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Another post rekindled my interest in Bertrand Russell. A man of many facets that definitely did not preclude love and sex.
Lorajay OK Mar 8 Mar 8 22
Tonight is date number three with a woman I met on the Okay Little Winged Guy site. I wasn’t a subscriber when I saw her profile, but something about her was appealing. Not just her photos, but her politics and career and attitudes aligned with ...
Bobbyzen KS Nov 23 Nov 23 2424
MissKathleen AZ Sep 30 Sep 30 1919
I think I just might make a craigslist/ebay post like this. I wonder how many ladies will respond?
WeaZ MO Aug 23 Aug 23 99
OK. How many people come to this site to find a partner? A kindred atheistic spirit? Frustrated with dating sites crowded with choices of people who hold religion in high regard? They reject you automatically, don't they? An atheist! They must ...
theatreskill MI Aug 5 Aug 5 3434
The Passionate Shepherd to His Love BY CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE: Stratford Players @Christiep77
EricTrommater VA May 10 May 10 11
Something I haven’t seen posted (not that it hasn’t been but I don’t live on this site so I miss a lot) is REAL people (not scammers or fake profiles) with ill intentions on Agnostic. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about people who...
BohoHeathen OH Apr 2 Apr 2 99
How many people here are willing to get involved with a man/woman who is separated, which is technically legally married. I now have serious reservations and wanted to know what others think.
Kojaksmom NC Mar 22 Mar 22 3030
Curious... If you have found success on here in finding a significant other or just local friends... let’s hear it. Spread the positivity...
WeaZ MO Jan 6 Jan 6 2323
MARRIAGE IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY I was watching a film clip of a show called, 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.' Here is a conversation between two characters: He said, "Did you ever think you are suppose to be something and then you realize you're ...
permanwilson NJ Dec 22 Dec 22 55
When you just have to share about a perfect first date... but none of your friends are awake at 4 in the morning... that's when you post on Yep, it was pretty much picture perfect. There was laughter, there was hand-holding, there...
Paul4747 MI Oct 20 Oct 20 3030
Anyone ever had chocolate wine?
WeaZ MO Oct 16 Oct 16 44
Romantic - Sexy - Religious - Shirt??? Was debating myself on what category this needed to be in??? Anyways... is he even wearing pants??? Haha
WeaZ MO Oct 11 Oct 11 33
A little second-hand advice for the fellas out there, looking to impress women.
TheAstroChuck NY Oct 8 Oct 8 77
Are you a romantic? Are you passionate in a nonsexual context?
TheAstroChuck NY Sep 8 Sep 8 3434
Hello everyone! I'm loving this place so far :) I'm looking for my forever woman. I hope she's here.
BlueSkies2019 NC Aug 19 Aug 19 11
Bit Of Scots Romance.
Coldo UK Aug 12 Aug 12 55
Meet anyone here?
Philippe78 UK Aug 2 Aug 2 11
Impossible relationship
Ana305 FL Aug 1 Aug 1 4545
What's the most romantic gesture someone's carried out on your behalf?
Mea CO July 29 Jul 29 4646
What's the most unusual/unique place you've had a "romantic encounter"?
RobLawrence DE July 27 Jul 27 2121
If romance in movies is bullshit then why does it turn women on?
thatgirllaura SC July 19 Jul 19 1515
Complete this sentence "I wish I had someone with whom I could share..."
WeaZ MO July 18 Jul 18 3232
WHAT DO YOU WANT IN A ROMANCE? With exactly five words tell what you want in a romance--not a sentence, just words. In other words, name five things you want in a romance.
permanwilson NJ July 16 Jul 16 1919
POLL To buy or not to buy?
WeaZ MO July 11 Jul 11 44
FACT. Haha
WeaZ MO July 10 Jul 10 11
POLL Would you rather?
McWalsoft IN July 7 Jul 7 3939
FUN AND SKILL! Don't usually like a remix but this one is pretty darn good. love Mr. Nat King Cole as well
LetzGetReal AZ June 19 Jun 19 11
Why do some men think women as "prudish" if they don't want to hookup?
Stepmomofdragons FL June 6 Jun 6 3333
So me!!!! a kink girl can hope
MissaDixon TN June 5 Jun 5 22
For those of us that are old enough to remember when this was how romance stayed alive. Nothing can replace those old love letters with the thoughts and feelings connected to each one.
mistymoon77 MN June 2 Jun 2 1212
I need to some advices or suggestions about finding girlfriend because I’ve been living in Sweden for nearly three years. It’s tough to find a girlfriend here cause Swedish people are little much shy and it’s hard to have contact with them I...
Hassan155logic Sweden May 26 May 26 99
LINK 5 Stupid Questions Women ask Men - Connie Podesta, CSP, CPAE - YouTube
McVinegar OR May 22 May 22 99
So, about dating... This is probably the most difficult and most frustrating. As an awake and aware person in the south, everyone here is pretty devout and close minded to anything outside of a white jesus bible. God fearing or must love the ...
JazzBlack GA May 21 May 21 2020
Was your first true love so profound you still feel it ? How did it turn out ? Was it blissful and you were floating on air ? The first cut is the deepest as far as I can tell.
musicman2803 CA May 19 May 19 1717
Such a rare find but when and if you do ever find, hold on and treat them well. It is all about the small simple gestures.
mistymoon77 MN May 19 May 19 2525
How likely do you think a long distance relationship would actually work out? It’s easy to FaceTime and spend quite a bit of time getting to know each other, and another of following through and meeting. I’m open to it, especially since I don’t...
PinkPassion ME May 18 May 18 1313
Just how strange?
Chrimcke04 TX May 17 May 17 1919
Just curious: besides the Internet, what other ways have you met people you've dated or been involved with?
bleurowz NJ May 16 May 16 2828
Have been contacted by other ISO, singles whom are seemingly wanting to impress via clever, esoteric language. SURE, I am a "word person" no doubt, could eat words for breakfast YET, without wanting to hurt anyone's feeling, I still find this ...
LetzGetReal AZ May 5 May 5 44
POLL Would blocking somebody here be the same as shunning in a religious sense?
PickledRick FL May 3 May 3 1212
I have been dating a Christian woman for about a month. Tonight she asked me if I was an atheist. Of course I'm honest and said I was. She explained her experience in the past was atheists are mean and have an agenda. I reassured her that we are ...
Medicdad TX May 1 May 1 77
Blame it on the moon, no?
LetzGetReal AZ Apr 30 Apr 30 33
Hello! My name is stupid and I thought I would share :) I thought she was absolutely beautiful when I saw her pictures online. She sounded absolutely amazing after I read her profile. Her words tugged on my strings. So I decided to say hi with no ...
Tutankhamun OH Apr 30 Apr 30 3232
I put this on 5 Atheists groups I belong to on FaceBook. Got some favorable feedback and one smart ass- there is always one, no? This is an OUTREACH MESSAGE: For Singles or for Friends. Open forums for men and women. Interesting groups...
LetzGetReal AZ Apr 28 Apr 28 33
I'm reading a novel and in it there's so much passion. The earth shattering desperation of two people madly in love with each other and it's so breathtaking and burning like a nuclear bomb Sigh I've never known that before. Ive never had that ...
LadyAlyxandrea KS Apr 23 Apr 23 77
Don''t Talk Politics or Religion. How often do you hear people saying this and where is the most common places you hear this.
Nevermind345 MD Apr 22 Apr 22 1414
Sexy pics or not?
SonderOpia TX Apr 18 Apr 18 5656
LINK 3 Daqat - Abu Ft. Yousra
Miloo Egypt Mar 29 Mar 29 11
Are you a romantic?
atheist Canada Mar 25 Mar 25 2222
Have you ever had a romantic "pet name?"
silvereyes OK Mar 17 Mar 17 4444
I am officially off the market for the season. Time to play.
GipsyOfNewSpain NV Mar 1 Mar 1 22
This post is strictly to those believers or Romance as a Tool and a Way to Live. To meet up with your "Future Witness to Your Life" You Fly or You Train. One to hurry up, one for the painful contemplation of where you are heading. Can you enjoy the ...
GipsyOfNewSpain NV Feb 28 Feb 28 66
Are you a romantic person?
Peacefulperson IN Feb 27 Feb 27 22
What do you want? How hard are you trying? Or you don't need to try hard to get what you want because you know where to find it.
GipsyOfNewSpain NV Feb 15 Feb 15 33
The person I wrote this for reminded me last night I did it... I write things but never memorize any... so with St Valentine Day around the corner... Why not? on a summer of broken things 7/24/17 things getting rough you can see...
GipsyOfNewSpain NV Feb 12 Feb 12 11
I wish Honda made men. I love my car and I've had it for over a decade (2003). It's paid for, low maintenance, easy to start, and comfy as hell. Now if only I could find a man with all those qualities.
Benthoven NY Feb 10 Feb 10 22
Intelligent Men Make Better Romantic Partners ?
Dougy WV Feb 1 Feb 1 99
Good Foggy Morning! I just signed up. Look forward to making some connections be it romantically or friendly.
Ktysroom CA Jan 30 Jan 30 11
Is 22 Too Young To Marry A 36-Year-Old? 'The Bachelor' Investigates | HuffPost
Dougy WV Jan 24 Jan 24 33
Black and White Films
Tendix NE Jan 23 Jan 23 2525
Is romance necessary?
Maya405 Canada Jan 3 Jan 3 1515
Why am I doing this?
GipsyOfNewSpain NV Dec 31 Dec 31 22
How important is romance in a relationship?
Lilie ND Dec 27 Dec 27 3333
So, I haven't been on here very long, but have seen some interesting posts. Just out of curiosity though, how hard has it been to meet people who think similarly as you? I find it extremely difficult, even though I am as social as they come. Not to...
AnyaNeese OK Dec 26 Dec 26 2525
How far would you go to meet someone you're interested in?
Ember IN Dec 18 Dec 18 44