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Religion & science--the topsy twins of human affairs. Since we have the scientific method & the enlightenment, why is religion still around ? Science is based on rationality & dispassionate examination of empirical evidence. It is earthbound & ...
Remiforce NY Sep 2 Sep 2 2525
I was taking a walk in the evening, when the sun was starting to lose its ass-whooping momentum. I was wearing a yellow crop top and some tight 70's bell bottoms and I admit that I was camel-toeing just a little bit. I let my hair go wild in the ...
FinchiMcQueen NM Aug 27 Aug 27 33
50 years In love
Boomtarat03 Hong Kong Aug 7 Aug 7 00
There's a flake of the tobacco from the rollie that she dragged upon my lower lip. As I stood eyes gazed moonstruck Luminescent endorphin rush with a like-minded opposite.. And all the moonlit nights I spend adrift, I'm a little less alone, ...
Rabbittarius CA Oct 29 Oct 29 00
Bedtime Story From Fucking Bible Again “Oh, please no, not another one of these,” Neel reportedly said to himself upon hearing his mother begin telling yet another tale about shepherds, adding that he’s listened to ...
OlderMusicGeek IA Aug 20 Aug 20 22
Healthy Christians???
WeaZ MO Aug 7 Aug 7 88
Do you usually root for the good guy or villain in a movie?
EmeraldJewel OK Aug 1 Aug 1 1111
I was challenged to write a story recently in 101 words or less, so here it is. The local legend Snell did not think twice. It stood outside the shop unsecured. A quick glance and into the alley with the small sized rug. He did not see it coming ...
273kelvin UK Aug 1 Aug 1 66
Can anyone do this in only four words?
Sheannutt OR June 30 Jun 30 4141
LINK The Rye Whiskey Review : As If Nothing Ever Happened. by Jesse Lynn Rucilez
jlrucilez NV June 28 Jun 28 00
Stephen Hawking's Heaven Assessment
sassygirl3869 NY May 3 May 3 22
What's your go to funny story?
Mea CO Apr 8 Apr 8 1717
Post one line of popular song lyrics and create a story, I’ll start. He’s just a poor boy, from a poor family. ?
ImpressionistMe WI Apr 8 Apr 8 1111
New here and very curious how everyone crossed the line so to speak to your current level of belief or non belief. I'm a former ( BAD) Catholic ( born and raised) who went on to be a born again Christian during a horrible upheaveal in my marriage ...
Stargazer13 NY Apr 7 Apr 7 3232
My story is, for the most part, "based" on a true story. After all, I am merely a figment of my own imagination.
Benthoven NY Feb 15 Feb 15 22
PeterJohn did the math and found it will take him 8,000 days to reach level 10. Sounds like we need a little help. Maybe if we start a modular story it'll help. Leave a comment that adds to the story, a reply to a comment if you want to interject ...
JeffMurray OH Jan 18 Jan 18 33
Faith born into
ScienceBill72 IL Jan 1 Jan 1 00
Nobody is laughing at the Religious Left in 2017 – ThinkProgress
zblaze OR Jan 1 Jan 1 77
Has the metoo movement affected your dating life or the way you interact with people of the opposite sex?
IndySent Norway Jan 1 Jan 1 2020
Fake Evidence Appearing Real Christmas Eve I attended an interdenominational mass with a co-worker. It’s been years since I’ve stepped foot in a church and I’ve never attended a Catholic church or interdenominational service ...
itchic AZ Dec 30 Dec 30 33
15 Scientifically Unexplainable Places That Actually Exist
Tecolote MO Dec 30 Dec 30 33
Are the Abrahamic religions just a representation of the zodiac?
SteveB IA Dec 28 Dec 28 1212
Children: Yes or no?
Kreig New Zealand Dec 28 Dec 28 88
The story of Noah has been plagiarized at least twice from older religions.
steve148 NV Dec 27 Dec 27 00
Was the biblical flood just the end of the last ice age?
Andystu Australia Dec 26 Dec 26 1717
Capitalism A Love Story 2009 Full Movie - YouTube
blend IN Dec 26 Dec 26 00
XX (female) take on Abrahamic religions; self-depracating?
BobFenner CA Dec 26 Dec 26 00
Those of you who are NOT single, what do you like most about your significant other?
GeekLeen FL Dec 26 Dec 26 55
The Vampire Experience Anyone? Vampire vs Religion?
GipsyOfNewSpain NV Dec 26 Dec 26 11
PERSONAL READING LIST FICTION, NOVELS, CLASSIC 1. Last Of The Mohicans, The - Cooper, James Fenimore 2. Utopia - More, Sir Thomas 3. Brave New World - Huxley, Aldous 4. Brave New World Revisited - Huxley, Aldous 5. 1984 - ...
realdancermn MN Dec 25 Dec 25 22
FAVORITE ACTORS – MOVIES - ETC ACTORS Al Pacino Robert DiNiro Paul Newman Robert Redford Cary Grant Audrey Hepburne Jane Fonda Sarah Jessica Parker Kim Catrall Laure Marsac (French actress) MOVIES AND PLAYS DRAMA Dances With ...
realdancermn MN Dec 25 Dec 25 00
Watching South Park Christmas which tells the story of a non-offensive holiday play through the eyes of Kyle a son of the only Jewish family in town. Funny. Comedy channel-marathon on now
sassygirl3869 NY Dec 25 Dec 25 11
Hey there! Im getting to know and all of you out there! Who's interested in making new friends! I have an interesting story to tell, and I would like to hear your Stories!
Johnny1 Germany Dec 25 Dec 25 00
A Christmas Story marathon starting 8 PM on TBS, Non-religious and I'm watching it.
sassygirl3869 NY Dec 24 Dec 24 33
Does anyone else find it interesting that the Bible has a detailed (though nonsensical) story to explain why humans have so many languages but has nothing to explain the different skin colors? The bible attributes much of the world's conflict to ...
11Novelist CA Dec 23 Dec 23 33
I have read some of the posts about polyamory. There are so many different variations of it. I have asked some people about it, and I got a lot of different answers. One recent variation I learned about was a woman I know who went outside her ...
Griff414 MO Dec 23 Dec 23 44
The Last Question by Isaac Asimov (short story). It's an amazing nine pages of literary genius. Post your thoughts!
Marz AZ Dec 23 Dec 23 22
How to explain the Adam and Eve story?
Irreversible OK Dec 22 Dec 22 2222
Texts From A Top Right-Wing Group Just Leaked: 'I HATE Black People. End of Story.'
snytiger6 WA Dec 22 Dec 22 00
Since we are in the swing of calling out various concerns how about the news media and their owners. Reporters were once known for holding the feet of government and business to the fire. Today sensationalism seems to rule. The same story about mass...
Marine CT Dec 22 Dec 22 11
A STORY ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF LOGIC AND CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS. When my kids were small, the mother of a friend would babysit them. Often, the kids and I would take her to the grocery store on the way home. (She did not drive.) At the time,...
MrLizard FL Dec 22 Dec 22 00
Predestination (movie)
godef MA Dec 22 Dec 22 00
A Story...
Heretic1965 PA Dec 21 Dec 21 33