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Glad that Tuesday still feels like Monday...means I'm NOT thinking about over sleeping...well maybe the thought did cross my mind and I stomped all over it..;)
Mimee India Nov 25 Nov 25 22
Great rant!
Science-guy Canada July 21 Jul 21 1111
LINK ‘I literally almost vomited’: Bistro closing down after Jew-bashing owner disgusts community with pro-Hitler rant
genessa MN Apr 16 Apr 16 11
I really dont get the point of this site
dml420 WI Feb 3 Feb 3 3030
For those people with whom I have disagreements in a public spaces like this, I have a genuine openness and desire to have honest and respectful debates. Positions might or might not change, but if everyone walks away feeling that they were respected...
ghettophilosopher FL Dec 24 Dec 24 1010
Damn they’re really making it hard to use this site. Have to get 50 points before you can do anything?
JacobMiley AR Dec 18 Dec 18 2222
Why is the County Attorney dragging their feet? This was already supposed to go to court like a month ago. I had 3 others that got time off of work to go with me. I was not required to go, but the CA said that if I didn't show, it'd more than likely ...
TheGreatShadow NE Dec 7 Dec 7 00
All right God of the sites! Fix your damn algorithm! I'm waiting for my t-shirt and it's getting cold!
Sept-10th OR Dec 5 Dec 5 88
This site has really turned out to be a very nice group of people. I come from other sites where being a anti theist was an A I had to wear round my neck. In the bible belt one is ostracized and shunned by many otherwise fine ladies. Here, however I ...
kgoodyear OK Nov 29 Nov 29 1616
POLL We want to let you know that we have received a number of complaints​ about your posts or comments. As we want to provide a free community where all members feel safe to express their opinions, we would like to remind you of our "Community ...
AirForceRN1 CA Nov 29 Nov 29 1919
HERE IS YOUR THANKSGIVING RANT THREAD... go ahead, let out your frustration with spending time with theist family & friends.
WeaZ MO Nov 22 Nov 22 00
Can’t stand sjws. Don’t like it? Tough. I’m not interested in dating someone that misrepresents liberalism.
MrControversy MI Nov 19 Nov 19 1414
English is not my first language so I'll try to make this as comprehensible as I can. For the love of what you pray for be it Hillary, Bernie, or Obama. Can you stop this madness. I've been here for less than a week and I'm already sick and ...
IdenIzzat VA Oct 26 Oct 26 55
This weekend I bought cleaning equipment for my kids to take to their dads because they're both complaining to me that his house is filthy! It is I've been there ?. He's also on more than 1 occasion sent them both to school with mouldy bread and ...
Josephine UK Oct 21 Oct 21 88
What the fuck have i done?!! I am too's the story of my life. I get into these silly situations where i get employment that i can't cope with and i end up walking out or these right wing days that spells danger ...
Ozay UK Oct 19 Oct 19 55
I don't care how this sounds. Goddamnit I have no one. Until now I had no idea that I was the absolute dumbest and ugliest person in the whole world. I mean really, what the Fuck??
MattTheRed85 FL Oct 19 Oct 19 66
Believe me when I say......I think I joined the wrong website group. I am not an agnostic. Anybody know a good atheist site?
57gord Canada Oct 17 Oct 17 2121
DEAR CHRISTIANS, Mark 16:17-18 Says That True Belivers Can Drink Poison And Be Perfectly Fine. Please Demonstrate Your Faith Before You Impose Your Religion On The Rest Of Us
Greenheart NY Oct 13 Oct 13 77
Dr Ford is a liar! She purposely wouldnt say the date or even the month this supposedly happened because if she had Brett could have proven he was somewhere else on that day. She should be sued for defamation!
gater CA Sep 30 Sep 30 88
I keep seeing people posting about the allegations of sexual assault against Bill Clinton and how Democrats turn their head when it's one of their own. (This is coming from people who either believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is lying or, they believe...
Duke CO Sep 30 Sep 30 3737
I am not sure what I expected when I joined this site. I have only been here for a couple of days so far, so I have not come to any hard conclusions as of yet. However, I am mildly disappointed. I guess I assumed there would be loads of ...
darthfaja MI Sep 20 Sep 20 1212
Where are you from? As a foreigner here I always get this question at bars. Some idiot asks me "where are you from?". My answer has always been "the restroom". You should see the expression on their face. What is it with idiots in this country? Are ...
lafunguy818 CA Sep 20 Sep 20 5353
FIRST IMPRESSIONS (from my first week, on this site.) i'm really not trying to be mean, maybe just a little dry, and analytical. maybe, you'll share your impressions, or experiences. first: AS A POTENTIAL DATING SITE. of the 11 women i sent a ...
anonymous Online Aug 29 Aug 29 3434
At the age of 33, I am trying to come to grips with the possibility that I may be alone for the rest of my existence. Yes, I have my kids, but they will soon grow older and want to live their own lives. Being alone is not something I look forward to....
DanielCrawford OH Aug 28 Aug 28 2626
I'm sure this will bring the people I'm talking about out of the woodwork but I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed in this site. I assumed (and you know what happens when you assume) that people who had seen the light regarding religion were of...
lerlo AZ Aug 7 Aug 7 1818
IAM NOT A BLT! Or an 's' (straight) I am a > G < (K-S) I like solidarity (politically or social) spaces... BUT FOR PEER SUPPORT Women present in those spaces does NOT improve my healing or fellowship. Does Any other GAY MAN feel deminished for...
Will-I-AM CA Aug 5 Aug 5 22
LINK Donald Trump Attacks LeBron James And Don Lemon In Latest Twitter Rant | HuffPost
Rideauxb CA Aug 4 Aug 4 33
patchoullijulie Australia Aug 2 Aug 2 11
Is it odd to occasionally look up and wonder... Is any of this real? Can this shitstorm that people call life possibly be real? And if it is, what of Heaven and Hell that people so ardently cling to? You know how I know that Heaven and Hell, and ...
ErichZannIII NY Aug 2 Aug 2 1414
I would like to apologize to everyone. I've had some rants on here that were not appropriate. I am sorry if I offended anyone. I'm not trying to excuse my behavior. But I have been dealing with some bad things in my life and have been lashing out ...
Spag84 MS July 31 Jul 31 88
Why the heck
Spag84 MS July 30 Jul 30 1010
CONFESSION: Yes, it's my fault for trying to date in a stupidly religious state but after the 100th time of seeing in a woman's profile that the guy she seeks "must love god" or "fear god" or "god comes first," I had to finally reply and I sent ...
lerlo AZ July 24 Jul 24 1212
How religious family members "support" you. Ive been having a pretty rough go of it these last couple weeks and im away from my family for the first time ever. They are religious and im an atheist. Weve discussed this, had conversation about ...
Lynn1216 CO July 21 Jul 21 4141
WOW, this is me all over... HEALTH AND HAPPINESS to vent for the GOOD of THIS PLANET!
LetzGetReal AZ June 25 Jun 25 55
Why do women always look at the appearance of a man more so than at his heart? Shouldn't a good personality and common interests be far more important - especially as we get older...and hopefully wiser?
tedelliss CT Apr 12 Apr 12 88
Things that enrage me: when atheists do that Christian thing and spread rumors without fact checking themselves. St Patrick did not drive out snakes. Ireland never had any. Snakes are not a euphemism for pagans. That myth is not very old. He...
Holyhellkel Mar 18 Mar 18 55
I'm called a pessimist, told that I have a negative attitude about life because I don't hold much hope for the future of humanity on this planet. I think I'm a realist, attempting to look at a subject objectively. and when I ponder the subject of ...
pilgrim FL Jan 27 Jan 27 1313
What's your biggest pet peeve online? For me it's when you're having a discussion with someone, or multiple people, on a topic and another person just has to go on a long idiotic rant about how they don't care about the topic and it's stupid to talk ...
Sethy NM Jan 18 Jan 18 22
Not sure which category this goes under since there is no general "rant" category. :) My rant is about people on social media who, upon reading someone's post -- you know the one "Pray for my dear Uncle Bob, he slipped and fell on the ice," jump in ...
NotMyRealName MO Jan 4 Jan 4 1515