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Welcome to the venting diary group @K9Kohle789 just vent and shout it out on here😊
Boomtarat03 Hong Kong May 30 May 30 11
Welcome to the humble,different,unique and happy venting group @MYCAMP3 and to those people who first joined this group.. 😋 just vent and vent and vent then stand up,keep going and face the crazy world again🙂
Boomtarat03 Hong Kong May 23 May 23 00
Greetings everyone! I am brand new here. I am 28 years old and indentify as a hard athiest-humanist. Although I assert that I have 98% certainly that there is no gods, I maintain the stance that I am just purely rejecting the belief and not making ...
Raumrabe SC Apr 20 Apr 20 1010
Hello! I'm Robb from Phoenix. This is my first post. More soon...
456asdf AZ Apr 9 Apr 9 99
We hit 100 members today! Welcome @SiouxcitySue. Wherever you are @misterinvisible, I'm trying to make you proud and not mess things up too bad!
Wildflower FL Apr 7 Apr 7 66
Howdy Folks, I am new and desperately in need of kindred spirits for discussing mutual beliefs. Being as we are smothered in the bible belt surrounded by "believers" its hard to find support outside religion. Is it just me or does anyone else ...
Coyote1 MO Mar 21 Mar 21 2424
Somehow stumbled on this site on the web, it sounds really interesting. I've always been agnostic, even after years in a church choir. I'd really like to meet like minded people (preferably female) to discuss life etc over a few beers or decent ...
Vince63 UK Mar 16 Mar 16 88
Everyone has been so friendly here. Im new so message me if you want to chat. Love you fellow fighters for truth
Alphaeevee UT Mar 16 Mar 16 22
How does this work ?
Tigerlilly Australia Mar 5 Mar 5 11
I really like this site
manfenson2 CO Feb 22 Feb 22 22
Hello, Everyone, I am brand new here...I just now signed up. I am glad to have finally found a place with like minded people where discussion/debate is encouraged. I am looking forward to seeing where this goes....
IIHEATHENII FL Feb 15 Feb 15 3434
Hi.whats up here?
Yasamin Netherlands Feb 7 Feb 7 99
Hello everyone! Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I’m hoping to meet people with similar interests and ideas. Anything else in mind let me know!
tjdudeman TN Feb 6 Feb 6 1313
Looking for the right one...anybody here??? ???
blessie22 Philippines Feb 6 Feb 6 33
A newbie question
Neenz Canada Feb 3 Feb 3 88
I have no facebook, twitter nor any other social media account. Im trying this one out and see how it goes. So, hello there!
Diegosuplado Philippines Feb 2 Feb 2 1313
New to this, anyone wanna show me around this interesting new world?
GodQuestioner UK Jan 31 Jan 31 55
Thanks for accepting my request for joining the group. Looking forward to hearing the view points of everyone & having great conversation's.
Billy1957 TN Jan 31 Jan 31 33
Hi just starting out,looking for a bit of fun too start with
DEADHEAD67 UK Jan 29 Jan 29 66
Hello. Divorced 46 year old who no longer sees the point. Quite literally, everything on this journey is a lie.
Celanawe MO Jan 29 Jan 29 1616
Just stumbled in and feeling much like I may have found my people. I don't agree with all, but looks to be a refreshing site.
Sandigram MI Jan 28 Jan 28 2323
Greetings From The Land of The Alamo!
PaulFarrell TX Jan 26 Jan 26 55
First time on here we'll see where it leads
mannie1989 KY Jan 26 Jan 26 22
Fairly new to the community just wanted to say hi
DarkOne1979 MO Jan 25 Jan 25 1111
Bazinga! I just signed up. How is everyone doing?
RekabSirhc GA Jan 20 Jan 20 1818
New to here...
VeganDemocrat WA Jan 19 Jan 19 1919
New to the group ,interesting idea.
Dragonjoe CO Jan 19 Jan 19 1414
Any words of wisdom for a newcomer to this site?
Alanms2019 CA Jan 18 Jan 18 1212
Hello everyone!!!
Neatgirl76 ND Dec 23 Dec 23 2828
Hi! My name is Lalune, I'm a 24 year old Canadian living in England. I grew up in an overall non-religious house, in a non-religious school, with mostly non-religious friends. A couple years ago, I took a brilliant university Religion class which...
lalune UK Dec 20 Dec 20 1010
Hello! My name is Jason and I am new to Murfreesboro, TN. I look forward to building friendships and learning from others within the community. Have a wonderful day!
HiFiGuy MS Dec 20 Dec 20 88
Am i a little too late?
Milesaway CA Dec 10 Dec 10 88
New on this App
RicardoMex Australia Oct 25 Oct 25 44
This will be my first post here, and it is very difficult to write, as silly as that may seem. I suppose it is not helped when I have been very honest here on my profile regarding things that I normally am not particularly forward with. Hello massive...
SeptemberRain TX Oct 22 Oct 22 9191
Hi everybody!
imahermit LA Oct 11 Oct 11 88
I am new here! Not sure what to do.
Osborne9 OH Oct 6 Oct 6 1313
Heya .. sorry this is my 1st time on this social network.. i'm sure i'm a bit .. clumsy on it hint patience is a virtue or so they tell me :)
SandmanCbs Canada Oct 2 Oct 2 11
I'm new and just wanted to say hello! I'm excited to meet some like-minded people
Elly-Katheist OH Oct 1 Oct 1 1010
Hello newbie what's up? New phone what's dis?
Dazeypanda NY Oct 1 Oct 1 22
New Here. I just wanted to say thank you to the site developer. You've done a really good job at making a site that is easy to navigate. I especially like it that you included hints and helpers regarding the answering of bio questions. I get so ...
FreeHugs TX Sep 29 Sep 29 66
Hello All! I'm very excited to have discovered this site! I'm looking forward to making friends here. This seems like a place for highly intelligent people with open minds who use them.
FreeHugs TX Sep 29 Sep 29 00
Hi I am Christine and am looking to meet like minded people. Love chatting away from the mainstream.
Chrissy2018 UK Sep 29 Sep 29 1111
Welcome Autumn ?????
Sheannutt OR Sep 22 Sep 22 44
What is this site??
IgnaciousJ ID Sep 21 Sep 21 1515
Finally a place to breathe
dagreatone81 SC Sep 21 Sep 21 2121
Just saying hello out there! Hope to hear form you guys, don't hesitate to write me, but please make it more than just a me you're interested.
narkin84 AL Sep 20 Sep 20 33
POLL New here and needing more points to actually use the website. Help a brotha out :) Or just say hi, that'd be cool also.
Jay-Mac AZ Sep 9 Sep 9 1515
Hi everyone. I’m new here and just checking wverything out
johnpwoods1313 NY Sep 5 Sep 5 22
Greetings to the heathen community! I just joined yesterday to get my feet wet and perhaps connect with a like-minded member of the opposite sex! As stated in my profile info, I work as a security guard and I keep unusual hours due to my ...
Dannyag FL Sep 5 Sep 5 1818
I am new to this talking with others about my beliefs and disbeliefs
Rosayvhyn VA Sep 4 Sep 4 1111
The idea of having a relationship with a woman who has a point of view similar to mine about how the world came to be and what will happen when life ends is appealing to me. Even that point of view is not similar to mine, it would be a relief to ...
JonP256 WI Sep 2 Sep 2 33
Hello everyone, my name is James. I am new to this site. I’m hoping to meet some nice people and see where it takes me. Finding love is hard, but I’m not giving up. Hopefully I’ll catch someone’s eye.
jamespw TX Sep 1 Sep 1 44
I'm a recovering widower. I work in Prague during term time and live in the north of England.
fretherne Czech Republic Aug 26 Aug 26 33
Looking for like minded friends
Roughneckg Canada Aug 25 Aug 25 66
Hi everyone! :)
Naberius Germany Aug 23 Aug 23 77
Humanist/agnostic lesbian lady of a certain age here (61). My girlfriend recently broke up with me and of course much of the trouble between us probably stemmed from the fact that I am a non-believer, and although she attends a new-age progressive ...
ginger56 MO Aug 22 Aug 22 55
Looking for a partner with time and love to share
Organicplum UK Aug 21 Aug 21 44
Is there anyone in my area looking for a friend
Silverado_1983 KY Aug 13 Aug 13 22
Thanks for the warm friendly welcome from everybody! I just joined yesterday evening and hoping to reach the level where I can chat with others here in the chatrooms and get to know more people that way hopefully.
Looking4-Others TX Aug 12 Aug 12 44
Wow I had no clue that there were so many more like minded people I thought I was alone in my beliefs.
Looking4-Others TX Aug 11 Aug 11 77
I just joined but so far , I think I'm going to like it. It is refreshing to hear others have the same outlook as you.
Dogsoldier44 OK Aug 11 Aug 11 33
Well here I am sitting the bar, drinking a cold one. Got here some how looking at something on facebook, where I haven’t been in awhile, been on Twitter more lately. This should be interesting. I usually don’t post much mostly read what people ...
MatthewRaver66 FL Aug 11 Aug 11 77
Well hi guys new on here
Tonyenglishgent UK Aug 10 Aug 10 66
Just joined Agnostic, excited to meet other freethinkers!
Ian607 NY Aug 8 Aug 8 22
Hello all! Noob here. Tips? Pointers? Thank you Site looks interesting.
SallyMac OK Aug 7 Aug 7 55
I"m new. I'm looking to interact with real hypotheses, not "what if" scenarios. Hi.
HereticSin IN Aug 4 Aug 4 22
I would like to meet friends.
Carynr AZ July 30 Jul 30 44
Hi to anyone who is reading this ?? I've just joined and wanted to be a part of community where I wouldn't be judged for being agnostic.
moonshadow12 Canada July 10 Jul 10 1919
Who are you?
Crimson67 KY June 2 Jun 2 1919
How to you relate to artifical intelligence? Do you fear it or support it?
Marine CT June 1 Jun 1 1818
I'd like to introduce my good friend @ordermatters to the community! He's German too ... we're slowly invading :D
germangirl90439 FL May 25 May 25 33
Hi, I'm new here, I really like to meet new like minded people :)
Ben474 Australia May 16 May 16 99
Hello, I'm new here. be patient with me while I figure this site out
Chaco TX May 8 May 8 1414
Pls check out one new group on this great site: "Action Advocates for our Environment and Ecology Group". I am a newbie on here, have joined a lot of groups; hosting this one... Yet to post on ALL the groups I am a member of, and not as adequate on some as I would like and shall in the future....
LetzGetReal AZ May 5 May 5 22
Well, my day was JUST made on here, anyway. Reported someone who seemed to be a troll and/or a scammer from the get-go, and got him booted off the site. TY administration. I LOVE this community!
LetzGetReal AZ Apr 28 Apr 28 88
I'm a recovered fundamentalist. Suffered a lot of cognitive dissonance over the years which led to a anxiety, depression, etc. Finally had an epiphany that was far too late in coming. Even though it meant the loss of my family and many of my friends,...
Inceptionistic CO Apr 28 Apr 28 44
Nice to meet you all! Im Carla, an atheist and have been for over 20 years, im excited to get to know y'all
Carla_Jones CA Apr 28 Apr 28 6969
Hi folks! Just wanting to reach out & see if anyone answers back,
IrishCrone WY Apr 22 Apr 22 1010
Am again so very pleased to have found this URL. At first, I made an erroneous assumption that I did not CARE AT ALL re advancing level wise, but it is in fact MUCH MORE about PARTICIPATING in a fun, interesting and growing online community; if not ...
LetzGetReal AZ Apr 18 Apr 18 22
Hi, I'm new.?
Emme IL Apr 3 Apr 3 55
POLL Did you Really Take it Serious here
Miloo Egypt Mar 29 Mar 29 11
BIG shout out to the 375 new members. WELCOME
Tippa OH Mar 18 Mar 18 33
Hello, I am new here. A friend of mine told me about this website. So hi!
WarriorVixen TX Mar 16 Mar 16 66
Finally, some people I might have something in common with. Hi :)
DPreston13 GA Jan 23 Jan 23 1212
Wonderful to be a part of this like- minded community.
Jennie TX Jan 14 Jan 14 1010
Hi everyone! Thanks for accepting my membership, I'm looking forward to joining in some discussions with you all. Also, can any members near Leicester, UK, recommend anywhere local to physically meet other like minded people?
ScottBrandreth UK Jan 9 Jan 9 99
Just a little introduction I didn't want to use as my bio: While I was raised in a Christian household, I only ever identified as such for the 5th grade in an attempt to gain popularity. My parents did a great job of teaching their 4 children to ...
verdefae GA Jan 6 Jan 6 1313
G'Day, Kia ora, and welcome, new members! The membership base of the site appears to be growing rapidly. As a new member, you could perhaps find it a little intimidating at first; especially as some of us are really getting to 'know' each other, ...
Kreig New Zealand Jan 4 Jan 4 66