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This morning, we had an agency-wide managers’ meeting, offsite. The ED decided to start the meeting with prayer as usual (even though we are classified as a governmental entity, it’s the East Texas Bible Belt). As always, I tried to be ...
mentalinnuendo TX Nov 22 Nov 22 6161
My job site😉 the weather still in not good condition but Chinese people still do working unless the typhoon goes T8 (typhoon signal) but T3 today but still have the strong wind.
Boomtarat03 Hong Kong July 31 Jul 31 44
POLL Racist coworker
TDTFPod UT May 23 May 23 77
LINK I accidentally insulted my boss's daughter — Ask a Manager
altschmerz IL May 8 May 8 44
it's been a tough week but not that bad
bookofmorons Canada May 4 May 4 44
has anyone here ever had a sexual fantasy about a co-worker?
VineetHonkan Canada Apr 28 Apr 28 3737
This is pretty much true... Who hasn't had an ally at work who disliked the same person you did to the same degree? Didn't it feel great to know you weren't the only one? LOL ?!
DGJ0114 MI Apr 10 Apr 10 22
Does anyone work from home? Or is their own boss?
Ravenwolfcasey NJ Mar 24 Mar 24 77
Apparently, when someone at work asks, “How are you doing?”… “Frustrated, lonely, and desperate for love” is NOT an appropriate answer.
Benthoven NY Mar 13 Mar 13 11
Something sobering perhaps...
LetzGetReal AZ Mar 3 Mar 3 44
Career goals....
SkotlandSkye OK Jan 27 Jan 27 55
How do you deal, day by day with religious nuts at work?
Edd1500 NC Jan 18 Jan 18 1414
Work -- I feel like this at the end of almost every project.
StoneSerenity CA Jan 16 Jan 16 66
This covers a lot more than simple politics but then so does Mr. Assange.
LetzGetReal AZ Dec 30 Dec 30 22
LINK Speed drawing Horns up (devil horns) (metalhead) - YouTube
Jones91 MA Dec 8 Dec 8 00
LINK Speed drawing Crystal Pepsi bottle | The come back of Crystal Pepsi - YouTube
Jones91 MA Dec 6 Dec 6 22
Anyone out there hitch hike much ? Due to car problems, having to work and there being no functioning bus service in this area, I am hitching back from work in the afternoons. OH drops me into work at 05.45 and I am out at 14.00. I have 10 km ...
Tilia France Nov 16 Nov 16 55
POLL Do you consider your job?
hippydog Canada Nov 14 Nov 14 1616
My 25 year old coworker actually complained to her two workers who work nearly every day that she was just soooooooo not wanting to work FIVE ENTIRE DAYS IN A ROW she expected our sympathy....while we work 50-75 hour weeks.... Oh ...
LadyAlyxandrea KS Nov 9 Nov 9 88
Happened to me.
GipsyOfNewSpain NV Oct 16 Oct 16 11
Tell me again why you can't work ?
Wildgreens LA Sep 16 Sep 16 44
Religious talk at work!
WeaZ MO Sep 13 Sep 13 00
Last night I was told I have an attitude because of the way I asked for help. Let me set the scene, I had just transferred a paediatric patient to pacu following a major laparotomy and another patient had arrived in the anaesthetic room unannounced! ...
Josephine UK Sep 9 Sep 9 77
Would you work an environment if everyone else was religious except you?
Slimboyfat New Zealand Sep 9 Sep 9 2929
Long distance relationships : can they work when both parties haven't even met irl? How would that work out? Has anyone here been in a long distance relationship that worked? I'm asking for personal reasons, so please share your thoughts and ...
Cutiebeauty NY Sep 7 Sep 7 4545
Any tips regarding self-employment?
misternatureboy CA Sep 5 Sep 5 3131
Where you should be? Tell me a story about how you chose the career you have and whether it really suits who you are. I'll start:. I took a job at Social Services in my 20's as a stepping-stone to a career in government administration. They gave ...
Compassion8doubt NC Aug 14 Aug 14 1616
POLL Monday Morning Musing...
Switchboard IN Aug 13 Aug 13 33
Do men have a duty to provide?
Lucignolo FL Aug 7 Aug 7 5757
My office assistants at work today. My work is so challenging.
graceylou Canada Aug 7 Aug 7 77
Just saying hello and hope everyone has a great day today. What is everyone doing today, besides work?
Captain747ex MI Aug 6 Aug 6 66
Well, starting a new job tomorrow. Nothing new for me as I've worked as a contractor for most of the last 23 years. But It's always a bit nervous that first day and always the pressure to prove yourself. It's a short contract, but kind of hate to ...
Philistrate WA Aug 6 Aug 6 66
What is the worst job you've ever had? I did telemarketing for a brief few months ?
Sirena FL Aug 4 Aug 4 1212
What are your plans for the rest of the summer?
UrsiMajor MD Aug 2 Aug 2 4747
This is what my job entails. I happily oblige. Is there anything about your job that you absolutely LOVE!!!!
graceylou Canada Aug 1 Aug 1 3232
How does everyone on this site get along with their religious families, relatives, co-workers, friends? I find it very difficult, especially when they bring up god, religion? How do you all cope with it, or handle it?
Greenheart NY July 31 Jul 31 55
Just want to off load. So I wrote a couple of work books for student nurses to complete. One on dementia care, one on learning disabilities and one on mental health. I do not get a penny (thats ok they pay me). I offered them to the masters and ...
Amisja UK July 20 Jul 20 55
First day back to work after being fired the first time in my life from a right to work position ( they just like someone else) Its been a year. It will feel strange. Wish me luck.
btroje NM July 16 Jul 16 1818
For all of you city brats
Slava3 Canada July 15 Jul 15 99
What profession would you have preferred to pursue?
RobLawrence DE July 11 Jul 11 1919
I need to complain about my job a bit. I just got a text from my boss that "due to system outages" I'm only getting half my paycheck today and the other half on Monday. I work for a giant international this is some bullshit! I fail ...
Iam4MY NE July 5 Jul 5 44
Not sure if this the right category, but... And not sure exactly what I want to say, but... My life just kinda hit me lwith a whammy while I was already down Had a SECOND marriage fail on me. I don't know what to say. Our marriage just sort ...
OlderMusicGeek IA June 13 Jun 13 99
As a non-believer, do you have difficulty (internal conflict?) going to religious-based organizations or events? For example - I recently went to a dance lesson at a local banquet hall. It wasn't until I was well into the evening did I learn that ...
swf44nc MI June 10 Jun 10 2020
I think I am completely insane, but maybe not? Tell me the worst job experience you have had. I just had something I have never experienced before happen with my new job, and I wonder if I am alone. I want to hear stories.. maybe to boost my ...
Akfishlady WA June 6 Jun 6 3838
Do you live to work or work to live?
kensmile4u FL June 2 Jun 2 2323
We've rolled out new video-based harassment training at work. I'm happy about this for all of the obvious reasons, but one in particular that's relevant to us here: In going over the protected classes under EEOC, they introduced people of different...
poetdi56 FL June 1 Jun 1 33
Did you choose a college major because it seemed like a racket? I chose to major in English literature because it was the path of least resistance and something I was doing anyway. I'd read most book classics by the time I was nine..repeatedly....
birdingnut NM June 1 Jun 1 1212
Howard Zinn wrote, "Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of leaders... and millions have been killed because of this obedience... Our problem is ...
LetzGetReal AZ May 13 May 13 88
Taking an unscheduled day off
Crimson67 KY May 10 May 10 1717
Who else feels compelled to hide their atheism from co-workers?
habemushummus MO May 9 May 9 4747
Have WE THE PEOPLE lost sight of the IMPORTANCE of UNIONS?
LetzGetReal AZ May 1 May 1 44
Are you really happy at your job?
Millie CA Apr 28 Apr 28 1010
It's after midnight here, and so it is officially my birthday. Normally, I would not make an announcement to anyone about it, and there have been times I have forgotten it because I don't like a big fuss. However, this past year has been rough. 43 ...
Browneyedlady IL Apr 27 Apr 27 3535
I recently made a formal complaint about someone I work with who failed to complete essential checks. I can't overstate how important these checks are. I work in an operating theatre department in a major hospital, imagine! As far as I can tell ...
Josephine UK Apr 17 Apr 17 1212
Sunday afternoon in work, don't mind as it pissing rain outside anyway. How do spend your Sundays?
Josephine UK Apr 15 Apr 15 00
Are you happy where you work?
JohnnyMiller OK Apr 11 Apr 11 1313
POLL Would you rather work at a place you love where you make very little money or a place you hate where you make a lot? Why?
Mea CO Apr 4 Apr 4 5252
Anybody from Columbus Indiana????.... I could use a friend !! My life right now its just work work work.... I miss having a nice conversation over coffee, or dinner. Can't promise crazy/fun activities here, not much to do.... Or maybe I am just new ...
IamNobody IN Apr 3 Apr 3 77
Being an immigrant, why is it so hard to find work in Tulsa, Oklahoma?
BrokenMarrow VA Mar 29 Mar 29 00
Have you ever been asked, "What Church do you go too?' by your boss?
paul1967 CA Mar 22 Mar 22 5050
Work from home
ashortbeauty FL Mar 16 Mar 16 22
How can I get my coworker to stop talking about God? — Ask a Manager
HippieChick58 NE Mar 7 Mar 7 1313
Imposter syndrome It appears to be not uncommon in many successful people. I have definitely had this all my life and it comes with a fair amount of anxiety. I have, by most measures, been pretty successful after starting from relatively poor ...
Roadster CO Mar 3 Mar 3 1414
Would you rather have a horrible job, but be able to retire comfortably in 10 years or have your dream job, but have to work until the day you die?
Crimson67 KY Feb 16 Feb 16 3333
Only my fellow florists can understand the struggle is real!. Happy Valentine's day everyone!
Kojaksmom NC Feb 14 Feb 14 33
I just lost a religious client because she found out I was a heathen. I get it-- it's a religious book and she doesn't want it traced back to my filthy hands, but damn. That really sucks. Throws off my income and schedule for the next week. :(...
anonymous Online Feb 11 Feb 11 1212
Hello. I am interviewing for a position at my company. My potential boss is a holy roller at a Mega Church. He has been known to make comments degrading other religions such as Catholicism. So, pretty sure he won’t like my stand on religion. My ...
anonymous Online Feb 7 Feb 7 3333
Is it a good idea to date someone at work?
Vic47 UK Jan 30 Jan 30 3030
Typically, how do you spend your Friday nights?
MyLiege FL Jan 19 Jan 19 22
I find myself wishing and hoping for John Oliver to be back on tv... I love watching his show on a Monday morning as I work.
Knitfreak MI Jan 15 Jan 15 44
Before the American Dream there was the Egyptian Dream. Work Harder.
GipsyOfNewSpain NV Jan 10 Jan 10 33
What’s your thoughts on Reiki and casting spells?
EmeraldJewel OK Jan 1 Jan 1 1212
How do people meet others these days?
Genma CA Jan 1 Jan 1 00
Equality: I'm all for equality but can't see it ever being true equality. Equality should be the best person for the job; not for having an equal amount of females to males in employment situations. Nor for any other activity. This includes equal ...
Graeme Australia Jan 1 Jan 1 11
Beware the Basilisk =================== The following is based on an article by Jamais Cascio that appeared in _New Scientist_ on 3 October 2017 (or October 3, 2017, if you prefer). How many of you have heard of Roko’s Basilisk? Perhaps ...
Coffeo Australia Jan 1 Jan 1 11
Rev barbour
Kojaksmom NC Jan 1 Jan 1 1414
To all: I'm walking into 2018 with a clear heart and mind. I will not lie to myself or others by saying that I'm going to diet and exercise. I will continue to try eating mostly healthy foods and to cut down the proportions, and keep ...
Donna AL Dec 31 Dec 31 11
The 36 Questions That Lead to Love - The New York Times
BeeHappy TX Dec 31 Dec 31 00
POLL New Years' Resolutions?
DangerDave NV Dec 31 Dec 31 1717
“Happiness comes when your work and words are of benefit to others.” ? Gautama Buddha
JohnGalus NY Dec 31 Dec 31 00
I was wondering what everyone's favourite musical group/band/composer/artist is? Also, why are they your favourite, and what would you say is your favourite song/piece by them. I would have to say my favourite band would be Muse, with my favourite...
chrisbojin Canada Dec 30 Dec 30 44
How Does Homeopathy Work?
NerdyOkieDude OK Dec 30 Dec 30 11
“Those who have failed to work toward the truth have missed the purpose of living.” ? Gautama Buddha
JohnGalus NY Dec 30 Dec 30 11
Hi, how does this website work? And what's it's aim?
Siamak-farokhzad Turkey Dec 30 Dec 30 11
If a person on welfare does not have a GED should they be required to obtain one while on welfare? I believe it would benefit the welfare addition I believe every person should be capable of some type of work (bring back the WPA). Finally I...
Marine CT Dec 30 Dec 30 22
Someone recently asked about the return of the DARK AGES and another commented that we are experiencing the downfall of America. The election of trumper would seem to fit both questions however, I view it like we were again at war . It is not time to...
Marine CT Dec 30 Dec 30 22
POLL Should prostitution be illegal?
RoboGraham MD Dec 30 Dec 30 123123
POLL Do zodiac signs (star signs) have a significant role in your life?
IndySent Norway Dec 29 Dec 29 1919
Today one of my twin 16 year old sons received his driver’s license. A huge milestone for him, and me. He wanted to go out driving around as I would expect; however, he said—mom I understand if you’re uncomfortable and if you’re not ready. ...
MyLiege FL Dec 29 Dec 29 00
BoneManMack CA Dec 29 Dec 29 1010
What's your new years resolution going to be? Mine is to move to France in 2018 and find someone to share the adventure of renovating a derelict house and man. Both need a lot of work.
Savage UK Dec 29 Dec 29 11
Ok, another couple weeks and another list of improvements (hopefully) to the site. Here goes: We are slowly sending out our first email of “new member matches” for those interested in dating and “interesting new posts” for those here ...
Admin Online Dec 30 Dec 30 5050
Are you a night owl or a morning person?
Sarahroo29 CO Dec 28 Dec 28 11
Most of us on this site agree that there is no afterlife: reincarnation, heaven, hell, Nirvana... We also know that the human species isn't necessarily here for the long-haul, and may have already sealed our fate. We know that those who suffer ...
Benthoven NY Dec 28 Dec 28 1111
Are you the same person you used to be? Is personality static or changing?
silvereyes OK Dec 28 Dec 28 4747
To site manager --Problem creating polls It appears that the option box to allow multiple selections does not work. I have seen polls int eh past where multiple selections were alllowed so it did work at one time, but it is not working now. ...
snytiger6 WA Dec 28 Dec 28 11
What role do you play in your life?
Rugglesby Australia Dec 27 Dec 27 00
Has anyone had a nutritional plan that has worked particularly well for them?
SteveB IA Dec 27 Dec 27 1414
My high school guidance counselor used to have this sign on her door when I was in school. I think we've got some young members around here who should probably take note about it, because they think their scant 19 years and high school diploma make ...
MsOliver AR Dec 27 Dec 27 11
In the school I work in, there’s a lot of openly religious people, I usually just blend in the background whenever god talk comes around, but just before leaving for the winter break, a guy began to preach to me. I knew all the BS he said because ...
Mariv357 FL Dec 27 Dec 27 3131