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My 1st Atheist Tattoo.
WeaZ MO Aug 17 Aug 17 00
Ignore what people think.
Boomtarat03 Aug 2 Aug 2 00
Like my tattoo?šŸ˜ŽšŸ˜‹šŸ˜‰
Boomtarat03 May 19 May 19 1111
Made it to Orange County, flight was great, middle seat, but good seat mates. The guy next to me even bought my glass of wine. Might be the tattoo or nose ring Iā€™m trying out.
GwenBFree FL Apr 4 Apr 4 77
LINK Researchers Believe Bone Tattoo Kit To Be World's Oldest Of Its Kind : NPR
whispers TX Mar 8 Mar 8 33
Show me a picture of your most painful tattoo...or if you feel no pain just show me the last one you got.?
Sheannutt OR Feb 12 Feb 12 55
Got this tats 3 weeks ago,my second tats actually,my first one is in my thigh its a "chinese tribal dragon"...those tats of mine has alot of meaning to me and it is me as a whole...take a pic of your's and care to share it with me? Plus why you have ...
Boomtarat03 Feb 3 Feb 3 55
How do you handle dating as an atheist?
2ndhandroses66 Canada Aug 10 Aug 10 1414
POLL I DO / DO NOT have tattoos?
Magician FL Aug 7 Aug 7 2727
POLL If you had to choose one, what would you get as a tattoo?
pan_heathen97 MI July 11 Jul 11 1515
I had a "First" happen in my life today. My first tattoo! I was so excited. My best friend's talented son has a shop, and she went with me and held my hand. It was an adventure and I will cherish the memory each time I admire the ink!
Deb57 IL June 22 Jun 22 2626
I just got my second tattoo ever. I think I got my first one in 1996. This is of the coordinates of a stage in a field on an old hippie commune in southern Indiana, where Ukulele World Congress happens. This year is UWC X, and I've been going since ...
Nottheonlyone IN May 24 May 24 1717
Iā€™m considering a second tattoo, I keep thinking it may be based on this atheist symbol. Who on here has an atheist tattoo and are you glad you got it?
ArdentAtheist FL Mar 26 Mar 26 33
If You Are Like Me And Considering Your First Tattoo, Check This Out :-)
twshield TX Feb 1 Feb 1 66
Hi all, I am a single gay man checking out this site... I am from TN. I am part Native American, and my Native name is Rainbow Wolf. I am looking forward to getting to know some of you on this site. Cheers Mates....
NoahBuiltDeArk TN Jan 30 Jan 30 00
This is just for fun.
Atheist_chick NY Jan 9 Jan 9 44
POLL Do you have a tattoo?
Kreig New Zealand Dec 25 Dec 25 3232
Looking for tattoo ideas...
Roxietech CA Dec 20 Dec 20 00