CO June 17 Jun 17 1515
How likely do you think a long distance relationship would actually work out? It’s easy to FaceTime and spend quite a bit of time getting to know each other, and another of following through and meeting. I’m open to it, especially since I don’t...
PinkPassion ME May 18 May 18 1313
It is the greatest feeling when that happens. It may not happen a lot but when it does, you hang onto those sort of folks because they are a rare and precious find indeed.
mistymoon77 MN May 12 May 12 1212
With out any diplomatic answers,..... Do you consider age, look, culture and educational back ground make a difference when you Building Relationships?
Miloo Egypt Apr 1 Apr 1 5656
I've discovered that I love to paint! Thanks for being a community of free thinking, curious people I would love some feedback
JackMiller MI Feb 28 Feb 28 1616
Dreams Have you ever had “that dream” where you meet your perfect mate? In all respects you appear to be perfect for each other. With everything you, your friends and family explore to test this wonderful discovery of each other, it’s ...
SACatWalker CA Feb 28 Feb 28 1111
Do people of above average intelligence have a harder time finding a partner? Is it more difficult because said crowd would likely be more selective? Or is it because it's tough to find another human within close range who is on the same intellectual...
NicThePoet MA Feb 15 Feb 15 2929
What are you looking for?
Bolverk74 NJ Feb 4 Feb 4 2020
When did you know you had found your life partner?
UrsiMajor MD Jan 26 Jan 26 3131
Happily single—or not?
RoadGoddess TX Jan 19 Jan 19 8181
POLL What would you like most in a partner?
HeyHiHullo LA Jan 7 Jan 7 2727
Looking for "accountability partners" for weight loss!
GeekLeen FL Jan 1 Jan 1 55
48 underage girls have been rescued from the ashrams of a ‘godman’ in Delhi - The Washington Post
BookDeath VA Jan 1 Jan 1 00
Top tips for meeting soemone new
RobH86 UK Dec 31 Dec 31 66
Is in it Strange That We Go Online Looking for Honesty?
GipsyOfNewSpain NV Dec 31 Dec 31 55
Looking at beginning the year on a good note.. how to survive the zombie apocalypse. :) Now to find that partner who can survive dam near anything. What does your survival tactics consist of for the new year?
mistymoon77 MN Dec 31 Dec 31 11