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I'm gonna make a run at kicking the habit beginning monday. any tips, tricks, funny stories are welcomed. I don't know if I'll be here a lot or a little. Anyway, if I get weird or out of line, I'll apologize when I can. maybe ?
hankster TN Apr 5 Apr 5 77
LINK Company Gives Nonsmokers Extra Vacation Days
snytiger6 WA Feb 26 Feb 26 1616
How do you quit smoking? My girl friend is dying from smoking and won't quit. Help! Anybody know?
michaelj OH Feb 2 Feb 2 1919
I am SURE that I can DO this After deciding to quit smoking, I now stock and use patches, gum, vape fluid AND cigarettes. I'm gonna do this RIGHT.
KevinAverett UT Jan 31 Jan 31 22
Let's make an anti- bucket list, comment something you'll never do again. ??
Sheannutt OR Sep 16 Sep 16 3030
Do you believe it's child abuse to smoke in a house or car with a kid inside? How long has your state been smoke-free indoors? How many of you can still smoke inside? I'm glad those days are gone for the most part! In my time, it was already more...
empirical OH Aug 16 Aug 16 77
POLL What do you smoke?
Sheannutt OR Aug 3 Aug 3 1818
Stop Smoking In 2003 I was smoking over two packs a day. Someone recommended a book that was supposed to make it easy to quit. They raved about it enough to make me curious. I wasn't particularly desperate to quit at the time but I thought ...
JSchaper IA July 30 Jul 30 11
What are your thoughts about hypnotism, have you ever got involved with a hypnotist? If yes,share the experience.
Humanlove OR July 22 Jul 22 1313
It's been one month since I smoked my last cigarette. Cold turkey. No slips, at all. But I still want one, all the time, every fucking day.
KKGator GA July 18 Jul 18 3838
POLL Did you know that tobacco has killed more people than both Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin combined?
Censorshipsucks MT June 1 Jun 1 44
Why would an intelligent adult use tobacco?
Censorshipsucks MT June 1 Jun 1 44
I'm still getting my feet wet on this site, but since subjects don't seem to be limited to religion, let me ask a question about smoking and vaping. How does one respond to a person who says smoking and vaping are the same thing?
jhberry TX May 29 May 29 2828
Ok I've had it with the cost of cigarettes. Tonight (May 14, 2018 11:22 pm) I smoked my last cigarette. I'm putting myself on blast to keep me steady. I know it will be difficult but it's time. Wish me well and help keep me on track. Any comments ...
ashortbeauty FL May 14 May 14 2626
To Vape or not to vape that is the question
AJimboShep82 Canada May 2 May 2 66
POLL If applicable, how did you quit smoking?
ashortbeauty FL Mar 7 Mar 7 6262
16 yrs ago today I quit smoking so every Superbowl It's celebration time. Haven't had a relapse and the first two years, I saved up all the cig money and bought myself something special as a gift and reward to me for doing it. So glad I did too.. ...
mistymoon77 MN Feb 4 Feb 4 1717
POLL You have a magic button in your home!
JeffMurray OH Jan 25 Jan 25 11