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Lest I forget what I come from:
Nunya KY May 26 May 26 11
So butt hole sunning to charge your prana life force energy is apparently a thing now...
holykoolaid TX May 5 May 5 44
The irony in this church pamphlet...
Biblebeltskeptic SC Mar 27 Mar 27 11
Atheist: let's assume that heaven is real....would you be happy in heaven knowing the ones you love are in he'll? Christain: uuhm.. well... uuuhmmmm
Ramone Jamaica Dec 19 Dec 19 44
I introduce you to the WORLDS LARGEST OUIJA BOARD...
WeaZ MO Oct 28 Oct 28 00
Tips on dealing with religious family before, during, and after funerals...
WeaZ MO Oct 3 Oct 3 1616
"Spiritual not religious" I know this subject has probably been beat to death but having just come across this quote in a dating profile, maybe one of you spiritual people can explain this to me. Here is the quote: "I have a regular spiritual ...
lerlo AZ July 31 Jul 31 4040
Amber I in The Goddess Among Us Trinities and Freudian Archetypes - me While Amber is a definite "go to girl" for much of my art, the "poem" has been a work in progress, refurbished and restated often, but this particular version ...
DangerDave NV Apr 17 Apr 17 22
Delain - We Are The Others Not the first time I've posted this but this time with a favorite random shot of Charlotte... ... Oh, and YES this should be a "rally song" for ALL our collective "others"! ...
DangerDave NV Apr 10 Apr 10 11
Omnism - Wikipedia or How to get along with nearly everyone of nearly every religion - me The letter of the day in Tales is O...pirates, you'll have to wait a time... O as in "ommmmm-nism" The simple ...
DangerDave NV Apr 10 Apr 10 11
Go look at the moon.
Metahuman MO Mar 20 Mar 20 55
What's your take on this song's lyrics? "Most intellects do not believe in God but the fear is just the same" is a line from Erykah Badu's 1997 hit 'On & On'. I have heard this song countless times on my R&B playlist and long since only admired it...
jemzet8 UK Nov 13 Nov 13 00
I just recently had a conversation with a lady that says God, angels, devil and Higher spiritual dimensions are real. She says “I need to find my Spirit guide and be Awakening to the Spirit side, and to do that I need to do these things.” ...
WeaZ MO Nov 8 Nov 8 2424
HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Literally laughing hard... I Want to Marry and Start a Family With My Ghost Boyfriend | This Morning
WeaZ MO Oct 31 Oct 31 33
So, I should of counted how many times I yelled at the screen. So much Woo & misinformation.
WeaZ MO Oct 22 Oct 22 00
Is this the spiritual successor to Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back?"
joeymf86 GA Aug 8 Aug 8 11
POLL How many of you agree? We don't need a religion
Dushyant India July 22 Jul 22 1515
Why don't you ever hear about demons possessing atheists?
6079BondarA MI June 24 Jun 24 2828
I love being outdoors, being physical, taking in nature. Today I kayaked, and tonight I swam. I love to walk downtown Columbus as well as hike dirt trails in the woods. Right now I'm sitting looking at the crescent moon rising over downtown, and it's...
Bethro OH June 17 Jun 17 33
I really pity god, because people manipulate him however they want, and he is powerless to defend himself.
TuyTran888 MI May 2 May 2 33
POLL Do you ever see yourself becoming a theist again?
CedrickMoore FL Apr 21 Apr 21 44
Has any of you experienced anything that could be labeled supernatural during meditation?
Greg77 Canada Apr 9 Apr 9 66
Are East Meets West Stores taking advantage of the spiritual mindset?
Nikonian NJ Mar 28 Mar 28 99
Are we connected?
MartinG OK Mar 25 Mar 25 22
Anyone familiar with " A Course in Miracles" book. A women I was in a relationship a while back was into this book/religion/cult/group. They would sit around in a circle and read chapters from this book to discuss. Groups were small, no more than 20 ...
PickledRick FL Mar 12 Mar 12 11
The Basics of Philosophy
kensmile4u FL Mar 2 Mar 2 11
My friend Becca speaking about health and happiness from Ecuador
jeffy OH Feb 24 Feb 24 22
Agnostic Spiritual and/or Religious People?
Keela MO Feb 10 Feb 10 77
What, exactly, does it mean to be "spiritual"?
firecracker WI Feb 9 Feb 9 1212
SchuylaRDiamond SC Feb 1 Feb 1 1010
Jethro Tull: Minstrel in the Gallery (07/31/1976)
DangerDave NV Jan 5 Jan 5 33
POLL GHOSTS - Fact of Fiction? Do they exist?
ripcurldane Australia Dec 31 Dec 31 55
How do you feel about mind altering psychedelic substances?
anonymous Online Dec 31 Dec 31 11
AI Self Identify in a Steampunk Reality
DangerDave NV Dec 30 Dec 30 11
How do you personally define the word "spiritual?" To me, it does not mean a lack of dogma but still holding on to belief in one or more imaginary deities, but more of a sense of seeing one's self as a small part of a greater whole, and having an ...
Mambocat OR Dec 8 Dec 8 1010