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So.... David Moore just called to tell me that I won 4.6 million dollars in the publishers clearing House senior raffle. He asked me if I was 65 or over and I told him I wasn't. He assured me it was okay and I could still have the money since it...
SukiSue MA Nov 26 Nov 26 88
I am blocking the new scammers from "Ghana" one already asked me for money to "take a shower with me" travel money to USA....suggest everyone block them b4 any hack into your accounts
GreenAtheist IA Oct 11 Oct 11 33
LINK They Posed as Soldiers in Love. Over 30 People Lost $2.1 Million.
HippieChick58 NE Sep 7 Sep 7 66
I think I may have found my soulmate, nothing distracts her from her mission.
glennlab TX May 8 May 8 66
I’m getting leery about engaging in conversation with newer people on this site. There are a lot of fake profiles, and yes most are very obvious, but I’m starting to get messages here and there from some that for the most part seem legit...but ...
BohoHeathen OH Apr 6 Apr 6 99
Just so tired of people trying to scam you on these “dating sites”. To include this one. Remember to reverse search photos so that you know for sure with whom you are speaking.
Namaste SC Mar 26 Mar 26 66
"Watchers Group" Looking for members who recognize a lot of "celebrities" - from the music world - acting - performance of all kinds. ;-) (Ok porn). Level 5 members and up because we need to keep the scammers out. Without paid search engines we can't ...
RavenCT CT Feb 9 Feb 9 11
How to search a photo. You can open up a member profile by clicking either on the member name or the profile photo - and then you can click on the photo - be sure to open the photo fully (There is an expand view button in the upper right corner ...
RavenCT CT Feb 9 Feb 9 44
I have an interesting question of catfishing. How does this site deal with people who catfish? Are there preventative methods on this site?
VineetHonkan Canada Feb 3 Feb 3 1010
It's funny to me, how difficult it can be for these scammers to answer such simple questions in a consistent manner. lol. Greatest fraud detection ever! I do wish that when I blocked then that their profile would disappear from view. I think this ...
josh_is_exciting IL Jan 26 Jan 26 11
Is there anyway we can collect "bounty" points for each scammer we ID? We have a lot of members who are great at this and I think adding a little reward will fuel the competition!
Seeker3CO CO Nov 30 Nov 30 66
What’s with the influx of fake accounts on here? I’ve noticed a few. The profile pics of women are usually very attractive and in their 30’s. Their profiles are written badly. With bad spelling and grammar. Don’t fall for these fake profiles....
balou TX Sep 1 Sep 1 1717
I've been getting spontaneous private messages from young ladies who I've never spoken to on the public boards and I find it kinda creepy and I thinking that maybe they are scammers or just trying to get followers for commercial purposes, any of you...
sellinger NY Sep 1 Sep 1 1414
Frank Abagnale: The "Catch Me If You Can" guy talks at Google. First half is his conman story. Second half is Q & A and real insightful advice from the king of cons for protecting yourself and cyber of the future. He has been working as an FBI ...
rogueflyer OR Aug 13 Aug 13 11
Anyone have any experience with being hacked? First...someone has my cc number. I had it changed. Then I got the attached email. I googled it and found it was a standard blackmail threat with an old password so I ignored it. Then my ebay got hacked ...
thatgirllaura SC July 31 Jul 31 33
Suggestion to help make it harder for the scammers that are on this site. I would like the option to not allow anyone that was not a level 3 or higher to message me. The scammers won't commit to becoming level 3 and it will reduce their presence a ...
sassysapiosexual CA July 10 Jul 10 33
Financial scammers . Just wondering how many here , have run into scammers posing as potentials for relationships , but only out to take thousands of dollars from you ?
Cast1es TX Mar 11 Mar 11 66
I also want to say I’m new on here and I haven’t been asked for money from some who’s says they are from here but are currently out of the country.
Sailor OK Jan 15 Jan 15 1111
Had an 'odd' experience that I felt compelled to share (especially since 'dating' is part of this website). Had someone send me a friend request on FB; a lady that had a full profile, and seemed nice enough, so I accepted, and we chatted a little ...
DerekD AL Jan 10 Jan 10 22
Has anyone encountered scammers on this site?
MyLiege FL Dec 23 Dec 23 77